How Do You Get Featured on Yahoo News?


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How Do You Get Featured on Yahoo News?

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How Do You Get Featured on Yahoo News?

From the strategic insights of a co-founder to the syndication secrets of a CEO, ten industry leaders, including CEOs and founders, share their personal journeys and tips on how to get featured on Yahoo News. Discover how contributing to brands for syndication and how creating newsworthy content can elevate your media presence. This compilation of expert advice offers a roadmap to securing coveted coverage on a major news platform.

  • Contribute to Brands for Syndication
  • Offer Your Data Analysis
  • Engage Journalists with Valuable Insights
  • Identify Trending Topics Before Outreach
  • Provide Expert Quotes
  • Draft a Compelling Narratives
  • Try a Journalist Request Service
  • Respond Quickly to HARO Queries
  • Interview with Reporters
  • Write Newsworthy Content

Contribute to Brands for Syndication

One article that I wrote for GoDaddy was syndicated onto Yahoo News. This type of syndication from a notable brand to a reputable media outlet happens often. An article I wrote for Zapier ended up getting syndicated to Fast Company, which resulted in an introduction to an editor at Fast Company for future contributions.

To get featured on Yahoo News, find the brands that get syndicated to Yahoo News. Aim to contribute to those brand websites, and over time, you might see your work on Yahoo News.

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Brett FarmiloeBrett Farmiloe
CEO, Featured

Offer Your Data Analysis

I launched a campaign analyzing the 50 most populated U.S. cities to determine the ten cheapest for a weekend getaway, using data from publicly available sources in the travel industry. The findings were sent to journalists, and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram picked up the story, which was then syndicated by Yahoo and other news networks.

Coverage: These two Texas cities ranked among the cheapest weekend escapes in America 

Yanling SiddersYanling Sidders
Co-Founder, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Engage Journalists with Valuable Insights

I was featured on Yahoo News after responding to a #JournoRequest on Twitter from a journalist seeking comments on teens’ and parents’ mental health and well-being, which aligns perfectly with my expertise. The key was to share my authentic and unique insights, along with actionable steps for their readers—things I do daily with my clients.

To achieve similar success, monitor this hashtag and the journalist accounts you’d like to get featured on. When you see a relevant opportunity, answer promptly and ensure you can provide the right pitch that will catch their attention.

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Bayu PrihanditoBayu Prihandito
Certified Psychology Expert, Life Coach, Founder, Life Architekture

Identify Trending Topics Before Outreach

I started by identifying a trending topic. For me, it was about affordable home upgrades—super relevant, especially as more people embrace home projects. The next step was crafting an engaging, informative article. It was about presenting them in a way that was both useful and shareable.

Then came outreach. I used HARO (Help a Reporter Out), a platform where journalists seek expert sources. I pitched my article, highlighting its unique angle and relevance. The result was that the article provided value, matched the publication’s style, and landed right in Yahoo News’ wheelhouse.

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Zephyr ChanZephyr Chan
Founder and Growth Marketer, Better Marketer

Provide Expert Quotes

I was featured on Yahoo, along with another of my companies, after I answered a query posted by one of their journalists on another platform. They were looking for food experts to answer a question about sushi. The journalist liked my take on the subject and used the quote.

And there’s nothing wrong with eating flash-frozen sushi if you’re in a landlocked state. However, it’s never going to measure up to something fresh-caught, especially in Japan.

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Kam TalebiKam Talebi
CEO of Gigli, Gigli

Draft a Compelling Narrative

Getting featured on Yahoo News was an exciting milestone for us; the key to securing this coverage lay in crafting a compelling narrative. We had recently launched a line of affordable yet high-quality karaoke machines, addressing the growing demand for home entertainment.

To secure the coverage, we started by drafting a concise and engaging press release, emphasizing the unique features of our products and how they catered to the current market trends. Simultaneously, we reached out to relevant journalists and editors, sharing our story and highlighting the value our karaoke machines bring to home entertainment. We actively responded to queries related to home entertainment and technology, positioning ourselves as experts in the field.

 This proactive approach helped us establish relationships with journalists, ultimately leading to the feature on Yahoo News.

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Michael ChienMichael Chien
Small Business Owner, 101 Karaoke

Try a Journalist Request Service

Through the use of Dot Star Media, I’ve secured several press and media mentions with high-profile organizations, including Yahoo News. I provided a timely, well-balanced, informative, and insightful response to a journalist’s alert asking for help. This effort resulted in generating backlinks and gaining exposure for my business.

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Emily Maguire, Career Consultant and Managing Director, Reflections Career Coaching

Respond Quickly to HARO Queries

We’ve been featured in Yahoo News many times, and one effective method to get featured in the media outlet is by using HARO. I’ve personally used HARO to secure features in major publications like Yahoo!, and it’s been very successful. The key is to offer the best pitch, adding real value to your responses.

From my experience, it’s crucial to respond quickly to HARO queries, as timing is often critical. Of course, we also tailor each response to specifically address the journalist’s needs and share unique insights or data that add a new dimension to the story.

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James McNallyJames McNally
Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]

Interview with Reporters

I was featured in Yahoo News in an article about gold investing. This was several years ago, when I wrote a bit more about personal finance. My quote made it into the article because I did an interview with a reporter via a HARO request. This was one of my early successes using HARO to boost my content.

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Trevor EwenTrevor Ewen
COO, QBench

Write Newsworthy Content

Most mainstream media websites syndicate their stories on Yahoo News. The trick is to get featured on these outlets first and hope that the editors at Yahoo News will pick up the story.

One way to get featured in MSM is to write a newsworthy story and email it to the editorial team. In my case, I ran a data analysis on the number of jobs threatened by AI in every U.S. state.

I emailed it to 50 different media outlets, including Fox Business. Fox Business found it interesting that Washington, D.C., was the most threatened “state.” They wrote a story about it, and it got syndicated on Yahoo News with a backlink to my website.

Coverage: AI threatens higher percentage of jobs in Washington, D.C., than anywhere else in US: study 

Nathan BrunnerNathan Brunner
CEO, Salarship

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