How Do You Get Featured On LinkedIn?


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How Do You Get Featured On LinkedIn?

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How Do You Get Featured On LinkedIn?

From the strategic insights of Founders to the practical advice of a Senior Editor, we’ve gathered six expert opinions on how to shine on LinkedIn’s featured section. These leaders share their personal experiences, from providing consistent value for LinkedIn features to commenting on the news for LinkedIn visibility, offering a roadmap for professionals aiming to boost their presence on the platform.

  • Provide Consistent Value for LinkedIn Features
  • Engage Networks With Conversational Content
  • Optimize Your Profile and Engage for Visibility
  • Showcase Skills With Multimedia Content
  • Create Relevant Content and Make Connections
  • Comment on the News for LinkedIn Visibility

Provide Consistent Value Leads to LinkedIn Features

Getting featured on LinkedIn involves consistently providing valuable content and engaging actively within your network. In my case, being featured was a result of regularly sharing insights and trends about creative writing and AI technology.

These posts, which often included original articles and thought-provoking questions, sparked discussions among professionals in related fields. LinkedIn’s algorithm tends to favor content that generates high engagement, which increases the likelihood of being featured.

Another strategy is leveraging LinkedIn’s various features, like articles, posts, and LinkedIn Live, to diversify your content. For others looking to be featured, the key is to consistently deliver value to your audience.

This can be through sharing industry insights, participating in relevant discussions, or even publishing original content that resonates with your network.

Mike SchaferMike Schafer
Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer, The Schafer Law Office

Engage Networks With Conversational Content

To get featured on LinkedIn, I focused on sharing content that truly engages my network. I wrote articles that addressed real issues in my industry, used relevant hashtags, and stayed active in the comments. It was after I published a piece on emerging tech trends, which sparked a lot of discussion and shares, that I got featured.

For others looking to be highlighted, my tip is to create content that starts conversations and resonates with your audience. Post regularly, engage with others, and stay authentic. It’s not just about what you share, but how you connect with others that can lead to being featured.

Diego CardiniDiego Cardini
Founder, The Drum Ninja

Optimize Your Profile and Engage for Visibility

Your LinkedIn profile is often the first result that appears when someone searches for your name on Google. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that your profile is optimized with relevant keywords related to your industry or profession. This will increase your chances of appearing in the featured section on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social network, and it’s essential to be active and engage with others on the platform. You can do this by sharing valuable content related to your industry or commenting on other people’s posts. The more active you are, the more likely you’ll be featured in LinkedIn’s “Top Voices” section.

LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with others in your industry and showcase your expertise. By actively participating in discussions and providing valuable insights, you can increase your visibility on the platform and potentially be featured in LinkedIn’s “Top Contributors” section.

Keith SantKeith Sant
Founder and CEO, Kind House Buyers

Showcase Skills With Multimedia Content

Enhance your LinkedIn profile by integrating dynamic content, such as videos and presentations. Share project showcases and industry-related content to elevate your professional narrative.

Use the “Featured” section to showcase multimedia elements, providing a comprehensive view of your skills. This approach distinguishes your profile, attracting potential employers or collaborators.

Strengthen your professional brand with rich media, adding a visual dimension to your achievements. Navigate to your profile’s “Featured” section to implement this feature. Utilize rich media for a compelling and engaging representation of your professional journey, leaving a lasting impression.

Optimize your LinkedIn presence by reinforcing skills and accomplishments for a more impactful professional identity.

Matt GehringMatt Gehring
Chief Marketing Officer, Dutch

Create Relevant Content and Make Connections

I got featured on LinkedIn through a combination of consistent engagement and creating valuable content. I regularly shared articles, posts, and updates related to my industry, ranging from insightful articles to helpful tips and personal experiences. LinkedIn’s algorithm tends to favor posts that spark discussions, so it’s beneficial to aim for content that resonates with your audience.

It’s important to stay active, but the focus should be on creating high-quality content. A well-thought-out article or a compelling post is more likely to catch the eye of LinkedIn’s curators. Your content should add value and showcase your expertise.

Engaging with your connections by commenting on their posts, sharing their content, and endorsing their skills is also crucial. Genuine interactions not only strengthen your professional relationships but also increase the visibility of your own profile.

Gabrielle YapGabrielle Yap
Senior Editor, Carnivore Style

Comment on News for LinkedIn Visibility

Making an insightful comment about a breaking news story increases the likelihood of your comments being featured. Editors often search for relevant comments and posts about the news stories they display in the sidebar.

I’ve noticed that featured posts frequently include a link to the original news story from a reputable newspaper.

Eric NovinsonEric Novinson
Founder, This Is Accounting Automation

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