How Do You Get Featured on Yahoo Finance?


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How Do You Get Featured on Yahoo Finance?

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How Do You Get Featured on Yahoo Finance?

From the strategic insights of CEOs to the tactical advice of Founders, twelve industry leaders share their successful paths to getting featured on Yahoo Finance. This article compiles their diverse experiences, from succeeding with research-driven coverage to using effective HARO pitches for Yahoo News, offering a comprehensive guide to securing coveted media coverage.

  • Succeed With Research-Driven Media Coverage
  • Negotiate Press Inclusion With Partners
  • Secure Media Mentions via PR Alerts
  • Contribute to Shared Content Publishers
  • Show Expertise and Value in HARO Responses
  • Syndicate Content From Other Publications
  • Pitch as an Industry Expert to Yahoo
  • Engage Yahoo Finance on Social Media
  • Build Online Presence for Yahoo Attention
  • Blog Your Way to a Yahoo Finance Feature
  • Leverage FinTech Expertise for Yahoo Features
  • Use Effective HARO Pitches for Yahoo News

Succeed With Research-Driven Media Coverage

I was featured in Yahoo Finance after conducting a study and revealing its findings. We surveyed over 1,000 US-based employees to get a big picture of the situation of older people in the workplace. The results shed light on such important issues as workplace ageism, age-related stereotypes, labor market struggles of people aged 50+, and age diversity in the workplace.

Our dedicated outreachers contacted different media outlets by mail, presenting some of the key study findings (e.g., “77% of workers over 50 believe they haven’t been hired because of their age.”). Gabrielle Olya, a journalist working for Yahoo Finance, got interested in the study.

As a career advice contributor, I was asked to share additional insights on, for example, how to fight back against unfair treatment and how older employees can stay connected with younger colleagues. Being featured in her article made me happy and proud.

Coverage: Ageism in the Workplace Is Rampant: Here’s How To Fight Back Against Unfair Treatment

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

Negotiate Press Inclusion With Partners

We worked with our manufacturer to include us in a press release that was being sent to Yahoo Finance. After some negotiating, they approved and included our business name as one of the key retailers of this new product they were promoting.

We plan on working with this same manufacturer and others to do more of this type of publicity in the future.

Coverage: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Releases Frooty Cereal Flavor Across Retail Platforms

Jeff MichaelJeff Michael
E-commerce Business Owner, Supplement Warehouse

Secure Media Mentions via PR Alerts

Using the PR service “Dot Star Media,” I’ve secured several press and media mentions with high-profile organizations, including Yahoo News.

I provided a timely, well-balanced, informative, and insightful response to a journalist’s alert, which resulted in generating backlinks and gaining exposure for my business.

Coverage: Why do some employers foster a culture of false urgency?

Emily Maguire, Career Consultant and Managing Director, Reflections Career Coaching

Contribute to Shared Content Publishers

One of the most effective ways to get featured on Yahoo Finance is to be featured in a publication that shares its content with Yahoo Finance. An example of such a company is I could find some reporters from Go Banking Rates and write content for them, which was eventually published and shared in Yahoo Finance.

One can use a variety of different PR tools to get in front of these reporters and show their expertise through quality writing. This company always has its content shared with Yahoo Finance. Before one writes for a company, one can look for different publishers on Yahoo Finance and go to them directly to write pitches on relevant topics.

Coverage: I’m a Financial Planning Expert: Here Are 4 Investments To Make If You Want To Be Rich

Sebastian JaniaSebastian Jania
CEO, Ontario Property Buyers

Show Expertise and Value in HARO Responses

Leveraging HARO to acquire links from prestigious media outlets is simple if you possess the expertise and insight that readers would find valuable. There are two factors that you need to consider while doing so.

One is responding to queries for sectors in which you have actual knowledge. The second step is to share a genuinely useful suggestion with the audience. Sharing advice that could hurt the sentiments of others, is contentious, or is widely known will not help you secure a link.

As I work in the finance and investment domain, I shared my insights on the best apps for money advice. Having credibility in the field helps instill trust in the eyes of the readers. Focusing on these two aspects helped me obtain backlinks for my website, which has helped me establish strong authority and an enhanced customer base.

Marcus PhillipsMarcus Phillips
Founder, Mortgages

Syndicate Content From Other Publications

I’ve been featured in Yahoo Finance several times; I believe each time has been via responding to a HARO post. My links and mentions on Yahoo Finance aren’t all written by Yahoo Finance authors—they seem to syndicate a lot of content from other publications as well. Here’s a link to one:

Coverage: Think you’re buying on Amazon? It’s actually from Alibaba

John FrigoJohn Frigo
E-commerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

Pitch as an Industry Expert to Yahoo

One strategy I’ve used to get featured on Yahoo Finance is establishing myself as an industry expert. Contributing well-researched articles or thought-leadership pieces related to finance or my industry niche has been successful. I reach out to their editorial team with a pitch that showcases my expertise and the relevance of my content to their readers.

Tony MariottiTony Mariotti
CEO, RubyHome

Engage Yahoo Finance on Social Media

I utilize social media platforms to increase my visibility. Engaging with Yahoo Finance’s content, sharing relevant articles, and tagging their official accounts has helped me get noticed. They often look for active contributors in the financial community.

Shawn PlummerShawn Plummer
CEO, The Annuity Expert

Build Online Presence for Yahoo Attention

A solid online presence can make a difference. Building a credible website or blog focused on finance, or my niche, has helped me get featured. Yahoo Finance editors often explore the web for fresh voices and insights.

Stephan BaldwinStephan Baldwin
Founder, Assisted Living Center

Blog Your Way to a Yahoo Finance Feature

I was once featured on Yahoo Finance for making a blog post about an Apple supplier on The Motley Fool’s contributor website.

The link is here: Will Apple Help OmniVision & TriQuint Bounce Back? 

If you contribute posts or make comments on financial news websites, you might get quoted in an article that appears on Yahoo Finance.

Eric NovinsonEric Novinson
Founder, This Is Accounting Automation

Leverage FinTech Expertise for Yahoo Features

We were featured in Yahoo Finance because we’re significant players in finance and FinTech. As the founder and CEO of a FinTech startup, I provided valuable insights that journalists saw as a great addition to their articles.

Our well-known brand and my expertise in the field made me a go-to source for quality insights, and that’s what I provided. We’ve been mentioned seven times on the site, all in articles related to finance.

Coverage: 8 Ways To Stick to a Budget While Earning an Average Salary

Thomas FranklinThomas Franklin
CEO and Co-Founder, Bitinvestor

Use Effective HARO Pitches for Yahoo News

Using HARO (Help a Reporter Out) has been a great way for us to get featured in places like Yahoo News. I’ve used HARO to get our brand into big publications like Yahoo!, and it’s worked out well. The secret is to make your pitches stand out by adding real value.

I’ve found it’s really important to respond quickly to HARO requests, as timing can be everything. We also make sure each response is tailored to what the journalist is asking for, and we try to provide unique insights or data that can bring something new to their story.

This approach not only gets us media coverage but also helps increase awareness of our brand. It puts our name out there in front of new audiences, which is great for building our brand’s visibility and credibility.

James McNallyJames McNally
Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]

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