How Do You Get Featured on Product Hunt?


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How Do You Get Featured on Product Hunt?

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How Do You Get Featured on Product Hunt?

From leveraging community support to innovative strategies, four seasoned founders and CEOs share their firsthand experiences on getting featured on Product Hunt. These insights range from leveraging the community for product visibility to innovating for Product Hunt success, offering a comprehensive guide for your next product launch. Discover the tried-and-true methods that can elevate your product’s presence on one of the most influential platforms in the tech community.

  • Leverage the Community for Product Visibility
  • Craft a Unique Submission and Engage
  • Be Mindful of Challenges Without Followers or Ads
  • Innovate for Product Hunt Success

Leverage the Community for Product Visibility

Getting featured on Product Hunt is a straightforward process and free for everyone. To submit your product, simply create a maker account, follow the submission guidelines, and post your product. I used this method for Steambase, which you can see at Steambase – Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2023.

The crucial factor, however, is community support. I had built a strong community of gaming enthusiasts on Reddit and various forums. On the launch day on Product Hunt, I reached out to this community for support. Their active participation and upvotes were instrumental in pushing Steambase to one of the top spots in our category that day. This shows how vital a supportive community is for increasing your product’s visibility on platforms like Product Hunt.

Lucas WylandLucas Wyland
Founder, Steambase

Craft a Unique Submission and Engage

It’s important that your product offers something unique or solves a problem in a novel way, as Product Hunt focuses on showcasing innovative and interesting new products. Prepare a compelling product description, clear images, and possibly a demo video to make your submission stand out. It’s also beneficial to gather initial support and feedback from your network or community before launching.

Once your product is ready, submit it to Product Hunt, ideally early in the day to maximize exposure. Create an engaging and detailed post about your product, highlighting its unique features and benefits. Engaging actively with the community is crucial; respond promptly to comments and questions on your post.

When we launched Mirador Local on Product Hunt in October 2023, we followed the guidance they provided and invested in the platform, gaining approximately 50 followers, reviews, and important visibility for our early-stage product. Product Hunt is both a short- and long-term play.

Dan TaylorDan Taylor

Be Mindful of Challenges Without Followers or Ads

It wasn’t that hard to get my job search engine featured on Product Hunt. I just had to fill out an application form and submit it:

Launching a successful campaign and getting the momentum going is the difficult part. My product launch was a complete failure; I only got a few visitors from that campaign. I suspect that unless you have thousands of social media followers who are ready to upvote your product, you will have to pay an advertising fee to get the traction going.

Nathan BrunnerNathan Brunner
CEO, Salarship

Innovate for Product Hunt Success

Getting featured on Product Hunt is not an easy feat, but it can bring significant exposure and traction to your product.

To increase your chances of getting featured, consider having a well-designed landing page, building hype and anticipation before your launch, and utilizing social media to promote your product. The most important factor, however, is having a unique and innovative product that will catch the attention of Product Hunt users. I have launched several products on Product Hunt and have had mixed results.

One of my products was featured as the Product of the Day and received a significant boost in traffic and sales. Conversely, some of my products did not receive much attention or feedback from the Product Hunt community.

Ryan HetrickRyan Hetrick
CEO, Epiphany Wellness

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