How Do You Get Your Products Featured on Blogs?


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How Do You Get Your Products Featured on Blogs?

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How Do You Get Your Products Featured on Blogs?

From the strategic insights of founders and directors to the creative angles of writers, six industry professionals share their successful tactics for getting products in the spotlight on blogs. Discover how to cultivate strategic blog partnerships, highlight innovation, and leverage reputation, with authentic examples and actionable advice. This article spells out six key strategies that can help your product become the talk of the blogosphere.

  • Cultivate Strategic Blog Partnerships
  • Leverage Mutual Interests for Features
  • Utilize Holiday Roundups and HARO
  • Secure Spots in Seasonal Gift Guides
  • Craft Personalized Pitches for Bloggers
  • Highlight Innovation and Leverage Reputation

Cultivate Strategic Blog Partnerships

Forming partnerships can help you get your products featured on blogs. It’s all about “cultivating relationships” and “strategic partnerships.” For instance, our collaboration with HubSpot is a prime example. We partnered with them, and voilà, they highlighted our product in one of their blog posts. Here’s the link: HubSpot Blog Post: Best Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Apps to Manage Partner Programs at Scale.

It wasn’t just about pitching; it was about aligning our goals with theirs and showing how our product could add value to their audience. Quite a journey, but totally worth it!

Joe KevensJoe Kevens
Founder and Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews

Leverage Mutual Interests for Features

Totally Promotional uses several helpful programs, such as Featured, to get its website and products featured and backlinked in blogs.

Sometimes, reputable websites reach out to us and request input for a blog they are writing on a topic in which we both specialize. is one of those sites that requested our input for a blog about home bars. It was a good fit since we not only customize barware for clients, but we also write blogs to help educate our audience on the subject. Our blog “What’s the Difference Between a Shot Glass, Jigger, and Shooter?” is often linked in other blogs.

Porch shared our website and a link to that blog in this story earlier this year: Building and Stocking a Bar at Home: 101 With the Experts.

Shelley GrieshopShelley Grieshop
Writer, Totally Promotional

Utilize Holiday Roundups and HARO

I don’t have any links handy off the top of my head, but I’ve had our products featured on blogs in the past. Typically, around the holidays, a lot of blogs will do product roundups, be it gift ideas or articles like “The Top Best XYZ Products Under $50.” I have a number of bloggers I’ve worked with before who reach out to me when they’re doing these stories. I’ll also occasionally see these types of offers on HARO, and I’ll respond.

John FrigoJohn Frigo
Ecommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

Secure Spots in Seasonal Gift Guides

We’ve managed to get our products featured in blog posts by focusing on seasonal gift guides. These guides are a staple in magazines, websites, and newspapers, especially during Christmas, but also for other occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Father’s Day.

Securing a spot in these gift guides is a powerful way to prompt readers to purchase our products, and it often leads to coverage in major publications. Many of these publications send out media requests for their gift guides, but there are other strategies to get our products featured.

One effective approach is to identify who published similar guides in the past and reach out to them with our product suggestions for the current year. Another tactic is to contact editors of recently published guides and propose our products as additional entries. Timely communication, ideally within a week of the original publication, can be key since many editors are open to updating their articles if they find our product suitable.

Danilo MirandaDanilo Miranda
Managing Director, Presenteverso

Craft Personalized Pitches for Bloggers

Getting our products featured on blogs involves strategic outreach. The key to securing coverage was personalized communication with the blog’s editorial team. We crafted compelling pitches, highlighting the unique aspects and benefits of our product, aligning them with the blog’s audience interests. Additionally, offering exclusive insights, product samples, or interviews enhanced the appeal.

Building relationships with bloggers, understanding their content style, and ensuring our pitches were tailored to provide value to their audience played a pivotal role. This strategic outreach approach has consistently proven successful in securing impactful blog coverage for our products.

Mark Fong
Mark Fong, General Manager, CEO, hexagon lights

Highlight Innovation and Leverage Reputation

We managed to get our SaaS product featured on various blogs by positioning ourselves as innovators in the tech industry. Our success in raising $3.75 million in seed funding, led by Initialized Capital and supported by other prominent investors like Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, Schox, and Goodwater, caught the attention of several blog platforms.

For instance, highlighted our product (New AI System Automat Revolutionizes Workflow Automation |, focusing on our initiative to develop Automat, our cutting-edge workflow automation platform. This funding is earmarked for expanding our engineering team, particularly to enhance our capabilities in machine learning.

Furthermore, our product has been featured on notable sites like TechCrunch (Y Combinator-backed Automat turns videos into workflow automations | TechCrunch), among others.

I believe my background and experience as a Product & Design expert, particularly with my tenure at Google and Microsoft, played a significant role in these achievements. My proficiency in integrating sophisticated natural language models solidified my standing as an AI innovation leader. This reputation was key in drawing the attention of journalists and securing features for our AI-driven product on various blogs.

Lucas OchoaLucas Ochoa
Founder and CEO, Automat

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