How Do You Get Featured on News Sites?


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How Do You Get Featured on News Sites?

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How Do You Get Featured on News Sites?

Seeking the spotlight, twelve industry professionals, from CEOs to marketing managers, unveil their strategies for landing a feature on news sites. From proactive outreach securing media features to compelling storytelling netting US News review, their experiences provide a roadmap for achieving media recognition for you and your business.

  • Proactive Outreach Secures Media Features
  • Viral Study Captures News Site’s Attention
  • Expertise in SEO Yields US News Feature
  • Pitching Local Stories to Reporters Works
  • Staying Top-of-Mind with Journalists Pays Off
  • Credible Pitch Leads to CNN Feature
  • Expert Financial Insights Spotlighted on CNN
  • Direct Reporter Engagement Spurs News Feature
  • Unique Survey Results Attract Media Coverage
  • VOIP Expertise Featured in USA Today
  • Strategic PR Efforts Land Newsweek Article
  • Compelling Storytelling Nets US News Review

Proactive Outreach Secures Media Features

Custom Exteriors has found success being featured in online articles in a couple of ways. Our team has been featured on Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens,, and more. Recently, we were featured on U.S. News & World Report for an article on fireproofing your home.

Our initial contact with these sources is typically found on Featured, HARO, or Quoted. Our staff searches for queries that we can assist with and then provides real-life experiences relating to that topic. After the initial interaction, we always follow up, letting the source know that we are happy to help with any additional inquiries they may have. While our main goal is obviously obtaining quality backlinks, we find that even the quotes like the one above that are not linked to our contact can be used in our social media and on our website to increase our customers’ trust in our knowledge.

Coverage: Can You Build a Fireproof Home? | Real Estate 

Niki OBrien
Niki Obrien, Operations Manager, Custom Exteriors

Viral Study Captures News Site’s Attention

My company conducted a Job Applicant Behavior Survey with over 1,900 participants. Its results were shocking and went viral. I was featured on a number of news sites then, including World News Era.

Our study showed that workers lie at very high rates throughout the job application process, with seven in ten claiming they lied on resumes. Digging deeper, we also investigated the reasons behind the phenomenon, common types of lies, and which job applicants are most likely to lie during recruitment. We sent out a press release about the study.

World News Era devoted an entire article to the study in question. What makes me happy and proud is that, as a career expert, I was mentioned there by name. I explained that lying on a resume is unethical and can lead to severe consequences, which aren’t worth it. I also shared some advice on how to land a dream job without half-truths, exaggerations, and “little” white lies.

Coverage: 70% Of Workers Lie On Resumes, New Study Shows – WorldNewsEra 

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

Expertise in SEO Yields US News Feature

Our company was featured on a US news site through HARO. With 12 years of experience in the SEO industry, I enjoy sharing tips and tricks on boosting SEO and helping clients and brands do the same. This approach led to my opinion being shared with US News.

After conducting research, my answer was featured in the “Best SEO Services of 2023” article, and I was credited for the contribution. It’s all about seizing the opportunity and leveraging your expertise. When you have strong experience and an opportunity arises within your niche, sharing your input can be very beneficial.

Coverage: 8 Best SEO Services of 2023: Expert Picked | U.S. News 

Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma, Founder and CEO, Webomaze

Pitching Local Stories to Reporters Works

Creating value and bringing ideas to news reporters is the best route to get on television. Reporters are always on the lookout for a new story.

As an expert in your field, find topics you can pitch to local reporters. If your business is engaging in noteworthy community activities, share those stories and seek coverage. I maintain a relationship with a local news reporter who often needs a personal injury attorney’s perspective for his stories. I’m the person he contacts first, and I make sure to be generous with my time.

Whenever an interesting case comes in or there’s a notable change in the law, I reach out to him. For instance, I brought to his attention the increase in hit-and-run accidents, which led to coverage.

Coverage:  Hit-and-run cases on the rise across the Tennessee Valley 

Hunter GarnettHunter Garnett
Personal Injury Lawyer, Huntsville Car Accident Lawyers

Staying Top-of-Mind with Journalists Pays Off

As a journalist and media coach who regularly features experts in articles, I’ve found that the best way to get a media feature is to stay top-of-mind with journalists covering stories related to your business and space.

One effective strategy is to visit your dream media outlet’s website and search for stories relevant to your niche. After identifying a story, connect with the reporter on LinkedIn or another platform. When you introduce yourself in a direct message, be sure to explain who you are and what you do. It’s important to consistently follow up without being annoying; a gentle reminder of your presence can significantly increase your chances of being featured as an expert in an article.

Mercedes BarbaMercedes Barba
PR and Media Coach for Small Businesses, Mercedes and Media

Credible Pitch Leads to CNN Feature

The key to my feature on CNN was responding to a Twitter query. I began my pitch by highlighting my credibility, with examples from major websites like HuffPost, Verywell Mind, and Women’s Health, where I’ve been cited as a source on similar topics.

This approach provided solid proof of the value of my expertise and my standing in the journalism community. By presenting these credentials, I was able to demonstrate trustworthiness and the significance of my insights, thus catching the attention of the journalist to read further and eventually include my input.

Coverage: The ‘Pick-me’ girl, explained | CNN 

Bayu PrihanditoBayu Prihandito
Certified Psychology Expert, Life Coach, Founder, Life Architekture

Expert Financial Insights Spotlighted on CNN

We were recently featured on CNN. The feature came about because I provided expert insights to the journalist through HARO. Out of the many responses the journalist received, my expert insights were chosen and quoted in the article, which was very timely and relevant to my line of work.

I regularly responded to requests from journalists on HARO who were looking for expert opinions on financial topics. When a journalist from CNN was seeking insights on the best CDs for 2024, I shared my expertise, drawing on my extensive knowledge in finance and highlighting our company, Bitinvestor.

This caught the journalist’s attention, and they decided to feature our insights in their article. It was a great opportunity to showcase our expertise and put Bitinvestor in the spotlight.

Coverage: What will be the best CDs in 2024? | CNN Underscored Money 

Thomas FranklinThomas Franklin
CEO and Co-Founder, Bitinvestor

Direct Reporter Engagement Spurs News Feature

One way to get featured on news sites is to have a platform where one can get in touch with a reporter directly. By finding a reporter on who was looking for investors and individuals with experience in short-term rentals, I was able to engage due to my involvement in the short-term rental business.

After providing a response, I received a phone call for an interview and had my commentary published on the news website, which was also spread across most Canadian news channels.

Coverage: More Canadians turn to short-term rentals to earn extra cash, maintain properties | CityNews Toronto 

Sebastian JaniaSebastian Jania
CEO, Ontario Property Buyers

Unique Survey Results Attract Media Coverage

We get featured on news sites by conducting studies and finding a unique news angle to pitch to journalists in our industry. Our business was featured in Travel Daily Media for a nationwide survey we conducted on what Americans’ best tips for travel are.

Out of all the responses we received (a total of 2,088 open-ended answers), the most interesting part that stood out was how many people recommended solo travel. We compiled the data, presented it in an easy-to-read press release, added a quote from my partner, Yanling, and me, and sent it out in an email to 50 different journalists.

We personalized each email and read previous work from each journalist to ensure the pitch was relevant to them.

Coverage: Benefits of solo travel 

Scott SiddersScott Sidders
Co-Founder and CEO, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

VOIP Expertise Featured in USA Today

I advised a journalist on a recent USA Today article about the best VOIP services. Because I had experience with this topic, the journalist selected my pitch that I submitted through the Help a Reporter Out service.

I answered all follow-up questions to the best of my ability and am now a featured writer in the article. I definitely feel proud to have helped, and we’ve received a good traffic boost from readers of the article. That feature will pay dividends in the future, as this article ranks highly in SEO and is very informative.

Coverage: 10 Best VoIP Phone Services in 2023 

Mark VarnasMark Varnas
Principal SQL Server DBA and Consultant, Red9

Strategic PR Efforts Land Newsweek Article

From my experience in owning a business and managing all these different channels, I’ve found that getting featured on news sites involves proactive public relations efforts and strategic storytelling.

One effective approach is to cultivate relationships with journalists who cover legal topics relevant to your practice area. Provide them with timely and compelling story ideas, positioning yourself as an expert in your field. Develop a press kit highlighting notable cases, achievements, or unique aspects of your practice.

Also, consider writing insightful op-eds or contributing articles to reputable legal publications to establish your thought leadership. Collaborate with a PR professional to pitch your story to news outlets, emphasizing its newsworthiness and relevance. Remember to leverage your professional network for introductions to journalists or use platforms like Help a Reporter Out to respond to relevant media inquiries.

By combining these strategies, you can increase your chances of being featured on news sites and enhancing your law office’s visibility.

Coverage: GJEL Accident Attorneys 

Andy GillinAndy Gillin
Founding Partner and Attorney, GJEL Accident Attorneys

Compelling Storytelling Nets US News Review

To get featured, craft a compelling story that showcases your value proposition and uniqueness. This can be done by highlighting the problem you are solving, the impact you are making, and the benefits you are offering to your audience. Using data, testimonials, and case studies to back up your claims can add credibility to your story.

I got featured on US news for reviewing the best tablets. I started by compiling an in-depth, well-researched list based on features, design, specs, and value for money. I focused on covering the price to appeal to the budget-conscious consumer.

Coverage: Best Tablets of 2023 | U.S. News 

Durgesh MauryaDurgesh Maurya
Marketing Manager,

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