How Do You Get Featured on Local News?


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How Do You Get Featured on Local News?

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How Do You Get Featured on Local News?

From CEOs to Founders, 10 business leaders share their successful strategies for making headlines in local news. From targeting local interest with relevant data to issuing a timely press release, discover the diverse tactics that have landed their stories in the spotlight.

  • Target Local Interest With Relevant Data
  • Pitch a Newsworthy Study
  • Maximize Media Attention for Business
  • Position Yourself as an Expert
  • Contribute Thought-Provoking Op-Eds
  • Tailor Pitches to Local News Interests
  • Leverage Online Presence for Visibility
  • Build Relationships With Journalists
  • Craft a Compelling Local Narrative
  • Issue a Timely Press Release

Target Local Interest with Relevant Data

We conducted a study to find the ten most wallet-friendly cities for a weekend getaway for two people in America. Fort Worth, Texas, made number 6th on the list.

We knew local journalists in the area would be interested in covering mention of their city, so we sent the findings out in an email. We were thrilled to see local news coverage in the Fort Worth Report with a do-follow link to our site.

You’ll see our study and our website mentioned near the bottom of this story here: Wedgwood puts its history on display | Fort Worth

Scott SiddersScott Sidders
Co-Founder and CEO, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Pitch a Newsworthy Study

I recently published a study about the impact of AI on the labor market in every U.S. state: The Number of Jobs Threatened by AI in Every U.S. State – Salarship

I submitted the story to The National Desk, and it was aired on the news channel. They also published an article about it: Washington Insider sounds off on Tlaib linked to secret Facebook group, AI threatening DC | The National

Now for the exciting part. The National Desk has retransmitted the story to most local news channels owned by the Sinclaire Group. You can see how much coverage I got here: Public Sheet: Local News Coverage of the AI Impact Story

Nathan BrunnerNathan Brunner
CEO, Salarship

Maximize Media Attention for Business

To be featured on local news, make the most of any media attention you receive. When you have a compelling business story, other media outlets may want to share it, creating a buzz.

The key is to ensure your story offers genuine value and relevance. If you succeed with initial free opportunities, more journalists may approach you. Remember, the story’s appeal and relevance to the community are crucial, so present your narrative effectively.

Matias Rodsevich
Matias Rodsevich Of PRLab On The 5 Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Public Speaker | by Fotis Georgiadis | Authority Magazine | Medium

Matias Rodsevich, Founder, PRHive

Position Yourself as an Expert

Offering myself as an expert in my field for interviews or commentary on relevant local issues has also been effective.

When journalists need insights on topics related to my expertise, they turn to me, providing an opportunity to get featured. Being well-prepared and knowledgeable during these interactions is crucial.

Tim WhiteTim White
Founder, milepro

Contribute Thought-Provoking Op-Eds

Contributing op-eds and guest articles to local newspapers or online publications can be a great way to get featured.

These pieces allow me to showcase my expertise while addressing topics of local interest. Crafting well-researched and thought-provoking content is essential for this approach.

Ian SellsIan Sells
CEO, Million Dollar Sellers

Tailor Pitches to Local News Interests

The first step to getting featured on local news is to identify which news outlets cover the area where your business is located. Research the target audience and the type of content these media outlets typically cover once you have a list of potential outlets.

Tailoring your pitch to fit their interests is crucial. Journalists and news outlets are always on the lookout for newsworthy stories, so merely promoting your business or products might not be sufficient to capture their attention.

Consider what makes your business unique, interesting, or relevant to the local community, such as a new product launch, an event that supports a good cause, or an interesting success story.

A press release is a written statement that provides newsworthy information about your business. It should include all the necessary details, like your business name, contact information, and a brief background about your company.

Keith SantKeith Sant
Founder and CEO, Kind House Buyers

Leverage Online Presence for Visibility

Maintaining a strong online presence through social media and personal websites has helped me get noticed by local journalists.

Sharing local news stories and engaging with local communities online can lead to media coverage. Consistency in online engagement is key to staying on journalists’ radar.

Shawn PlummerShawn Plummer
CEO, The Annuity Expert

Build Relationships With Journalists

To get featured on local news, I’ve found that building strong relationships with local journalists and news outlets is crucial.

By networking with reporters and editors and establishing myself as a valuable source of information, I’ve increased my chances of being featured in their stories. It’s important to nurture these relationships over time to ensure ongoing media coverage.

Tony MariottiTony Mariotti
CEO, RubyHome

Craft a Compelling Local Narrative

Crafting a compelling and pertinent story about your business is essential for securing coverage. As an advisor, I often encourage reaching out to local journalists and media outlets, emphasizing the local impact and significance of your narrative.

Utilizing press releases, social media, and active community involvement can effectively attract attention, as I’ve seen in similar situations.

Exploring local news websites or alternative sources may provide valuable insights into successful local news coverage strategies, drawing from my journey of offering guidance in such matters.

Tiffany PayneTiffany Payne
Head of Content,

Issue a Timely Press Release

This was for a restaurant that we own. First, you have to do something newsworthy; second, you have to issue a press release to your local news outlets. It really is that simple; however, it depends on the story and the other news happening locally.

If there is a huge breaking story, you may not be included. Any exciting changes to your business, or simply a business opening, can get coverage.

Kam TalebiKam Talebi
CEO, Gigli

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