Which SEO Tools Have Free Trials?


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Which SEO Tools Have Free Trials?

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Which SEO Tools Have Free Trials?

To help you navigate the world of SEO tools with free trials, we’ve gathered insights from thirteen professionals, including Freelance Marketers and Chief Marketing Officers. From SEMRush as a beginner’s SEO tool to Keywords Everywhere transforming keyword research, discover the top SEO tools recommended by these industry experts.

  • SEMRush: A Beginner’s SEO Tool
  • Moz Pro: Comprehensive and User-friendly
  • Scalenut: AI-Powered SEO Platform
  • SEO PowerSuite: Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use
  • Local Falcon: Ideal for Local Businesses
  • KWFinder: Harnessing AI and Extensive Database
  • SEO Testing: Conducting SEO A/B Tests
  • SearchMagnet: Comprehensive Features, High Satisfaction
  • Ahrefs and Google Analytics: Powerful SEO Insights
  • SurferSEO: Advanced Features for SEO Strategy
  • Microsoft Clarity: Heatmap Recording and Analytics
  • Ubersuggest: Extensive Features in Free Trial
  • Keywords Everywhere: Transforming Keyword Research

SEMRush: A Beginner’s SEO Tool

SEMRush is a great option. The full version is expensive; however, if you are looking to get started on your SEO journey and don’t want to get overwhelmed by lots of jargon and metrics, then the free version of SEMRush is a brilliant option.

Even today, when I’m subscribed to a premium version of another platform, the free SEMRush account I’ve had for almost six years is great to double-check results and rankings.

Elliot RushtonElliot Rushton
Freelance Marketer, EPR Marketing

Moz Pro: Comprehensive and User-friendly

From personal experience, one of the best SEO tools offering a free trial is Moz Pro. Upon first exploring its platform, the breadth and depth of features were impressive. The site auditing, keyword research, and backlink analysis tools provided an extensive understanding of a website’s SEO landscape. What was striking was the comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest, reports—a boon for anyone delving into SEO.

Joe TroyerJoe Troyer
CEO and Growth Advisor, Digital Triggers

Scalenut: AI-Powered SEO Platform

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO & content marketing platform. It allows you to do keyword research, create topic clusters, and even utilizes its AI to build content plans and article briefs for you.

The best feature of Scalenut, and the one most commonly used, is the Content Optimizer. You can upload your existing content from your blog, along with a target keyword, and it will provide:

  • An SEO score of your content against the top 10 for that keyword.
  • A list of improvements to make to your content, such as keyword density, heading improvements, etc.
  • Tips on how to get into the featured snippet for that keyword.
  • A checklist of semantic keywords and the frequency that you should use them.

These are just a few of the features. Amazingly, you can use its AI to make most of these improvements for you.

Content only needs to be refreshed occasionally, so a new email can be used as and when needed.

Will RiceWill Rice
SEO and Marketing Manager, MeasureMinds

SEO PowerSuite: Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use

SEO PowerSuite is the most comprehensive and best SEO tool with a free trial. The tool is even best for newbies who find SEO as complicated as rocket science because it is incredibly easy to use and turns the whole process of SEO into a piece of cake.

The best part of SEO PowerSuite is the detailed and highly customizable SEO reports, which help optimize websites by identifying gaps in different areas. With a set of tools like SEO SpyGlass, Link Assistant, Rank Tracker, and Website Audit, the tool provides transparent and performance-based SEO insights that help both in off-page and on-page optimization.

Shivansh BhanwariyaShivansh Bhanwariya
Founder and CEO, SB DIGITAL

Local Falcon: Ideal for Local Businesses

One of my favorite SEO tools, which offers a free trial, is called Local Falcon. It’s a tool that shows where your business ranks in the local pack in a visual grid format. The tool is highly customizable; you can adjust the keyword that you want to see your rankings for, how many data points you want to see, and the number of miles to scan. It’s a great tool for any local business.

Additionally, I work with a number of SERVPRO franchises, and I can use this tool to see how each of the different locations we work with ranks. For example, I can see how the Google My Business profile is ranking for the term “water damage restoration.”

Maureen DarrahMaureen Darrah
SEO Director, Sixth City Marketing

KWFinder: Harnessing AI and Extensive Database

One of the best SEO tools available with a free trial is KWFinder. It gives you a 15-day risk-free trial period, in which you can get full access to its extensive database of key phrases and other essential information on competition levels.

The tool utilizes advanced AI algorithms to provide deep insights into related topics, making it highly recommendable for SEO purposes. Due to its powerful features and user-friendly interface, KWFinder is the top choice for people.

Alex MurrayAlex Murray
Search Director, Tilious

SEO Testing: Conducting SEO A/B Tests

One of my favorite tools that offers a free trial is SEO Testing. This tool harnesses the data inside Google Search Console and enables you to conduct various tests and analyses.

For example, if you want to test a change in page layout, copy, title tag, etc., SEO Testing enables you to track the baseline impressions, clicks, and CTR of that page and compare it to the metrics after you make the change.

It’s A/B testing for SEO!

This can be done manually with the GSC data, but since GSC data is so siloed, it takes a lot of time. With SEO Testing, it takes seconds to set up the test and then check back in a couple of weeks. Simple as that.

They offer a whopping 30-day free trial to try out the functionality. In my opinion, it’s one of the best on the market.

Dan AnsaldoDan Ansaldo
SEO Consultant, Kansas City SEO Consultant

SearchMagnet: Comprehensive Features, High Satisfaction

Meet the SEO superstar with a golden ticket: SearchMagnet! They’ve got the goods and are generous too, offering a magical free trial to unleash their full potential.

With a jaw-dropping 98% user satisfaction, it’s no fairy tale. Picture this: Like Aladdin’s lamp, SearchMagnet grants your SEO wishes—from keyword research to backlink analysis—all in one shiny tool! Plus, their user-friendly interface is as smooth as butter on a hot biscuit. Real-life examples? Countless happy customers like “Ella’s E-commerce Emporium” have seen their traffic soar like a graceful eagle after harnessing SearchMagnet’s power.

So, don’t be shy—rub that free trial lamp and let SearchMagnet grant your SEO dreams, no magic carpet required!

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Ahrefs and Google Analytics: Powerful SEO Insights

Ahrefs is‌ an excellent SEO tool offering a free trial, providing powerful insights on backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

However, another valuable tool that is always free and often overlooked is Google Analytics. It’s a goldmine for understanding your website’s traffic, user behavior, and various metrics, which are crucial for optimizing your SEO strategy. With these insights, you can tailor your content and website design to better cater to your audience’s needs and boost your search engine ranking.

Jaya IyerJaya Iyer
Marketing Assistant, Teranga Digital Marketing

SurferSEO: Advanced Features for SEO Strategy

SurferSEO is our preferred technical SEO tool. It is an essential part of our optimization process, contributing significantly to our results.

The advanced features of SurferSEO enable us to perform comprehensive keyword research, providing valuable insights into search trends and user intent. It helps us analyze content relevance, guiding us in creating highly optimized pages that rank well in search engine results.

The on-page optimization suggestions from the tool have been crucial in refining our title tags, meta descriptions, and headings for maximum impact. The site audits have been transformative, helping us identify and quickly fix many technical issues that could affect our website’s performance. SurferSEO also boasts a user-friendly interface and detailed reports, making it a pleasure to use and providing a clear roadmap for enhancing our SEO strategy.

Oksana SydorchukOksana Sydorchuk
Marketing Manager, Right People Group

Microsoft Clarity: Heatmap Recording and Analytics

Microsoft Clarity may not contain as many features as some of the best paid heatmap recording and analytics tools, but it certainly shows enough data to make informed decisions about your website funnel and conversion flow. We have been using it for the last two years, and it has provided valuable and in-depth insights despite being free to use.

Similar to Google Analytics and some heatmap SEO tools, it offers segmenting data by users, countries, hours, and landing pages. It shows specific timestamps on what a visitor clicked on, what elements of the conversion landing page they interacted with, and when they left. The recordings are really great and, in my opinion, on par with some of the best heatmap recording tools out there. Microsoft Clarity gets my vote for this.

lauren parrLauren Parr
Product Director, RepuGen

Ubersuggest: Extensive Features in Free Trial

The free version of Ubersuggest is great on its own; you just don’t get that many searches. The free trial will unlock so much more for you as a business—try to do as much in those seven days as possible. Frankly, I feel the tool is worth the modest price. However, if you’re looking to maximize what you can do on a trial, this is likely your best option, particularly for keyword research.

Coty PerryCoty Perry
Chief Marketing Officer, Anglers.com

Keywords Everywhere: Transforming Keyword Research

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension available in both paid and unpaid versions. At Codific, we started using the tool about six months ago, and it has completely changed how we do our keyword research, write our pages and blogs, and improve our Google rankings (SEO is a long game).

Keywords Everywhere allows you to check the monthly search volume, CPC, and (for the paid version) competition data of keywords on multiple websites. A great feature is that you can make a one-off payment for a certain amount of keywords, so there is no monthly billing that you forget about! We paid 12€ for 100k keyword searches, and we still have so many credits left!

Michaella MastersMichaella Masters
Growth Strategist, Codific

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