What’s the weirdest college degree?


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weirdest college degree

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What’s the weirdest college degree?

From citrus and horticultural sciences to puppet arts, here are answers to the question, “What’s the weirdest college degree?”

  • Fermentation Sciences
  • Mortuary Sciences
  • Citrus and Horticultural Science
  • Degree in Bigfoot Studies
  • Foresight
  • Puppet Arts
  • Master’s Degree in Happiness Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Latin
  • Degree in Circus Arts
  • Being a Nanny
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Horology

Fermentation Sciences

Fermentation Sciences might be the weirdest college degree available. Fermentation is a process that converts something like sugar into alcohol, and Fermentation Sciences utilize this process and apply it to other fields like food science and biotechnology.

Students interested in Fermentation Sciences will look at how fermentation has progressed over time, learning how to apply it to everything from beverages to drugs. They’ll also learn about the methods of controlling the process, such as pH levels, temperature changes, and different substrates.

While Fermentation Sciences may sound like an odd course of study, it is actually a very fun and valuable field for anyone curious about its processes.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing and Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

Mortuary Sciences – An Unusual College Major Choice

Mortuary science studies mortality, memorial services, and the work of morticians and funeral directors. It is a specialized field that entails handling the business aspects of a funeral home, preparing bodies for burial or cremation, and planning funerals and other memorial ceremonies. It may be considered “weird” to some people because it deals with death and handling human remains, which can be a sensitive and emotional topic for many people.

Funeral directors and morticians often play an essential role in supporting and guiding grieving families. They may also collaborate with local hospitals, nursing homes, and other organizations to arrange the transport and care of bodies.

Overall, mortuary science is a vital field that contributes much to society, and obtaining a degree in this area can open the door to a rewarding job working with people, although it is certainly an unusual and unconventional choice, to say the least.

Peter Bryla, Community Manager, ResumeLab

Degree in Bigfoot Studies

The weirdest college degree that I have come across is a degree in Bigfoot Studies. Yes, you read that right. Some colleges actually offer a program where students can study the legend of Bigfoot and try to prove its existence.

The coursework includes topics such as Bigfoot folklore, cryptozoology, and field research techniques. While many people may find this degree to be ridiculous, there are some students who are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in Bigfoot research. They may even go on to work with organizations that are dedicated to finding evidence of the creature’s existence.

Ultimately, this degree may seem strange to some, but it is a testament to the fact that there are colleges out there that offer unique and unconventional programs for those who are passionate about their interests.

Isabella Meyer, Editor, Artincontext


The University of Houston offers a master’s degree in foresight. Apparently, you can learn to anticipate and prepare for the future. This 30-credit degree features classes like Advanced Strategies for Futures Planning, World Futures, Social Change, and Systems Thinking.

Graduate students will do an internship and complete a thesis in Foresight. Students who complete this degree would look forward to working for companies providing guidance on what to anticipate in the future.

Brianna Bitton, Co-founder, O Positiv

Puppet Arts

Puppetry classes have been available at the University of Connecticut since 1964, educating students for careers on Broadway, on television, and in educational settings. UConn is one of three colleges in the United States that grants a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in puppetry. It also grants master’s degrees in the field.

Two-thirds of the students’ college classes are in the puppet arts major at UConn, which differs from other majors in that puppetry classes are the first ones they take. Theatrical production, puppetry skills, and theater design are among the courses offered in the BFA degree.

Samrudha Salvi, Founder, Buildfba

Master’s Degree in Happiness Studies

I recently heard that Centenary University offers a Master of Arts in Happiness Studies. I am both intrigued and shaking my head. While a degree in Happiness Studies sounds like a wonderful field of study, I’m not quite sure what one does with that degree.

According to their website, classes include Foundations of Happiness Studies, Integrative Leaders on Happiness, Wholebeing Coaching, and a SPIRE retreat to name a few. The program is led by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar of the Happiness Studies Academy. While it’s likely a positive, uplifting program, it’s still a weird degree.

Mary Kay Bitton, Head of Product Innovation, FLO Vitamins

Bachelor of Arts in Latin

I know the history of ancient Latin societies is interesting and has shaped human civilization in a huge way. But the idea that someone could spend four years in college studying Latin is just absurd to me. Where do you even work with a degree in Latin? How does it even fit into the modern-day social and economic order?

But despite this, it seems like some high-profile colleges have this degree on offer, including Washington State University. Some, like the University of Manchester, take it a bit further by combining Latin studies and Latin Linguistics. The University of Wisconsin at Madison even offers Latin as a Bachelor of Science degree.

Hard to imagine anything scientific about Latin, but maybe there is something in the depths of the curriculum that I am missing. Besides, in all my years working in HR, I have never come across a person with a degree in Latin.

Logan Nguyen, Co-founder, MIDSS

Degree in Circus Arts

The University of Utah offers a unique and truly unusual degree that stands out from other college programs: a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Circus Arts. What could this degree possibly include, you might ask? Well, it’s made up of exciting things like clowning, juggling, trapeze work, and much more, offering a vivid picture of life under the big top! Those pursuing this degree will walk away with vast knowledge and appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes at circuses worldwide.

This is the only program of its kind in the United States, so for those interested in exploring their passion for these versatile arts, there’s nowhere better to start!

Tom Hamilton-Stubber, Managing Director, Tutor Cruncher

Being a Nanny

In my experience, all the nannies that are hired come from their experience with working with kids the traditional way. My close friends and family have been in this role, so to hear a degree being dedicated to it is a bit weird. Since the role of a nanny is something that relies more on the practicality of things, it’s tough to imagine in theory.

Therefore, the course focuses on the area of child development and the safety of children, which makes sense. The job opportunities possible through this are being a nanny for a family, daycare, or in a school setting. Salary can vary between $25,000 – $30,000 per year, and the type of degree is an associate one.

For those who are thinking of pursuing it professionally, it seems like a good sector to invest in.

Sheila Stafford, CEO at Teamsense, Teamsense

Bachelor’s Degree in Horology

We often think of watchmakers and service technicians as people who only learned the skill through self-training or as a skilled trade. However, a whole college degree is available for those interested in time and learning how to make the best watches in the world. This college degree sets you up for a career in the watch industry, either as a manufacturer, expert technician, or even in sales.

Alvin Wei, Co-founder and CMO, SEOAnt

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