What are the weirdest food combinations you enjoy?


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weirdest food combinations

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What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy?

From Nutella with salted fries to vanilla ice cream and soy sauce, here are the 10 answers to the question, “What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy?”

  • Nutella With Salted Fries
  • Honey On Pizza
  • Cheetos and Peanut Butter
  • Cucumber and Strawberry
  • Tomato Soup With Chocolate
  • Chocolate-covered Potato Chips
  • Mango and Chili Powder
  • Ramen Noodles with Cheez Whiz
  • French Toast and Potato Chips
  • Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce

Nutella With Salted Fries

My nephew fed me Nutella covered french fries as a joke, but surprisingly, I found the contrasting taste enjoyable. The saltiness of the fries was overpowered by the chocolaty sweetness of Nutella. I was so impressed with the combination that I immediately started thinking of new ways to combine sweet and savory snacks.

Timothy Woods, Director, Carnivore Style

timothy woods weird food combos

Honey On Pizza

I just love honey on pizza! It pairs well with a lot of salty or savory toppings, such as bacon, sausage, or prosciutto, and spicy ingredients, such as chili peppers or hot sauce. Honey is great for balancing the acidity of tomato sauce. Other pizza toppings that I like to pair with honey are goat cheese, arugula, or pesto. And, of course, pears and walnuts! You just have to try it.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, US Passport Photo

Cheetos and Peanut Butter

As weird as it seems, Cheetos and peanut butter make for an amazing combination. It’s something that a friend introduced me to in middle school. I don’t really eat it these days, but it sure it good. The mix of sweet, savory, crunch, and smooth seems to just work.

Bobby Klinck, Founder, BobbyKlinck.com

Cucumber and Strawberry

The weirdest food combination I enjoy is cucumber and strawberry. It’s a simple combination, but it’s one of my favorites.Why? Well, it’s pretty simple: I like the way they taste together. They’re both sweet and tart at the same time—they’re complementary flavors that really elevate each other. There’s something about the different textures that also makes it work; something about the crunch from the cucumber and the smoothness of the strawberry just makes it feel like a treat.I also like how easy it is to make: you just cut up your strawberries into thirds and slice up some cucumbers (or buy them already sliced), mix them together in a bowl, and eat!

Rengie Wisper, Marketing Manager, Check CPS

Tomato Soup With Chocolate

You’re missing out on a lot if you’ve never tried this combination. Tomato soup with melting chocolate is the most delicious form of serving soup and chocolate together. Savory and multi-dimensional. And its preparation is not unusual. You cook tomato soup according to your traditional recipe, and before eating it, you add chopped pieces of chocolate to the bowl.

Tomatoes, which can be described as sweet vegetables, complement perfectly with chocolate, especially dark ones. Add a pinch of hot bell pepper to the soup if you like spicy food. Such a combination blends perfectly. It’s something like steak with cranberries. Sweet but balanced.

Nina Paczka, Community Manager, Live Career

Chocolate-covered Potato Chips

The weirdest food combination I tried and loved is chocolate-covered potato chips. It’s a salty and sweet combination that can be enjoyable for all types of snackers. The contrasting flavors complement each other perfectly, and the crunchy texture of the potato chips is an added bonus! Plus, it’s a fun way to mix up your snacking routine. Give it a try and you may find yourself.

Jennie Miller, Co-Founder, MIDSS

Mango and Chili Powder

Mango and chili powder is a classic combination, yet it is not well-known in the USA. I love mangoes and spicy food, so I was surprised to discover this brilliant combination a few years back.

I came across this video where someone sprinkled a pinch of chili powder on a mango slice. At first, I was uneasy but decided to try it. The flavor is interesting and delicious. The combination of sweet and spicy tastes amazing. The chili powder amps up the taste. It is a weird yet addicting flavor.

You can also try raw mango and chili powder. Adding a pinch of salt cuts through the sour taste. It is one of those combinations that you will either love or hate.

Eva Tian, Growth Strategy Manager, Mynd

Ramen Noodles with Cheez Whiz

My family hates when I make this food, and I fear mentioning it: Ramen Noodles with Cheez Whiz! One night in college, I lost the flavor packet to my ramen noodles. I experimented with cheez whiz leftover from “Nacho Night”. It tasted great. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Kristina Ramos, Reverse Recruiter, Find My Profession

French Toast and Potato Chips

I enjoy putting together some unique food combinations which often create an intriguing flavor. For example, one of my favorite dishes is a mix of French toast and potato chips. The salty taste of the chips combined with the sweet syrup and light cinnamon of the French toast creates an unexpected but delicious balance of flavors.

This odd combination may initially sound strange, but its unique blend of ingredients produces a surprisingly savory treat that I can’t get enough of.

Rob Smith, Head Chef, Your Private Chef

Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce

Chances are you already have both the ingredients needed: just plain vanilla ice cream and soy sauce are all you need.

Put a couple of scoops of ice cream in a bowl and drizzle the soy sauce over it. The rich, salty, umami flavors of the soy sauce enhance the sweetness of the ice cream, giving it an unexpected and delightful depth.

If your ice cream is cold enough, the soy sauce will slightly crystallize and you’ll have a fun crunchy texture to top things off!

Justin Pincar, Co-founder & CTO, Achievable

Justin Pincar weird food combination

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