What’s the Best Sourcing Tool for Recruiters?


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sourcing tool for recruiters

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What’s the Best Sourcing Tool for Recruiters?

From looking through your personal network to extracting emails with Hunter.io, here are 12 answers to the question, “What are the best sourcing tools for recruiters?”

  • Personal Network
  • Indeed
  • Hired
  • Slack
  • Dover
  • HiringSolved
  • Hiresweet
  • Jobvite
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Upwork
  • Wellfound (formerly AngelList)
  • Hunter.io

Personal Network

The best sourcing tool is a strong personal network. It’s important to remember that the best recruiting resource you have is the personal relationships you form in your personal life. Your friends and family know you extremely well.

This gives them an advantage over other recruiters because they can put a face to the vacant position they see posted online. When your friends and family know you, they have a much better sense of your personality and leadership style.

This allows them to connect the right people with the right roles. This is how a strong personal network can lead to more and better quality candidates.

Sanem Ahearn, VP of Marketing, Colorescience


Indeed is the best sourcing tool for recruiters. This is because Indeed searches millions of jobs from thousands of job boards and career sites, and ranks them according to relevance. This makes it easier to find the most suitable candidates.

It also allows you to filter the results according to location, industry, and salary range. This makes it easier for you to find the candidates who are suitable for the job you’re recruiting for.

It also simplifies finding the best candidates for the job by allowing you to search for candidates based on their skills, experience, and education. This saves you a lot of time, as you won’t have to go through all the candidates’ resumes yourself. Finally, Indeed also allows you to save the candidates you find so that you can easily refer to them later.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Paraphrase Tool


If you’re looking for a way to identify the best candidate and cut down on time spent interviewing, I think Hired can help. One drawback of using widely used recruitment resources and services is that you may get lost in the shuffle when trying to locate any more help.

This service positions itself as “more than just a website” by emphasizing the dedicated staff that will be by your side as your business expands.

Several recruiters have written positive reviews that back up the platform’s assertion that it gives extra attention to its clients. That most users are only interested in finding work in specific areas of technology is now the service’s biggest limitation.

Gerrid Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Joy Organics


Perhaps you think Slack is primarily a chat service used solely within an organization. But with a little adjusting and searching, many recruiters are discovering new ways to source and incorporate new personnel pools. One option is to join a group specifically for HR professionals.

A wide variety of communities have qualified people who are actively seeking employment. Motivated workers will probably have experience using workplace communication tools like Slack, which is used by many firms today.

Since they already have experience using the system, your prospective workers will jump right in. The method’s dependence on external programs and components is problematic when you need to swiftly change your source approach.

Edward Mellett, Co-Founder, WikiJob


Dover.com provides recruiters with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that streamlines the sourcing process, offering access to a vast database of qualified candidates, advanced search and filtering options, and powerful sourcing tools.

Recruiters can use this modern technology to find the best applicants for jobs quickly and easily, enabling them to save energy and resources.

Travis Lindemoen, Managing Director, nexus IT group


I believe recruiters specifically made this tool for recruiters. It is compatible with all big ATS and CRM systems, and it uses intelligent automation and powerful search algorithms to help you select suitable applicants. Recruiters value this software, and it has won several accolades for excellence in human resources.

Although useful for any business, this app may be essential for those with a robust applicant tracking system. A smaller company’s workforce may not have much need for this.

Max Whiteside, SEO and Content Lead, Breaking Muscle


A customer relationship management system like HireSweet is a practical tool for your organization’s recruitment staff to improve outbound hiring. This company works with your applicant tracking system (ATS) to optimize and integrate your personnel pool, allowing you to select from a wider range of qualified candidates.

HireSweet is a rapidly expanding enterprise, and it now targets organizations of all sizes. They are optimal for businesses with 500 to a thousand employees. While the size restriction may make them a poor fit for your firm, they are on the list of effective recruitment resources.

Andrey Priobrazhenskiy, CEO and Director, DiscountReactor


I’ve heard good things about Jobvite from recruiters, and I think it could be a useful tool for sifting through applicants. With its target audience being SMBs, this software could be a simple alternative. However, incorporating this app into your recruitment process can help you get an employee pool with minimal preparation.

The app’s simplicity and adaptability have made it a hit with recruiters. As soon as you put in the time and effort required for the technical setup, you will see the fruits of your labor. Users’ reactions are positive. Some hiring managers have complained about the app’s sluggish performance and awkward controls.

Kyle Bassett, Chief Operating Officer, Altitude Control

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is the ultimate sourcing tool for recruiters. It gives you access to an expansive network of over 500 million professionals, so you can easily find your ideal candidate.

You can also use advanced search filters to narrow down your results and save time by creating contact lists. Plus, LinkedIn Recruiter offers additional tools, such as Boolean searches and message templates to help you refine your searches and streamline communication.

Steve Rose, CEO, Money Transfer


This platform‌ is perfect for firms looking to source freelance assignments. If you’re prepared to do some digging, you can find several highly driven workers on the site that are interested in long-term employment. With the rise of the digital economy in the last several years, many workers are now interested in contracting out their services from the comfort of their own homes.

This implies that sites like Upwork are more important than ever for hiring managers. Upwork’s sign-up process is one of its best features since it keeps spam-generating bogus accounts and bots out of the system. This means that the workers you have access to have gone through preliminary screening.

The worldwide nature of the pool is helpful, but it also brings challenges. Finding trustworthy long-term workers on Upwork remains a challenge for some recruiters despite the platform’s growth.

Zephyr Chan, Founder and Growth Marketer, Living The Good Life

Wellfound (formerly AngelList)

Perhaps recruiters aren’t making the most of Wellfound’s potential. The site boasts a wealth of qualified workers and serves as a fantastic alternative to LinkedIn. Informed recruiters who want to broaden their professional ties use it frequently. In order to find potential employees on Wellfound, you must first submit a job listing.

As a result, you’ll gain unrestricted access to the complete pool, along with a plethora of search refinement tools at no cost. Many recruiters believe Wellfound has a more active talent pool than other platforms since it attracts solely ambitious job-seekers.

Matt Magnante, Director of Content and SEO, Fitness Volt


Hunter.io is the best sourcing tool for recruiters. It’s an email hunter tool that extracts emails from any website. Hunter.io is good for recruiters and marketers to reach out to professionals. For limited data, it’s free and you can install its Google extension. However, buy a premium package for extracting more emails.

Sam Chan, Founder, PiPiADS

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