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Tools for Content Creation in Digital Marketing

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What’s your favorite digital marketing content creation tool?

To help you sample out the best content creating tools for your digital marketing, we asked experienced content creators and digital marketing professionals this question for their best picks. From Snappa to Mailchimp to Canva, there are several content creation tools that are selected as the best for creating great digital content for marketing.

Here are 13 tools these professionals use for content creation in digital marketing:

  • Snappa
  • Headline Analyzer
  • Piktochart
  • Jasper AI
  • Mailchimp
  • Animaker
  • AlsoAsked
  • Pablo
  • Vectr
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Elai
  • Buzzsumo
  • Canva


Small businesses often have limited staffing to have the luxury of retaining a full-time graphic designer but still need one, and this makes Snappa my favorite digital marketing content creation tool. How your content appears visually is every bit as important as the content itself, as the right graphics can add or detract from its impact. Snappa has a multitude of great templates and design tools to make even the novice perform like a professional graphic artist. Whether it is for your blog, newsletter, email, or social media outlets, Snappa has graphics that are perfectly suited for your needs. If your need for graphic design is greater than your ability to hire an in-house professional, then Snappa is one of the best content creation tools for you.

Cody Candee, Bounce

Headline Analyzer

Many of us are excellent at creating terrific ideas and concepts for content, but have difficulty structuring a headline to go with it, and this is why Headline Analyzer is such a valuable content creation tool. You can have the greatest value rich content in the body of your work, but if your headline falls flat, many people will not move on to reading it.

Headline Analyzer is a user-friendly tool that helps craft effective headlines and titles to match your written and visual content, whether it is for blogs, emails, newsletters, or even social media posts.

By analyzing your ideas, it will rank your headline from zero to 100, and give excellent recommendations for improving them. If you want to ensure that people will be encouraged to continue reading your content, Headline Analyzer will get them in the door.

Adelle Archer, Eterneva


I’m always proud to show off professional and eye-catching graphics from Piktochart. It’s an online tool that enables captivating infographic design. It takes a keen eye to architect information in a sleek and appealing way. With Piktochart, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to designing an engaging presentation. At just $14 per month for the pro version, I find it to be very affordable as well.

Michael Green, Winona

Jasper AI

My favorite content creation tool definitely has to be Jasper AI. Not only does it speed up the process of content creation as a whole, but also massively helps when it comes to getting over the dreaded writer’s block. As a blogger, there’s nothing worse than opening a blank document and straining for inspiration. With a tool like Jasper AI, I can get writing prompts and paragraph introductions which then can give a much-needed boost to any content efforts.

James Taylor, Digital Tool Report


If you have a small in-house content team, consider investing in MailChimp’s content creation tools. Mailchimp can not only help you build out your website, a powerful tool for small businesses just starting out but can help you create a content style guide using AI to make informed and effective marketing decisions. They offer an all-in-one platform that will store your content and images and take you from your concept idea all the way to publishing.

David Ring, MCT – Trading


Animaker is a DIY animation software that is a perfect tool for making videos that require basic animation features. I use it to add simple in-built characters and templates with drag and drop features. It’s easy to use and allows me to quickly make amazing videos with just a few clicks and without sacrificing quality for convenience. Furthermore, Animaker is my favorite digital marketing content creation tool because it provides over 100 million photos and over a thousand templates to choose from, which provides plenty of variety to suit my creative wants and needs.

Alex Wang, Ember Fund


I found AlsoAsked to be quite useful as a content marketer when doing keyword research for blog pieces. Simply type your search phrase and choose your language and location. You can view a map of all relevant questions that AlsoAsked has extracted from Google’s “People Also Search” section. Additionally, it can increase the number of queries produced by the first results. With the Lite plan, the results can be exported in CSV format. Other than that, this application is free for limited use. It’s a great content tool for outlining your content’s SEO strategy.

James Crawford, DealDrop


Pablo is an easy-to-use content creation tool that is great for Social Media Marketing. It is the design tool for Buffer which is a platform for scheduling social media content. The tool has around 25 fonts and 600 stock images for easy customization. You can play around and customize your social media content according to your preference with plenty of fonts and background images available. The tool is considerably simple to use that allows you to work on your projects without logging into the platform.

Mark Blakey, Autism Parenting Magazine


Vectr is my top pick when it comes to creating designs for social media content. Vectr is a web and desktop cross-platform tool that helps marketers and influencers to create amazing designs with zero frustration for the social media platforms.

And most importantly Vectr allows you to save the design you made In Scalable vector graphics that maintain the pictures or templates in the same resolution and pixels that even if you cut out or zoom in the resolutions will not change.

Therefore, finding the right tool with a built-in template and easy-to-use features are the two factors that help in creating unique visual content and graphic designs, Vectr has both of them and the very best thing is that Vectr is a free platform. Overall, it is really simple to use and learn and has extensive uses and great value.

Scott Krager, WODReview

Adobe Premiere Pro

As a content developer, Adobe Premiere Pro has helped me quite a bit in editing my footage. It has many features that assist you in creating engaging content. Its user interface is quite laudable as well. Because it is so simple to use, even beginners can effortlessly navigate through this application. YouTube has tutorials for all of its functions, which makes your experience even easier. If you’re a video creator you definitely need to try this app.

Phillip Imler, National Parks


When it comes to digital marketing, I love videos. They are entertaining, they are widely shared, and keep people engaged. That being said, I like my videos to stand out and I choose to be in control of the creation process. I use a text-to-video tool Elai as it is user-friendly, and gives me good results fast.

Sasha Prylypska, Elai.io


BuzzSumo allows you to type in any keyword and delivers to you all important facts and controversy attached to that keyword. It basically tells you what people are talking about these days in regard to your search. It scans all social sites and uncovers the most shared data online. It is a great tool to accumulate accurate facts as well as people’s commentary on said topic. You can further customize your searches and also filter out results based on your needs. It thereby helps you get unique content from scratch. You will also never have a problem finding the backlink.

Agnes Zabawa, Insurancenavy


The current state of marketing cannot emphasize content marketing’s significance enough. To keep your visitors interested and eventually convert them into paying customers, you’ll need a strong content strategy with original content ideas and long-term content curation. It’s critical to pick the best content generation tool if you want to differentiate yourself from your rivals.

Canva is a platform for creating content that I enjoy using because anyone can use it for free and because it is really simple to use. It is a widely used tool among bloggers, content producers, and digital marketers.

Users can also make videos, PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, posters, and greeting cards for a variety of occasions. Alternatively, if necessary, you can alter your dimensions. Canva provides free stock images aimed at numerous businesses. Just enter the search keyword, and grids of associated images will appear.

Brian Clark, United Medical Education

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