What do you call a person who writes content? 10 Answers


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Job Titles for Someone Who Writes Your Website Content

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What do you call a person who writes content?

What is the job title called for someone who writes your website content? From Digital Content Writer to Copywriter, here are 10 answers that cover the different job titles of someone who writes content for your website.

  • Digital Content Writer
  • Content Coordinator
  • SEO Content Writer
  • Digital Pen Warriors
  • Digital Content Producer
  • Content Specialist
  • Content Creator
  • A Web Writer
  • Content Alchemist
  • Copywriter

Digital Content Writer

A digital content writer is someone who writes website content. They may be writing blogs for the company, which is SEO driven and informative for consumers. The copy they write may be shorter and more informative than copy for social media, for example. It’s eCommerce focused to attract their target audience in the most efficient way possible.

Jodi Neuhauser, CEO, Ovaterra

Content Coordinator 

Content Coordinator is the official title of those who craft content for The Word Counter. Personally, I like the alliterative nature of the title. Additionally, it’s fitting because there is a degree of coordination–in terms of collaboration between writer and editor–during the writing process. There are many different deadlines depending on when certain website content will be dropped, so it is important to organize website copy and blog posts effectively.

Gerald Lombardo, Founder, The Word Counter

SEO Content Writer 

An SEO Content Writer is the broad descriptor for a writer who can successfully write text with search engine success in mind. From descriptions on the landing page to blog posts, SEO Content Writers know how to research and use relevant keywords that give potential visitors a higher chance at finding your website.

The higher the rank of high quality content, the more likely another website will use your content and provide a backlink. Without this expertise, the content you post on your website might be well written but will see far less visitors by not engaging Google’s algorithm. Hiring an SEO Content Writer ensures the highest chance of success that your website will become a presence in its particular sector.

Monte Deere, CEO, Kizik

Monte Deere content writer

Digital Pen Warriors

This job title is an innovative description for modern-day writers. Website content writers are digital pen warriors because they have digital pens to write texts. Many website content writers work as freelancers for media agencies, online publications, and private clients. Freelance writers find clients who own personal blogs and business websites, and offer their writing services. Tons of articles on the web were written by freelance writers. They’re also called ghostwriters.

Kevin Huang, Founder and CEO, Ambient Home US

Digital Content Producer

One of the main jobs of a digital content producer is to create useful content for consumers that interfaces with the business’ products or services. For this, they need a firm understanding of the business’ product, brand, and online content tools. Digital content producers may also lead content teams comprised of members who’re responsible for different tasks. For example, a social media strategist who divides the web content into small pieces to share on social media, and a graphic designer who creates strong visuals for the content.

Digital content producers have a knack for written communication, and typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in communication or another relevant field, as well as a few years of experience creating web or social content.

Natalia Morozova, Partner, Cohen, Tucker & Ades P.C.

Natalia Morozova copywriter

Content Specialist

A content specialist is responsible for creating, writing, and editing content. Their job is to develop strategies for producing intriguing content that will increase brand awareness and customer interest in a company. These specialists help in the development of communication and outreach tools for a variety of businesses, as well as ensuring the quality of written content. Content specialists also work closely with developers and web designers to ensure that their website content is properly formatted and organized so that it is easy to find and read.

Andrew Chen, Chief Product Officer, CommentSold

Content Creator

The most apt title for someone who writes content for a website would be a content creator. This title is different to that of a content writer as this one revolves around curating authentic and interesting data, while that of a writer could mean assorting already known data and analytics in a readable manner. A content creator’s role is one involving research and great language skills. You could find full-time, part-time, or freelancing content creators. A good content creator is vital to make your website informative, catchy, and useful.

Vance Tran, CoFounder, Pointerclicker

A Web Writer

The job title for someone who writes website content is web writer.  A web writer creates original articles for use on websites, usually in the form of blog posts. They might also be called a content writer, web author, or online editor. There are many other titles but they all do the same thing – write website content for the company website.

Graham Byers, Founder, Bestchoiceforseniors

Content Alchemist

Today it’s not just about writing a brilliant piece of content. Content Writers need to use their magic to turn a brilliant piece into an SEO masterpiece that will answer your audience’s questions, tick all Google’s boxes, and be on brand. This is why we came up with the job title Content Alchemist. Your Content Creator will use their magic to turn words into gold.

Tom Bruzek, Co-Owner, Selling Land Fast


A copywriter is an appropriate name when creating content for lead generation or transaction purposes. They are less interested in having the reader finish the content and more in having them click to convert.

An SEO writer understands writing for informational purposes and has some expertise in keyword research. These writers still require an ability to keep the reader engaged, but the goal is to keep them on the page rather than take action.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

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