How do content creators get started? 15 Answers


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how content creators got started

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How do content creators get started?

What is a content creator and how do you become one? Here are 15 answers on how content creators got started:

  • Watching a Film 
  • Picking a Niche
  • Streaming on Twitch 
  • Starting a Blog
  • Choosing a Mission
  • Combining Two Passions
  • Answering Questions
  • Following a Passion 
  • Being Cheeky and Proactive 
  • Getting an Internship
  • Exploring Content Fields
  • Writing Frequently
  • Finding a Gap for an Area of Expertise
  • Starting as an Assistant
  • Leveraging a Predicament

Watching a Film

I used to love having analytical discussions with my daughter before she went to college. Attending a university to complete my Master’s Program gave me confidence in my writing abilities. The movie “Julie and Julia” which is about a blogger inspired me to start my own blog. Creating blog posts led to creating graphics and videos. I am completing my eighth year as a content creator.

Janice Wald, Blogger, Mostly Blogging

Picking a Niche

To kickstart your career as a content creator, you need to start by picking a niche. It helps you segregate your market on the basis of your talent as a content creator.
If you have trouble picking a niche, try combing through recent trends, for eg. “100 days of….” Trends can be competitive but also get the most views. Make sure to tweak whatever you plan on offering and make it different than what is already available in the market.

Nathan Hughes, Marketing Director, Diggity Marketing

Streaming On Twitch

I started creating content on Twitch in late 2016. I wanted to start streaming, but I didn’t know how to get started. So I just started streaming and creating content on my own. A few months later, I was contacted by a content creator who asked me to join his team. And that’s how I got started as a content creator.

Aviad Faruz, CEO, FARUZO New York

Aviad Faruz how do content creators get started

Starting a Blog

Practical experience can be worth its weight in gold when you’re looking to start a new career path. With content creation, you can start off doing a personal blog about topics of interest to you or niche industries that may relate to a field that you want to do content writing for. This will be a great way to practice your content writing skills and build up some demonstrable experience to show potential employers or clients who may be looking for freelance copy writers.

Max Schwartzapfel, CMO, Schwartzapfel Lawyers

Choosing a Mission

Think about something you would like to change in the world. Next, how can you add your voice to affect said change? Choose your platform and start talking. You could share thoughts or tips on a blog, podcast, YouTube or TikTok channels. If you have insight to share or teach, simply share it! Passion for change will carry you far. Stay mission minded!

Jeff Goodwin, Senior Director of Performance, Orgain

Combining Two Passions

Now over 10 years ago, I was unsatisfied in my office job as a marketing coordinator and copywriter. I craved more responsibility and creativity. When telling my parents about this one day, they suggested that I start writing about travel. Writing had always been my thing, and I was – and still am – highly passionate about travel. A few days later, the travel blog was born.

Sofie Couwenbergh, Content Strategist & Writer, Let Me Write That Down for You

Answering Questions

My role as a content creator has grown over the years – as now I run a content agency. However, it all started with simply providing answers to people who had questions online. I saw it as a way to duplicate myself and help more people – and also build my skills as I would often have to learn more in order to properly address their question. Over the years I’ve learned how to shift that creation to multiple mediums. Since we now live in a world where content is in every conversation, intersection, and sales opportunity, it’s a good place to be!

Ali Schwanke, CEO / B2B Marketing Strategist, Simple Strat

Ali Schwanke content creators

Following a Passion 

My passion since my younger days has been the great outdoors. I became a content creator when I started feeling burnt out from the constant grind of running a large financial planning firm. When I realized that my workload and stress were affecting my health and taking so much time away from my family, I decided to pivot my career path. I started focusing on sharing my passion for the great outdoors by writing a blog where I offer helpful information for beginner and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

Peter Hoopis, Owner and CEO, Peter Hoopis

Being Cheeky and Proactive 

I began my journey as a content creator around 4.5 years ago. I had previously worked for review panels for Tesco and some other well-known brands, and when this all ended, I realised that this may be something I could utilise my Instagram for. I began by reviewing products I was using on a daily basis; however, when I became slightly more confident I started reaching out to tiny businesses to see if there was any way I could help them to grow.

I’ve grown from 250 followers to 10.5K within this time and this also led me to begin my digital marketing career a year ago, now with my absolutely fab role as Digital PR Executive. I of course continue my content creating on the side of this and regularly get to work with larger names and local restaurants now, which is extremely rewarding. I’ve also made some of my best friends through doing this.

Kerrie Ashall, Digital PR Executive, Fibre Marketing

Getting an Internship

I initially believed I wanted to pursue a career in business. I believed it would help me find employment after college. But because I had such a strong passion for words and writing, I was unable to share it. Fortunately, despite lacking any prior professional experience, I was able to secure a content writing internship. The work was, to put it mildly, extremely difficult and low paying. But that was my very first encounter. Following that, I began taking on side jobs to expand my portfolio while also working a full-time job at a restaurant to help with the bills. In the end, I secured a full-time position as a content writer for a small startup company, where I wrote articles and made slideshows for various industries. I was able to advance my writing career as a result of this helping me get my foot in the door. 

Joshua Tibando, Content & PR Manager, Findstoragefast

Exploring Content Fields 

As a content creator, I started my journey to learn many things and explore the different versions of my field and gain more knowledge. I also want to put my ideas into action, so I think the content creator is one of the best ways which also helps many people to get solutions for issues and answers to inquiries from my content. While making content, I get an opportunity to explore other fields and get insight into them, which helps to boost my network and helps me acquire wisdom in various sectors. It also helps me to improve my skills.

Adam Berry, Founder at AdamBerrySeo, AdamBerrySeo

Writing Frequently

If you don’t use it, you lose it, in my opinion. Successful content creators are aware of the value of regularly exercising their writing skills. By doing this, they are able to sort through any jumbled ideas they may have and find ideas that have the potential to develop into whole concepts. Successful content producers may not constantly feel inspired to write, but they are aware that their work occasionally produces something motivating. Create a writing routine by doing it every day or every other day. I’m not saying you have to crank out a polished, 1500-word essay on a subject related to your line of work every day. I’m just suggesting that you set aside 10 or 15 minutes to write down some thoughts and ideas.

Jay Soni, Marketing Director, Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Finding a Gap for an Area of Expertise

Although there are thousands and thousands of pieces of content on the internet, getting quality and exceptional content is quite hard. As I was searching for many topics related to home improvement and easy-to-fix handyman stuff, I was shocked to see the amount of conflicting and unpractical solutions. As I was an expert in the field, I decided to have a go at it. In the beginning, I was a bit slow in publishing. As the content started to gain some traction, I started to produce more and started to like the process. Basically, it was a mix of both gaps in the market and my expertise in the niche which made me get my start as a content creator.

Joel Philips, Founder, Home Guide Corner

Starting as an Assistant

I started my content creator journey as a website content assistant. The role was for a very large fashion company and was quite limited in regard to tasks and growth. Saying this, the saying ‘getting your foot in the door’ is more than accurate. My main responsibility was writing website content, including product descriptions, weight, sizing, and specifications. Even though the tasks were limited, this gave me an insight into how websites work, coding, language use and customer experience. I was then lucky enough to find a marketing agency that helped me grow in areas I wasn’t familiar with.

Annie Everill, Digital Marketing Executive, Imaginaire

Leveraging a Predicament 

Four years ago, my car key fob battery died, and I was annoyed at how challenging it was to change the battery inside. So I made a quick video about how to change the battery, uploaded it to YouTube, and then didn’t think about it for a year. I came back a year later and checked on it, and the video had tens of thousands of views! Fast forward to today, I have created over 600 videos covering every major key fob in the auto industry. The YouTube channel is a major source of my income, and I launched my latest software for creators that helps YouTubers split test their thumbnails. All because my key fob battery died one day!

Scott Krager, Founder,

Scott Krager content creator

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