What Are the Best Technical SEO Tools?


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What Are the Best Technical SEO Tools?

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What Are the Best Technical SEO Tools?

In the ever-evolving field of SEO, choosing the right tools can make all the difference. We asked SEO associates, marketing managers, and digital marketing consultants about their favorite technical SEO tools. From Screaming Frog to SEMrush, here are the top four tools these professionals swear by in their businesses.

  • Screaming Frog: Comprehensive SEO Tool
  • Prerender: Solution for JavaScript SEO Issues
  • Website Auditor and Screaming Frog: Dual SEO Tools
  • SEMrush: Extensive Solution for SEO Audits

Screaming Frog: Comprehensive SEO Tool

There’s no better technical SEO tool out there than Screaming Frog. You can visualize how search engines crawl your site, what technical issues are affecting crawling and indexing, how canonicals are set up, which pages lack internal links, crawl logs, image size issues, and JavaScript issues. It really is the best all-around technical SEO tool.

Taylor ScherTaylor Scher
SEO Associate, TaylorscherSEO

Prerender: Solution for JavaScript SEO Issues

I’ll give you an example, which I’m sure is actually a common scenario that enterprise SEO specialists at agencies could face. I had a client in the banking sector who just paid a web development agency a lot of money to design and build a new website for them in React.

Despite my warnings about search engines crawling JavaScript frameworks and the extra steps needed, they didn’t follow the advice because of the price the development agency charged. Keep in mind they are locked in a contract with them for 3 years, a common thing with enterprise contracts.

A few months later, of course, they still had indexation issues. New content took months to be indexed, only partially too. We made the case again for SSR implementation, but it wasn’t part of the contract agreement and the dev agency quoted them separately for it.

It was too expensive for the client. I wish I knew about Prerender at the time. It would have been a simple and affordable solution for this client.

Ane Wiese
SEO Marketing Manger, Saas.group

Website Auditor and Screaming Frog: Dual SEO Tools

As an SEO expert, my go-to technical SEO tools for business are Website Auditor by SEO Spyglass and Screaming Frog.

Website Auditor, offered by SEO Spyglass, is a comprehensive and powerful tool for site auditing and optimization. It thoroughly scans websites, identifying and flagging technical issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and page speed problems.

Screaming Frog, on the other hand, is renowned for its website crawling capabilities. It delves deep into websites, analyzing various on-page elements, such as metadata, headings, and URLs. By using this tool, I can easily identify technical issues like missing meta tags, broken links, and oversized images.

Both Website Auditor and Screaming Frog have earned their place as my favorite technical SEO tools. With these tools in my toolkit, I can confidently enhance SEO strategies, drive organic traffic, and improve online visibility for any business.

Dhruv ShahDhruv Shah
Digital Marketing Manager, Yegital

SEMrush: Extensive Solution for SEO Audits

My favorite technical SEO tool I use in my business is the SEMrush Site Audit tool. While this service requires a subscription, the SEMrush Site Audit tool delivers an extensive solution for performing technical SEO audits that also track site health.

For example, if something breaks after a site audit has been performed, we’ll see this change reflected on the site audit dashboard with a note regarding the last time an update was performed and, similarly, if the site health score has improved, we’ll see this too.

As a SEMrush user, I can export site audit reports in various formats so that I can share updates with people who need this information.

Finally, the SEMrush site audit tool integrates seamlessly with the SEMrush platform as a whole, which delivers a comprehensive and professional solution for online marketing and search engine optimization.

Thomas FullerThomas Fuller
Digital Marketing Consultant, Thomas P. Fuller

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