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Terkel reviews

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What has been your experience with Terkel?

To help you gain insight into Terkel, we asked our users to describe their experience with our platform. From easier pitching to top-notch communication, there are several insights that help both you and us understand our current user experience.

Here are 9 reviews into what our readers enjoy about Terkel: 

  • Pitching is Easier and More Efficient
  • It Keeps Getting Better
  • Terkel Comprises an Effective Outreach Plan
  • An Excellent Accoutrement to Haro
  • Terkel is the Future of Expert Insight Sharing
  • Premium Terkel is Where the Value Comes in
  • Secure Backlinks
  • Easy Navigation and No Nosing Around
  • Experience Top-notch Communication With Terkel

Pitching is Easier and More Efficient

Terkel has played a huge part in connecting me with journalists to collaborate with. Its algorithm links me to queries that best fit the niches of my company and saves me the time of sorting through a lot of irrelevant ones. The Terkel interface is also very simple and convenient to navigate, which makes the pitching process easier and more efficient.

Brogan Renshaw, Modelers Central

It Keeps Getting Better

While Terkel surely showed a lot of promise from the get-go, it’s their keen attention to detail that makes the user’s journey so seamless that really stands out, especially in comparison to other platforms. Navigating the dashboard is easy as it gets and you’ll find all the important information you need at a click of a button. Moreover, Terkel has made a number of recent changes to the platform, leaving no stone unturned in giving their users what they want.

Demi Yilmaz, Colonist.io

Terkel Comprises an Effective Outreach Plan

Using Terkel comprises an effective outreach plan. If you are an online business owner, you don’t have time for outreach. Terkel lets you know which journalists need tips for their authority blogs. You provide the tips, get links to your sites, and your content gets more visibility in Google’s SERPs. As you can see, using Terkel is a win-win.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

An Excellent Accoutrement to Haro

Terkel has been an excellent accoutrement to our daily HARO pitches, and it’s interface is clean, easy-to-use, and very promising for further growth. One of the largest issues with HARO is its reliance on email, which makes for a cumbersome process of responding to reporters–and Terkel has completely rectified that. While Terkel doesn’t yet have the reporters from the same high-authority new sites, I have hope that more will move over when word gets out about Terkel’s ease of use.

Daniel Sathyanesan, Winden

Terkel is the Future of Expert Insight Sharing

In my experience, Terkel has simply been a better alternative to HARO or SourceBottle. This is because Terkel does the hard part for you with their templates. The templates allow you to offer expert insight in minutes since it standardizes the procedure. It also provides detailed information about who you’re writing for. The last option I would like to see added in Terkel is a filter by subject option. For instance, specialists in marketing would be able to focus on marketing-related queries, CEOs would filter by leadership, and so on.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

Premium Terkel is Where the Value Comes in

Premium Terkel, with unlimited pitches, has unlocked the best value of the website. As with HARO and other avenues for pitching to reporters to improve SEO, the best plan of action is to make as many pitches as possible to high authority sites who provide backlinks. Premium Terkel provides unlimited monthly backlinks and makes it clear which sites provide backlinks and which don’t. I’ve noticed more and more websites pitching through Terkel as the months go by, making a monthly subscription seem even more worthwhile.

Dan Bladen, Kadence

Secure Backlinks 

Securing backlinks is an incredibly valuable SEO tactic for any business, but finding a resource that makes it efficient and organized can be challenging. This is why I love Terkel. All you have to do is log on, and you can start answering questions. As a business leader, I don’t have time to seek out these opportunities myself, so having a resource that is so user-friendly means my workflow doesn’t get interrupted anytime I want to spend time responding to queries. Using Terkel feels like I have a whole backlink building team in my arsenal!

Peter Robert, Expert Computer Solutions

Easy Navigation and No Nosing Around

As a platform, Terkel is easily one of the simplest ones out there. And with so much on our hands already, this is a benefit that proves really very helpful. It is only in the initial stages that you have to spend some time completing your profile. Once this is done, you’re good to go! The interface is easy to navigate. The process of picking out and answering questions only involves a couple of clicks. And the dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of all that’s happening. Even more helpful is the thoughtful divide that Terkel maintains between reporters and bloggers. Neither party has to worry about nosy follow-ups or illegitimate demands, and to me, that’s a highly crucial add-on.

Eva Taylor, WP Buffs

Experience Top-notch Communication With Terkel

Most question and answer services like HARO or Qwoted feel very impersonal. You sign up for the website and are left to your own devices. Something I love about Terkel is how much they communicate with their user-base about operational updates and profile requirements. The team behind Terkel really cares about the success of their users, because that in turn affects the success of their platform. If Terkel is implementing a new software that affects the overall user-experience, they let users know right away, or if your profile picture isn’t an optimal choice for being used in publications, Terkel will let you know. I feel supported by this platform, which in turn makes me want to continue using it.

Brett Larkin, Uplifted Yoga

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