How does HARO help journalists?


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HARO benefits for journalists

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What are the benefits of HARO for journalists?

To help journalists get the best use out of HARO, we asked experts this question for their best tips. From finding specific points of knowledge to providing hundreds of pitches to choose from, there are several ways in which HARO benefits journalists.

Here are 10 benefits of HARO for journalists:

  • Finding Specific Points of Knowledge
  • Budget Friendly
  • Adds New Perspectives
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationship
  • Sources from All Walks of Life
  • Online Brainstorming Platform
  • Journalistic Integrity & a Bigger Pool of Potential
  • Highly Credible Answers
  • Get Great Quotes in Record Time
  • Gives You Hundreds of Pitches to Choose From

Find Specific Points of Knowledge

HARO can be a great way for a reporter to find specific points of knowledge that are outside of their contacts. If your piece revolves around a certain demographic, you can send out a HARO and let these contacts contact you, rather than trying to find someone yourself. If you look at the HAROs posted each day there are so many incredibly specific groups of people reporters are looking to interview, it is a wonder how reporters could have found quality interviewees prior to HARO.

Brandon Brown, Grin

Budget Friendly

HARO is a platform for building public relations with sources and journalists, as every time a journalist publishes their story, they need to create backlinks to trust the source receiving the information, thus forming trust both & also creating a well-researched Authentic content, thereby giving readers confidence in news stories.HARO is like a savior for journalists, helping them create trustworthy content within a specific time frame. & the best part is their fees, i.e., they can create an account without spending a penny and get answers to their queries.Overall, if we look at HARO’s contribution to journalism, it is vast; it plays a vital role in the lives of journalists because they don’t have to look around for professional resources on their subject, especially for a time-limited project. This is where they get straight to the point.

Abby Ha, WeLLPCB

Helps Add New Perspectives

When a journalist uses HARO, it helps to make their article more interesting by breaking up long blocks of content with expert quotes. While images are certainly visually attention-grabbing, a helpful tip can also connect well with site visitors, as real-world experience is always valued. Plus, a journalist may even come up with a new angle from input that they receive. New perspectives are always enlightening!

Ryan Rottman, OSDB Sports

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

It’s all about connection. HARO connects journalists to valuable sources for their articles. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. The journalist receives insight into their topic, along with a much needed quote, and the company leader raises brand awareness by appearing in their article.

Melanie Bedwell, Olipop

Sources from All Walks of Life

HARO helps journalists because it offers them a free platform to source information from experts from all walks of life. A major trend of digital work today is to consolidate your footwork in one place.HARO has a large, diverse membership that includes major publications like Forbes, CNN, FOX, and others that look for expert advice and crowdsourced information. Instead of journalists having to do all the footwork calling every kind of business or PR firm looking for sources, they can post a query and have sources pitch to them.It’s more efficient, both ways, for journalists and the sources looking for exposure.

James Shalhoub, Finn

Online Brainstorming Platform

HARO provides an effective modern way for journalists to meet and interact with various professionals without straining for a physical meeting. With a diverse platform, expertise from different localities presents themselves to handle a single question from a journalist and come up with different answers addressing the same issue. This makes HARO a great platform to brainstorm remotely since, from these multiple answers, journalists can analyze the various feedbacks and choose the one that best suits the article they are writing.

John Tian, Mobitrix

Journalistic Integrity & a Bigger Pool of Potential

HARO helps journalists in lots of ways, but the most obvious is that it connects journalists to a much wider pool of sources than they might otherwise be able to find. Journalists are just people, and it takes enough time just to research and write a stellar article with a persuasive message, let alone sourcing others to weigh in. Using HARO means journalists don’t have to rely on their own networking skills to get sources and that limits bias; journalists aren’t limited to their own social circle and sources can be chosen based on the merit of their opinions rather than their connection to the writer.Giving journalists a massive pool of potential sources to pull from not only makes their life easier. It also helps in maintaining journalistic integrity in a world that sorely needs it.

Brandon Adcock, Nugenix

Highly Credible Answers

HARO checks their sources’ reliability, so when you receive an answer, you know the platform’s quality control team has vetted the source. As a result, you get answers you can trust to build far more interesting content that features the voice of an industry authority. With so much bad content on the internet, using HARO can breathe some excitement and credibility into any new topic about which you choose to write.

Cliff Auerswald, All Reverse Mortgage

Get Great Quotes in Record Time

HARO helps journalists get the answers they need fast. Since so many journalists work in tight timelines, finding quality sources for the quotes they need can be tough to do before publication. HARO connects you to a vast audience of business people and niche experts at once, so you can ask for a quote one morning and have a pile of exceptional responses in your inbox by the same evening.

Samuel Devyver, EasyLlama

Gives You Hundreds of Pitches to Choose From

If you even have a somewhat decent site and get your query accepted and sent out to any edition of HARO, you will receive at least 50 pitches in the first few hours. It’s both helpful and draining at the same time. Sometimes you can get 100+ pitches on the same day if your site looks good from an SEO standpoint. You can then filter out and get the best pitch and feature them on the piece you are working on. Just need to have the patience to go through self-promoting, irrelevant, plagiarized, and off-topic pitches to find the good ones. Most often they are buried in the pile of emails received in your inbox.

Mohaiminul Sharif, Mohaiminul

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