What Employee Engagement Measurement Tools Do SMBs Use?


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What Employee Engagement Measurement Tools Do SMBs Use?

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What Employee Engagement Measurement Tools Do SMBs Use?

From gathering quantifiable data to having an assessment of employee performance, here are nine answers to the question, “How do you measure employee engagement at your company and what tools do you use?”

  • Google Forms
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • HR Tools
  • One-On-One Meetings
  • Utrecht Work Engagement Scale
  • Gallup’s Q12 Survey
  • Vantage Pulse
  • Peoplebox
  • Performance Evaluations

Google Forms

We use Google Suite for much of our tracking of employee engagement. Google Forms integrates perfectly and allows us to track engagement consistently. We use it to gather quantifiable data on engagement and also to gather long-form feedback to make processes better.

Simon BacherSimon Bacher
CEO and Co-Founder, Ling App

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys are great tools for gauging how employees are currently feeling about their environment. This is even more crucial with the move to hybrid and remote employees, who can often feel left out and become disengaged.

Assessing how they are feeling can provide valuable insight and help companies to make necessary adjustments to keep employees. They can use technology to email or even send employee satisfaction surveys to employees, allowing for quick responses and tabulation of results.

There are many electronic surveys available, and businesses can develop their own surveys. With all the changes in the workplace, I recommend sending the survey at least every six months, as opposed to the standard annual survey. It can also be helpful to do a follow-up.

Brianna BittonBrianna Bitton
Co-Founder, O POSITIV

HR Tools

While doing annual or biennial employee surveys is a wonderful place to start, they have the drawback of not offering continuous, comprehensive, or real-time feedback. Because of this, organizations are increasingly adding flexible software tools that can continuously collect and track employee engagement through periodic surveys.

By storing survey findings in one location, modern HR platforms enable you to manage your staff and their data while also providing methods for gathering feedback and gauging employee happiness.

For facilitating (and tracking!) more regular dialogues and feedback between managers and employees, performance management software might be essential. This makes sure that everyone is content, on task, and cooperating to achieve their individual, departmental, and corporate goals.

Janie DoyleJanie Doyle
Marketing Director, SC Vehicle Hire

One-On-One Meetings

My single tip for measuring employee engagement at my company is to have regular one-on-one meetings with every employee. This gives me the opportunity to really get to know each of them and understand their needs so that I can empower them to do their best work.

I found that these one-on-one meetings were invaluable in helping me build a positive working environment full of mutual respect and productive collaboration with our photographers. During our talks, I’d ask questions about how they were doing and whether they had any concerns or feedback regarding their work, the team dynamic, or anything else related to our business.

Regular check-ins like this let employees know that their voice matters, which ‌builds trust, engagement, and enjoyment in the workplace. This has been a powerful tool for building morale and loyalty among my team members and helping ensure that everyone feels valued.

Stephanie jenkinsStephanie Jenkins
Founder, Stephanie Jenkins Photo

Utrecht Work Engagement Scale

With a plethora of commercial employee engagement surveys available on the market today, finding a partner can be difficult. These platforms are often prohibitively expensive, especially for smaller organizations.

The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) is a thoroughly validated, publicly available measure of employee engagement in the workplace. No other measure of employee engagement has received as much academic support as the UWES, and it is considered the gold standard engagement measure among business psychologists.

As a publicly available questionnaire, you will need a third-party survey platform to host it. However, this represents a significantly more cost-effective option, while also benefiting from a level of psychometric rigor that is hard to beat.

Ben SchwenckeBen Schwencke
Business Psychologist, Test Partnership

Gallup’s Q12 Survey

Gallup’s Q12 survey is a widely used tool that measures engagement by asking employees 12 questions that assess their level of engagement, including questions about job satisfaction, recognition, and communication.

This survey provides companies with a quantitative measure of engagement that can track changes over time and identify areas for improvement.

Derek BruceDerek Bruce
Senior Director, Onsite First Aid Training

Vantage Pulse

Vantage Pulse is a software platform designed for employee engagement tracking, and it has several features that make it a popular choice for businesses.

It uses pulse surveys, which are short, frequent surveys that allow us to get regular feedback from our employees. We typically conduct these surveys on a biweekly basis, which enables our team to identify issues and trends and respond to them in a timely manner. This helps to improve employee engagement by addressing problems before they become significant issues.

Vantage Pulse also uses AI-powered sentiment analysis to help employers understand how their employees feel. Its detailed analytics and reporting tools allow us to track engagement metrics and identify areas where they need to improve. Its pulse surveys, sentiment analysis, customizable templates, and reporting tools make it a perfect fit for us to track and improve employee engagement and retention.

Khanh TranKhanh Tran
Growth Manager, Majorca Villas for Rent


Peoplebox is an employee engagement platform that enables us to collect feedback from our employees quickly, efficiently, and anonymously. We also use Peoplebox to track employee engagement levels over time and gain insights into how our employees are feeling and what they need to stay engaged.

This also helps us identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to increase engagement and productivity. With this tool, we can ensure that our employees are heard, valued, and supported and that our workplace is a positive and engaging environment.

Andreea SavelucAndreea Saveluc
SEO Team Leader, NoN Agency

Performance Evaluations

As the CEO of a cleaning company, measuring employee engagement is a top priority. To measure employee engagement, we use a combination of tools and techniques. What really helps track employee engagement is having performance evaluations.

We conduct regular performance evaluations to assess each employee’s performance and identify areas for improvement. This process also provides us with an opportunity to gather feedback from our employees and assess their level of engagement with the company.

Galia IvanovaGalia Ivanova
CEO and Founder, Cleaning Estimate

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