7 Ways to Support Small Businesses


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What is one small business that you support? In what ways do you support them?

To help you to support your local businesses, we asked small business owners and entrepreneurs this question for their best tips. From dedicating your work to small business to shopping small, there are several ways that may help you to support your favorite small businesses.

Here are ten ways to support small businesses: 

  • Write A Google Review
  • Return to Your Favorite Spots Post-Covid
  • Dedicate Your Work to Small Business
  • Offer Valuable Content and Resources
  • Promote on Your Favorite Local Spots on Socials
  • Shop Small
  • Be Apart of Their Word of Mouth Marketing Efforts

Write A Google Review

The most simple way to support a small business is to write a Google review about your experience. If a small business was informative and helpful in a consultative phone call, write a Google Review. If a small business solved a problem for you through a product or service, write a Google Review. If you know the owner and just think that they’re good people, let the world know and write that Google Review. I think search result pages are going to move increasingly towards localized listings for small businesses. Leaving a review can help a small business develop better visibility online, which may help connect them with more customers now and in the future. To leave a review, just Google their company name, find their Profile, and click “Write a Review.” 

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Return to Your Favorite Spots Post-Covid

One small business I support is Infusion Coffee & Tea. Prior to COVID, on the first Friday of each month, I led the Conscious Capitalism – Arizona Chapter “Coffee Chats” in Tempe. When the pandemic hit, and we halted the chat, I spent the majority of 2020 inside of my home. When things started opening again, I returned to Infusion Coffee. I regularly support them. The owner is absolutely passionate about coffee and is written up in many articles displayed inside the coffee shop. I am grateful to be surrounded by the sights, smells, sounds of a coffee shop, an experience that is not easily duplicated at home.

Mark Jamnik, Enjoy Life Daily

Dedicate Your Work to Small Business

My job is all about supporting small businesses, which is why I love it! I am the VP of Growth at a SAAS company that serves exclusively to event businesses and professionals. If I want our business to grow, then I have to ensure that we are properly supporting our clients. I need to make sure that our integrations align with their needs and that they receive the help that they need. I also want to clearly communicate what our software can and cannot do. Essentially, I need to make sure that we stick to our vision of calming the chaos of the business world and, at the same time, communicate how we do that to the small business owners in the events world who could use a little breather. 

Karen Gordon, Goodshuffle Pro

Offer Valuable Content and Resources

We generally try to support entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the entire philosophy by providing them an opportunity for visibility or resources that can help them succeed. While this is broad, our CBNation platform is focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners through a lot of content.

Gresham Harkless Jr., CEO Blog Nation

Promote on Your Favorite Local Spots on Socials

I have tried to support local restaurants during the pandemic. I have supported my favorite spot by purchasing take-out and delivery orders, giving gift certificates from the restaurant as gifts, promoting them on social sites, and more recently, taking advantage of their outdoor dining. I hope they are able to come back strong after the pandemic, as they are one of the best get together spots in our community!

Colleen McManus, Senior HR Executive and Consultant

Shop Small

There’s a local hardware store a few blocks from my house, and I support them by shopping there before turning to the big guys — even though they don’t always have what I’m looking for and their prices are a little higher. I also try to pay in cash so they can avoid credit card transaction fees of one to three percent.

Elliot Brown, OnPay

Be Apart of Their Word of Mouth Marketing Efforts

I personally support and endorse the Phoenicia Café in Gilbert, AZ. They are a family-owned business that has been in the valley for over 20 years and easily have the best Mediterranean cuisine in Arizona. I support them by frequenting this restaurant a few times a month and I have them cater my family events that I hold at my residence. I spread the word of how great they are when restaurant conversation presents themselves and always recommend people try them out. They are great people that make great food which makes the place a solid atmosphere.

Mark Smith, UAT

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