What are some Quora alternatives? 9 Sites Like Quora


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What is one Q&A site that is like Quora?

To help consumers, professionals, and content creators find the best alternative to Quora, we asked content managers and marketing experts this question for their best alternative. From Fluther to Askfm, there are several sites that are like Quora, but better that could help readers get the answers they need.

Here are 9 solid alternatives to Quora:

  • Terkel
  • Fluther
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow
  • Stack Exchange
  • Blurt It
  • Answerbag
  • Askfm


Terkel is decentralizing questions and answers. We’re essentially taking all of the knowledge that can be found on a site like Quora, and making it readily available to any website in the world who wants to publish the content. Every question and answer site that has existed to date – from Mahalo to Quora – has centralized knowledge on their site to support an advertising based model. By decentralizing knowledge, we think Terkel will be the last mover in Q&A and achieve our vision of democratizing thought leadership to expand the world’s knowledge.

Brett Farmiloe, Terkel


Another often-cited alternative to Quora, Fluther’s signature feature has two main parts, “General” and “Social”. The “General” section is for questions that are asked with the intent of gaining knowledge on a topic or sparking a thoughtful philosophical discussion. The “Social” section is for more open-ended questions to elicit opinions or a popularity vote. Whatever type of question you choose to ask (or answer), Fluther is free to use and is a little more heavily moderated for quality than Quora or Yahoo Answers.

Abby Ha, WeLLPCB

Yahoo! Answers

One Q&A site that is like Quora is Yahoo! Answers, which allows users to ask and answer questions on a variety of topics and provides a forum for users to vote on the best answers.

Matthew Ramirez, Rephrase


When it comes to finding valuable information on focused topics, Reddit is not only at par with Quora but often supersedes it. Because of the sheer number of active users and organized subreddits on the website, finding the answer to just about any question is fairly easy. Moreover, the moderators take their job very seriously to ensure that any kind of hate speech is immediately nipped in the bud.

Demi Yilmaz, Colonist.io

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question-answer site that holds significant value among readers. This website is specially designed for developers to share their expertise with other developers or persons interested in such content. Therefore, this public platform is used by nearly everyone who codes to learn, share their knowledge, collaborate, and build careers. Stack Overflow tools are essential to offer crucial answers to disturbing queries. These products include Stack Overflow for Teams, Stack Overflow Advertising, and Stack Overflow for Talent, which encourages teamwork, making this site more like Quora.

John Tian, Mobitrix

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a crowdsourced platform where people can ask questions and get answers from their peers and professionals alike. This Q&A site started as a computer programming-focused knowledge sharing platform but has evolved to have over 150 topics discussed daily with strict guidelines that ensure no spamming or misleading answers.Unlike Quora, Stack Exchange features smaller domains that focus on a specific topic, e.g., programming, digital marketing, and writing. Currently, the platform has more than 180 such subdomains, and they continue to grow as interest in new topics grows. There is a chance to upvote the best answer and rank it higher. Additionally, the site has a reward system that gives token rewards to contributors and increases their ranking on the platform.

Ryan Yount, Luckluckgo

Blurt It

Much like Quora, Blurt It is a quality site that allows you to get answers online. Asking questions is very easy to do and they have many users, allowing you to get quick replies. The site poses questions from a wide variety of focused topics, including, technology, science, education, health, travel, employment and much more. These topics are further broken down into sub-topics to help users easily find and/or answer specific questions. For example, the ‘education’ topic is divided into nine convenient sub-topics such as job hunting, skills, occupations, and more. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive platform, Blurt It is one of the best social Q & A communities online.

Michelle Arnau, Rowan


Answerbag has a great mix of questions and answers, ranging from specific and specialized to fun and wayward, making it an educative yet entertaining website. A simple yet effective layout, minimal elements to distract you, and to-the-point queries are other advantages associated with this platform. Everyone likes their questions answered with minimal fuss en route, and Answerbag offers you an experience that comes quite close. Add to it the fact that it is one of the most experienced platforms in the niche — even older than Yahoo Answers — and you know you’re dealing with a platform that knows how the Q&A game works best.

Eva Taylor, WP Buffs


Askfm is a Q&A site similar to Quora. Real people answer your questions on a public platform. It’s a global expert knowledge exchange with millions of users worldwide. It’s a safe and inclusive environment that values respect. First time users will appreciate the natural exchange of questions and answers in a fun and engaging way.

Ben Hyman, revivalrugs.com

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