How will AI impact marketing in 2023?


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How Will AI Impact Marketing?

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How will AI impact marketing?

From saving resources to saturating the market with bland content, here are 11 answers to the question, “How will AI impact marketing in 2023?”

  • Save Time and Money
  • Bring an Unprecedented Level of Personalization
  • Revolutionize With Large Language Models
  • Increase in Plagiarism and Penalties
  • Improved Targeted Content
  • Rise in Content Clutter and Competition
  • Help Marketers Master the Data Game
  • Disrupt Search Algorithms
  • Influence Product Recommendations
  • High SEO Rank for Quality Content
  • More Bland, Uninformed Content

Save Time and Money

AI will play a bigger role in marketing in 2023. The more data points marketers have about their customers, the more accurate the product recommendations can be.

For example, if a customer browses a yoga mat, AI could use the purchase history, the product viewing history, and possibly even the customer’s workout habits to make a more accurate suggestion for a yoga mat.

Besides product recommendations, we will also use AI for customer service and support. Customers who need help can chat with an AI or even have an AI respond to their social media comments and reviews. This will save companies time and money while providing a better experience for customers.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely

Bring an Unprecedented Level of Personalization

By 2023, AI-driven marketing technology will have become a core part of digital marketing strategies. Marketers will no longer have to depend on static data; instead, they will predict consumer behavior more accurately with AI’s dynamic data-gathering power.

AI can build detailed profiles of customers and quickly customize different messages based on those profiles. It can automate time-consuming manual tasks such as customer segmentation, targeting, and content personalization.

Predictive analytics and machine learning models will be embedded in integrated marketing clouds, providing us with invaluable insights into consumer behavior and preferences, almost certainly bringing an unprecedented level of personalization to customer interactions.

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, it can also boost ROI by helping marketers optimize their campaigns for the best outcomes, making AI a must-have tool for success in the marketing world of 2023.

Travis Lindemoen, Managing Director, Nexus It Group

Revolutionize With Large Language Models

In 2023, AI will continue to revolutionize the marketing landscape. Large language models developed by companies such as OpenAI and Google will help marketers rapidly classify customers, detect anomalies in data, and tailor messages to specific audiences.

Thanks to AI-powered tools, marketing teams around the world will automate tedious tasks and multitask on projects that require more strategic thinking. This means that they can focus their efforts where they make the most impact. In addition, it will enable them to predict customer reactions better than ever before and build better relationships with their customers through refined conversations. With large language models increasingly entering the fold of marketing capabilities, marketing will reach new heights of competency in 2023.

Jim Campbell, Owner, Camp Media

Increase in Plagiarism and Penalties by Google

Thanks to the third-generation generative pre-trained transformer (GPT-3), the ease of blogging will help many newbie and veteran bloggers speed up their article submissions. AI will generate short- to medium-form content tailored to their keyword niches, therefore helping their sites rank higher.

This will indefinitely help them rank until Google catches up. The same thing happened in the late 2000s, where “keyword stuffing” helped many businesses (that caught wind of the loophole) make their sites rank on page one.

This will definitely lead to a saturation of plagiarism and multiple flags and penalties by Google. It may cause many businesses’ sites to get blacklisted by Google. Unfortunately, many of them won’t even know about it because they outsourced cheap and malicious marketing agencies that promise big dreams using dangerous tactics that Google has and will always catch.

Will Gill, Event Entertainer, Dj Will Gill

Improved Targeted Content

While AI is still developing, it is already helping to improve various parts of marketing. Targeted advertising, customer data analysis, and optimizing content are areas where AI is already influencing the marketing space.

As machine learning gets better, companies can get a better analysis of customer data, meaning they have a much clearer picture of what the audience is interested in and their preferences. This information can create advertisements with increased impact, such as social media ads, email marketing campaigns, or even personalized banners.

In line with better machine learning algorithms, the data collected from audiences can also predict their actions or reactions, further allowing marketers to affect the marketing space better. More and more marketers will have access to AI tools in 2023, and the beginning of another marketing shift will occur as AI access spreads.

Iohan Chan, Sr. Content Editor, Clark Staff

Rise in Content Clutter and Competition

AI will undoubtedly provide many benefits to marketers, but it will come with new challenges too. For content marketers, especially those looking to build lesser-known brands, gaining attention will become even more difficult.

As AI makes it easier to create content, more content will be created, and likely with lower quality on average. Audiences will be inundated with more content of less value, making it harder to get in front of them and even more challenging to convince them that what you offer is worth consuming.

To stand out, marketers will have to lean into highlighting thought leaders and subject-matter experts on their team, while also becoming even better at grabbing attention with things like powerful (and accurate) headlines, descriptions, and introductions.

Tyler Samani-Sprunk, Co-Founder & CMO, Simple Strat

Help Marketers Master the Data Game

Today’s marketing is all about data, and 2023 will witness a surge in the role of data in every marketing move an organization makes. This makes AI solutions the perfect additions to a marketing mix, with the relevance of data-driven insights playing a role in every segment, from email marketing and content creation to product recommendations and predictive analytics.

With AI tools, marketing teams can now gain access to real-time insights aligned with data gathered from ongoing campaigns and evolving customer behavior. AI helps marketers stay current and even prepare for more imaginative engagement and impactful deliverables in advance.

Brendan McGreevy, Head of Strategy, Affinda

Disrupt Search Algorithms

When experts talk about AI disrupting marketing or affecting it, ‌they often have very specific scenarios in mind. They’re talking about AI replacing humans in specific marketing roles or speeding up certain processes. However, it’s always the unexpected that sends the largest shockwaves throughout the marketing landscape.

In this particular case, I’m referring to Google’s response to AI-generated content. Google has come out to say that using AI-generated content is against its rules and that it will penalize websites that rely on such content. What this means and how Google will enforce the rules is unclear at the moment. It might let advanced predictability algorithms try to hunt down AI content, which could also inadvertently punish average human creators. Or it might not do anything at all. It’s precisely this lack of accurate information that will impact marketing the most, as we will all be tiptoeing around something we’re not sure is there.

Goran Luledzija, CEO, Localizely

Influence Product Recommendations

Coupled with machine learning, artificial intelligence will help improve online product recommendations. It will equip marketers to make improved and timely predictions on what products or services customers will be interested in, increasing the likelihood of making purchases.

Based on customers’ behavior and preferences, recommendation engines powered by AI will suggest attention-grabbing products or services tailored to customers’ needs. Currently, there are AI tools with the ability to track and profile millions of users/customers in real-time to make timely and accurate personalized product recommendations. Expect more of those in 2023.

Nirav Patel, Growth Leader, GrowthWisely

High SEO Rank for Quality Content

AI is not a substitute for quality content; it is here to assist with writer’s block and get the creative juices flowing. The reason this will benefit quality content is that a lot of AI-generated content is good for passing the eye test, but it is not factually correct 100% of the time.

As someone who has used AI to assist with blog writing, I found that the computer has a mind of its own and would give details on a car when the focus subject was a skateboard. The reason I could still rank in Google was that I took the time to edit the AI-generated content and correct its mistakes. I doubt that people who are drawn to AI will take the time to edit their work thoroughly.

People will generate content for the sake of having content, and those who do their research and know what they are talking about will stand out and have higher chances of ranking in Google.

Nick Varga, Chief Riding Officer, ERide Journal

More Bland, Uninformed Content

Social media, in particular, is about to become saturated with bland, uninformed content that will make brands seem ever more distant from their customers. The ones that don’t take the “lazy” route will stand out, and they’ll have more success engaging followers.

Where there is AI around input, there will be a market for AI around the output. And I think we’ll see a new wave of “AI detector” tools that will surface to help consumers and B2B companies identify content that is AI-written.

Neal Veglio, Founder, Podknows Podcasting

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