How do I start a lead generation business?


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How To Start a Lead Generation Business: 9 Strategies

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How can you start a lead generation business?

To help you start a lead generation business, we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for their best tips. From selecting a particular niche and demography to optimizing Leadgen ads on Facebook and Youtube, there are several insights that may help you start and successfully run a lead generation business.

Here are nine tips for starting a lead generation business:

  • Sell Yourself and Establish Your Rate
  • Select Particular Niche and Demography
  • Make Landing Pages Concise and Informative
  • Offer Your Services for Three Months Free
  • Prioritize Quality Above Quantity
  • Make Your Call-To-Action Stand Out
  • Start a Blog
  • Collaborate With Freelancers for More Clientele
  • Optimize Leadgen Ads On Facebook and Google

Sell Yourself and Establish Your Rate

Once you start your lead generation business (set up a website, etc.), it’s time to prove why you are the right person for the job. Set up a call with a potential client to discuss the project and how you plan to work with them.

Listen to your clients’ needs. Restate their business goals and clearly identify how you are going to help them succeed in reaching them.

Start with a lower rate to gain new clients quicker. With each new client, raise your rate a bit. Start taking as many interviews (calls with potential clients) as possible and you will start getting more comfortable. This will help perfect your pitch and value proposition.

Adam Yaeger, Llama Lead Gen

Select Particular Niche and Demography

You can start a lead generation business by selecting a particular niche and demography. You should have a clear understanding of whether you want to sell products or services to the target audience. Thorough research of the market needs to be conducted to help you find any gaps.;

This could then act as an opportunity for you to disrupt the market. It would be best to make a list as per priority, for example, which tasks would help drive the most value and which ones are least important.

Once the tasks are listed concisely, you should select the location in which you plan to sell your services. For instance, would it be restricted to the U.S, or can anyone use your business for lead generation purposes?

Ryan Stewart, Webris

Make Landing Pages Concise and Informative

People, in my opinion, will skim the content on your landing page to see how it can help them.

However, if there is less material for people to read, they are more inclined to take action. Make sure the text is concise and informative. You might even use bullet points to highlight crucial features.

In addition, employ photos to make a visually appealing landing page. Second, keep tabs on your competition.

Have they introduced a new service, product, or even a website?

You should be aware. And you must be aware of this. By monitoring what your top competitors are doing, you can remain ahead of the competition and outperform them with new items to win customers.

As a result, simply checking in on them can lead to brilliant ideas that will propel your company forward.

Veronica Miller, VPNOverview

Offer Your Services for Three Months Free

Reach out to local businesses and offer your services for three months, no fee. Gain agreement for testimonials and case studies in exchange for the measurable results you produce so you can soft-launch your business with social proof.;

Treat these first clients as if they are fully paying for your services, including regular reporting, check-in meetings, and a signed agreement. Not only will this strengthen your service offerings, but you’ll also streamline your processes, build confidence, and have the opportunity to generate revenue from these first clients as well as any referrals they send your way.

Benjamin Meskin, Cabrella

Prioritize Quality Above Quantity

Prioritize quality above quantity: “I believe that lead quality is considerably more essential than lead quantity.”

100 high-quality leads that convert at 60% are more valuable than 1000 low-quality leads that convert at 10%.

It also saves time for your sales team because they aren’t calling and engaging with uninterested customers. As a result, they may concentrate on the clients who wish to buy.

Jay Bats, ContentBASE

Make Your Call-To-Action Stand Out

Make your call-to-actions stand out: I strongly believe, and it has been proven, that making your CTAs (Call-To-Actions) stand out will entice a consumer and increase the likelihood of them clicking and converting to a sale. Instead of text, use buttons or graphics.

However, make sure it stands out to the buyer, even if it means using bright graphics or colors to attract their attention.

Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel

Start a Blog

Start a blog. A blog is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business. When you start a blog, you’ll be able to share your expertise with potential customers, and you’ll also be able to attract traffic from search engines.

In addition, you can also use your blog to create content that’s relevant to your target audience. For example, if you’re a lead generation company, you could write posts about how to find the right leads for your business or how to convert leads into customers. By creating valuable content, you’ll be able to attract more visitors to your blog and generate more leads for your business.

Rick Elmore, Simply Noted

Collaborate With Freelancers for More Clientele

Take inventory of the skillsets and areas of strength you already possess so you can partner with other freelancers to fill the gaps in your lead generation business.

For example, if your strengths are in copywriting, thought leadership, and the ability to write quick responses on social media, you could enlist the support of a freelancer to help integrate each piece into one seamless production.;

Building a sales funnel end-to-end may feel overwhelming on your own, but running your business doesn’t have to feel like an uphill climb when you have subject matter experts just a few clicks away on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and TaskRabbit.

If you’re comfortable writing blogs, ebooks, social media ads, and landing page web-copy, you may better capture the proverbial low-hanging fruit and more of it by tag-teaming projects with someone who can set up the backend and run split tests.

Tommy Chang, Homelister

Optimize Leadgen Ads On Facebook and Google

An easy way to get started with a lead generation business is by using tools that already exist. Facebook and Google both have ad formats that allow you to collect quality leads directly on each platform, instead of driving people to a landing page.

Start experimenting with each platform to get a feel for the cost per lead in your industry. Then, figure out an acceptable markup for your time and talent, and sell leads at that price. If the math works and the volume is there, then it’s easy to show people value in your new service.

Dennis Consorte, Snackable Solutions

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