What are bottom of the funnel (BOFU) marketing tactics? 15 Answers To Increase Sales


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bottom of the funnel marketing tactics to increase sales

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What is one bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) marketing tactic that can help increase sales?

What are examples of bottom funnel marketing? From triggering an emotional response to increasing transparency by exposing your competition, here are 15 answers to what are BOFU marketing tactics used to increase sales:

  • Trigger an Emotional Response
  • Engage With Some Form of a Self-Assessment Based Quiz
  • Create and Share SEO-Optimized Blog Posts
  • Have Your Prospects Test-Drive Some Samples
  • Give them Access to a Relevant Blog Content
  • Offer Discount Bundles
  • Use More Open-ended Questions
  • Give Out Discount Coupons
  • Leverage Well-Targeted Paid Advertisements
  • Offer a Product Demo
  • Share Customer Testimonials
  • Provide Promo Codes or Discounts
  • Create a Highly Personalized Offer They Can’t Resist
  • Offer Free Trials
  • Increase Transparency by Exposing Your Competition

Trigger an Emotional Response

When your lead is at the bottom of the funnel stage, you’ve almost achieved your sales goal. However, this almost makes a huge difference. Now it’s time to convince your potential buyers that your product is their best option and that they should choose your offer over the one from your competitors. How to do it, though?

My advice is to appeal to people’s emotions and create a unique emotional response using different marketing tactics. You can, for example, share some heartwarming customer stories or create a video that makes people laugh. By doing so, you will connect with your audience on an emotional level and strengthen their feeling of identity with your brand. They will remember you for your product and values that you find important. Triggering a positive emotional response will impact people’s decision-making and encourage them to make their final decision to purchase your product.

Dorota Lysienia, LiveCareer

Dorota Lysienia LiveCareer

Engage With Some Form of a Self-Assessment Based Quiz

People love a personality quiz. They love knowledge. They love getting a grade or a score or a result of some kind. It feels like self-awareness. It feels like insight. So I’d recommend making some kind of self-audit, self-assessment, self-scoring offer. “Answer these 15 questions to score your IT security” – that sort of thing. And pitch it as the start of a consultative selling process. This is step one. Step two: talk over your results with one of our experts. It’s a fantastic way to segue into the sales process, where you can start talking about products and services.

Matthew Stibbe, Articulate Marketing

Create and Share SEO-Optimized Blog Posts

You want your leads to be at the bottom of the funnel, and you’ve worked hard to bring them there. This is the point at which leads decide whether to acquire from you or a rival. To cut a long tale short, the bottom of the funnel is just where leads are converted into consumers. I’d say blog articles are effective late-stage marketing tools for communicating major product features or answering issues arising. You may also tailor your articles to certain customer profiles, making your material more relevant and customized. Once you’ve created this material, you may share it via email, social networks, power users, or your Salesforce.

Christine Brownstein, Palaleather UK

Christine Brownstein Palaleather

Have Your Prospects Test-Drive Some Samples

A bottom funnel marketing technique that helps increase sales is giving sample trials for customers to test out. The options for people to be able to try an offer out before having to fully invest. It is an appealing, and less risky choice, if they do not like the product. The transparency created “try before you buy” method helps increase customers’ sales.

Lyudmyla Dobrynina, Optimeal

Give them Access to a Relevant Blog Content

A great way to use content marketing at the bottom of the funnel is to re-engage prospects after they go dormant. The trick is to capture them back and engage them in a conversion action before they seep out of the funnel altogether.

Signing up for a blog or webinar might re-engage them, or invite them to participate in a customer event.  Sometimes the right content is a tool – a spending/savings calculator, an infographic that shows how using your product or service helps them grow their business, a survey or poll, or a case study.

A single funnel is an out-moded way to think about the sales cycle – rather, use a matrix to move prospects into nurturing phases. Especially in enterprise sales, content is needed to engage prospects during a long sales cycle while they process and socialize the opportunity.

Stephanie Miller, Victory Song Marketing Consulting

Offer Discount Bundles

One effective way to increase sales at BOFU is to offer your leads discounts when buying two or more of a certain product. This works extremely well if you can offer unique discounts, or even include exclusive products and merchandise that would be otherwise unavailable for purchase. Offering discounts and coupon codes is a common tactic here, but discount bundles can help to accelerate sales across multiple products by providing a more interesting and appealing offer to your potential customers.

Daniel Apke, Land Investing Online

daniel apke land investing online

Use More Open-Ended Questions

Closed questions are easy to analyze. But open-ended ones provide you a context.
For instance, when you ask your leads what resources they have used in the past, follow up by requesting that they share with you what happened that made them leave.

You’ll discover what they are looking for. Important also is that you’ll get the right words and tone to use in your future lead-gen and marketing emails or copy. Analyzing these kinds of answers can take time and personnel, so it’s an ideal lead-gen questionnaire strategy you’ll want to use for fewer but high-value leads.

Your website’s contact page is a good place to start because people will only reach out to you when you’ve piqued their interest, have specific questions they want to ask, and are already considering the possibility of working with you.

Jon Torres, Jon Torres

Give Out Discount Coupons

Before deciding to become a customer, leads may require a little extra assistance. Giving your audience a promotion code or exclusive discount can entice them to buy from you and influence their decision-making process. Offering clients incentives to save money works well whether it’s a one-time deal or a coupon code that never expires. This one-time offer can be an amazing way to get more sales. If your product fulfills its promises, your customers will come back to your company and you will end up profiting more eventually.

Mark Blakey, Autism Parenting Magazine

Leverage Well-Targeted Paid Advertisements

It is a wise, strategic decision to set aside money for paid advertising. It is one of the most powerful bottom-of-the-funnel strategies that can help in increasing sales. You can remarket to clients that you know have engaged with your business and shown interest by using paid advertisements. You may want to do some market research on your audience and target your ads to the right demographics. Just be aware that first-party data, such as email address lists, as third-party data is becoming more challenging to use. However you wish to target your audience, you should do your research well and invest in the right resources.

Alexander Reid, TriviaWhizz

Offer a Product Demo

The Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) is the last place in the marketing funnel strategy where customers are likely to purchase from the brand. Offering a demo of the product will turn the customers to choose your brand over other customers. A product demo is a presentation to show the value of a product or service to the prospective customer. Moreover, the primary motive of the Product demo is to close the deal and BOFU expects the same. Many companies have seen a rise in sales over the past decade by following the demo strategy at the bottom of the funnel which helps them in conversion.

Brigid Davey, Nimble

Share Customer Testimonials

Bottom-of-the-funnel marketing is all about turnover. Persuading the leads to turn into customers. It is the final push the customer needs to make a purchase decision. Testimonials can help make that last push. These can be provided via the review section.

It can also be displayed over social media. Selective and substantial reviews should be displayed upfront. People should be able to see the positive feedback your product receives. Legitimate reviews will drive people to turn into loyal customers.

Seeing other people buy and get good results motivates us. It helps set a good example. Builds trust and provides the validation we need. These testimonials can be provided by loyal customers. People love sharing their views, especially about things they like. Make your final eye-catching move and earn the loyalty of your consumers.

Brian Clark, United Medical Education

Provide Promo Codes or Discounts

It’s not uncommon for leads to require some additional guidance before they decide to convert. Providing your target audience with a promo code or exclusive discount can help sway their choice to become a paying customer. You can’t go wrong with offering clients discounts, whether they’re one-time offers or ongoing promo codes. And if your product does what it says it would, you can get that consumer to buy from you again down the road and charge them full price.

Billy Parker, Gift Delivery

Create a Highly Personalized Offer They Can’t Resist

The mistake I see at the BOFU stage is either applying too much pressure or unnecessarily prolonging asking for the sale. The result? The prospect fails to connect with your service or product.

Instead, invest the time to carefully leverage all that you know about what motivates and discourages your prospect and use this sure-to-impress tactic to help you secure the sale: Offer a hyper-personalized offer or experience. Whether you take manual notes or use AI/data collection tools, at this stage you should have enough knowledge about your prospect’s needs and behaviors:

– What do they truly yearn to accomplish by purchasing?
– What grabs their interest or makes them skeptical?
– Who are they beyond demographics?

The goal is to creatively weave this intel into a genuine hyper-personalized offer. It could be a unique landing page, a tailored product, dynamic pricing or a customized process, the sky’s the limit! This will solidify their trust and make you irresistible to buy from.


Offer Free Trials

There’s no better BOFU tactic for SaaS and other experience-based services than a free trial. The same tactics used to make Facebook ads compelling enough to bring leads to your landing page aren’t enough when we’re at the final stage of the sales funnel. There’s no more time to tell the lead why they should convert; it’s time to show them why. When what you’re selling is an experience, a promise of convenience, improved functionality, the BOFU is the perfect time in the customer journey to give them a sample of what you’re offering. Give free trials too early, and there may not be enough motivation to convert free users into paid users, but failing to give them at all will also lead to lower conversions.

Adam Bem, Victoria VR

Increase Transparency by Exposing Your Competition

One tactic that can be used to increase sales is to display or share with the user an evaluation chart that compares the key features of your product or service against your primary competitors. This not only builds trust with the consumer, but it also keeps the user engaged with your website/email. Rather than the consumer shopping around themselves, you can essentially expose your competition from the start since you control the information and messaging.

Alaina Ross, Sleep Family

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