How can you get 100 followers on Instagram?


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How To Get 100 Followers on Instagram: 9 Tips

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How would you go about getting 100 followers on Instagram?

To help you get 100 followers on Instagram, we asked marketing professionals and CEOs this question for their best tips.

From leveraging your existing friends and connections to showing up daily, there are several strategies that may help you win over 100 followers on Instagram.

Here are nine tips for getting 100 followers on Instagram:

  • Leverage Your Existing Friends and Connections
  • Post Killer Content With Hashtags
  • Use Instagram Carousels Effectively
  • Partner for a Giveaway
  • Use the $1.80 Strategy
  • Shape Your Brand Around Your Target Audience
  • Produce Unique Content in Trends
  • Follow Accounts That Share Your Particular Interests
  • Show Up Daily

Leverage Your Existing Friends and Connections

Before reaching for the more advanced strategies, pick the low-hanging fruit.Instagram makes it easy for you to do so. If you create your account via Facebook and/or agree for Instagram to access your contacts, the algorithm will quickly populate the recommendation with people you already know and that know you.

Thus the process is quite streamlined, organic, and natural. You’ll be looking to connect with folks that are near and dear to your heart and who (hopefully) will want to follow you back too.

This way you can easily get your first 100 followers on Instagram within just several days.

Peter Bryla, ResumeLab

Post Killer Content With Hashtags

Posting killer content, with hashtags, during the right time each day will help you gain more Instagram exposure and acquire more followers. Research and analytics have indicated that posting in the morning on weekdays will increase the odds of appearing in more feeds than if you were to post in the evening.

When it comes to your posts, make sure your text is just as attractive as your image or video. Having the text and visuals complement each other is the key to a perfect post.

Jorge Vivar, Mode

Use Instagram Carousels Effectively

With effective use of Instagram carousels to keep followers engaged with a variety of photos. Carousels allow you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link.

This is an excellent way to highlight different products, showcase specific details about one product, service, or promotion, or tell a story about your brand.

Additionally, Instagram will optimize the sorting of these carousels based on how they assess a user will engage, leading to higher click-through rates. With the effective use of Instagram carousels and compelling photos, getting 100 followers is a very attainable feat.

Michelle Arnau, Rowan

Partner for a Giveaway

One tip for gaining 100 new followers on Instagram is to partner with another page for a giveaway.

A requirement for entering the contest should be to follow both your handle and your partner’s handle. You can ask your giveaway partner to cross-post on their page or can use the “invite a collaborator” tool to automatically appear in their grid.

If the prize is in-line with the content that regularly appears on your channel, for instance, a restaurant raffling off a free meal, then chances are likely that your newfound followers will stay followers.

Carly Hill, Virtual Holiday Party

Use The $1.80 Strategy

Use the $1.80 Strategy to get 100 Instagram followers that consistently engages with your posts.

The strategy works by looking for the hashtags within your niche, then commenting on numerous posts that use those hashtags you chose.

The $1.80 Strategy builds authority, too, making you credible in the eyes of your audience.;

Comment on different relevant posts consistently, then focus on engaging more with people that reply to your comments. Be genuine with your comments. The people who interact with you the most are your potential followers that will help grow your Instagram account.

Make sure to provide value first before asking a favor to get 100 Instagram followers effectively.

Shaun Connell, Rental Property Calculator

Shape Your Brand Around Your Target Audience

We grew over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram by consistently staying true to our brand.

Our target audience enjoys all things fantasy – so we incorporate bright, dreamy colors and effects into our posts. Don’t worry about how many followers you are starting with; instead, stay focused on how you can relate to the people you want to reach. Build a community, build followers.

Breanne Millette, BISOULOVELY

Produce Unique Content in Trends

The best tip to achieving 100 followers on Instagram is to produce content on your account. The content must be in trends such as Instagram reels, video posts, and stories. Follow Instagram trends and create unique content because your business type doesn’t matter. Your business matters.

Uniqueness is always appreciated on Instagram when it is shared. Create content as per your target audience and let them know your existence by using hashtags and following similar people in your field.

Isaac Robertson, Total Shape

Follow Accounts That Share Your Particular Interests

Many various IG communities, whether it’s personal finance accounts, crypto enthusiasts, or Bookstagramers, have members who are happy to support other accounts who share their interests–and even promote your content through their stories.

Also, by interacting with their posts and following their specific hashtags, you can learn about others in the community who will also be happy to follow your account back.

After all, the best way to grow your influence in a community is to regularly engage with it.

Alex Wang, Ember Fund

Show Up Daily

My top tip for getting 100 followers on Instagram is to show up on the platform daily.

Instagram is a social app, so be social! Show up daily and interact with others in your niche, post a reel, post to your story and be active. Showing up daily will keep you relevant in Instagram’s algorithm and you will also start connecting with potential followers!;

To stay motivated, you could set up a 30-day challenge for yourself. Every day for 30 days, commit to showing up on Instagram, producing some sort of content, and interacting. After 30 days, evaluate your analytics and see the progress you have made!

I think it is particularly important to show up daily on Stories and Reels.

Macy Sarbacker, Macy Michelle

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