How can I get more Instagram likes?


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How To Get More Likes on IG

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What Is One Strategy To Get More Likes On Instagram?

To help you get more likes on Instagram, we asked social media enthusiasts and managers this question for their best ideas. From determining the best posting schedule to sharing your posts as stories, there are several tips that may help you engage with users better on Instagram and get more likes.

Here Are 11 Instagram Engagement Tips:

  • Determine The Best Posting Schedule
  • Collaborate With Local Personalities and Businesses
  • Run a Like-Based Giveaway
  • Give Likes To Get Likes
  • Use Appropriate Hashtags
  • Pay Attention To What’s Trending
  • Categorize Your Content
  • Ask for Likes
  • Use Social Proof To Drive Engagement
  • Create a Reel for Your Business
  • Share Your Posts as Stories
How To Get More Likes on IG

Determine The Best Posting Schedule

Schedule at the most convenient times. Most interactions are observed in postings published between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. There are various explanations for this, but one major takeaway from this data is that engagement rates are more significant when competition is less.

Fewer individuals publishing between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. imply fewer postings compete with yours, resulting in more attention.

More attention might equal more overall exposure – but you must experiment to discover whether you’re reaching the right audience. You can determine the best posting schedule for your company with a little trial and error. Try scheduling it with a decent Instagram scheduling service to get the most out of your post.

Oliver Andrews, OA Design Services

Collaborate With Local Personalities and Businesses

Content collaboration is a fantastic method for getting more likes on social media. Seek partnerships with local personalities and businesses that align with your enterprise and its values to find new fan-bases and convert them to loyal customers of your own. Collaborate with competitors as well as friends and allies to maximize your opportunity for new patrons.

Teaming up with other social media channels is a great way to find new customers and boost your online presence.

dan potter, CRAFTD

Run a Like-Based Giveaway

Run a contest dependent on likes. If you want to get more likes on Instagram, host a giveaway for one of your products. Tell your followers that in order to enter the contest they must follow your account, like your post, and tag a friend. Since this is so simple to do and everyone loves to win free stuff, you’ll see your likes increase quickly.

Ben Hyman,

Give Likes To Get Likes

Social media is social MEdia. Most post their best and not their worst. They want attention in a good way. Your likes are always welcome on other profiles. Sometimes a person receiving a like from a stranger like you will result in curiosity. This person may visit your profile and in turn like some of your content.

Wondering what material to like? Use hashtag searches to find phrases in your niche or industry. Give like to get likes. Even better, you can find an automation service that will take your profile and then like other profiles based on hashtags. Find an automation service aka Auto-Likes. Find the hashtags you have in common. Delegate the work. Watch the likes come in.

Will Gill, DJ Will Gill

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Using hashtags in your Instagram captions is a cost-effective way to increase engagement and visibility on the platform. You can use multiple hashtags for better results, but make sure to use terms and phrases that are relevant to your brand so that you target the right audience. This is an excellent way to get more mileage from your content, and it also helps organize your feed for your followers’ benefit.

Milo Cruz, Freelance Writing Jobs

Pay Attention To What’s Trending

Embrace the fun trends that bring everybody together. Instagram users hardly ever go back to view old posts, so posting something relevant that day maximizes engagement by broadening beyond your typical content.

May 4th is known as “Star Wars Day” because of the phrase “May the 4th be with you,” so we boosted our usual like count with a creative “Star Wars”-related post. Whether you’re a brand or a personal account, the key to likes is giving an audience something they can enjoy while connecting them to something bigger.

Oliver Zak, Mad Rabbit

Categorize Your Content

How to get more likes on Instagram? I think the first step is categorizing your content into different types such as quotes, images, funny, videos, interviews, memes, etc. Then for a whole week, I would run only one type of post. For example, it could be funny, etc. Then after you have gone through all your types 1 week per Instagram post type which you have posted at the same time. Now you need to look at the data you have collected.

In that review, you will see what types of posts your audience has engaged with more likes. Now once you have the post type narrowed down; now you can run different tests to see what styles of that post type people like more on Instagram. Now you have your post type and style that your audience loves; now double down and triple down and be consistent and you will see more Instagram likes flowing in.

Krisztian Riez, Condo Control

Ask for Likes

Many businesses forget the power of asking their audience to take action. Call to action is what gives your audience a designated destination, so if you’re not asking for the like how will they know what to do?

Here are four ways to ask using Instagram content:

1. Include the ask at the end of your caption “If this post was helpful, do me a favor and give it a like.”

2. Repost your most recent post into your story and include text asking your audience to take action. “New post up, don’t forget to like it!”

3. Include an end game slide at the end of your carousel with text encouraging your audience to like the post.

4. At the end of a Reel, include text WITHIN the video “Like this post!”

Jourdan Guyton, Vera Jean Media

Use Social Proof To Drive Engagement

You can use social proof to drive better engagement on social media. One way to do this is to encourage user-generated reviews and testimonials. Prospective customers are always on the lookout for reviews before they purchase. If you include testimonial-based UGC on your business account, customers will find, watch, and listen to that content to better understand your product and its effectiveness–even before researching your site.

This goes for likes and comments too. Social proof is a powerful marketing tool in that it gets users involved. Return to showcasing reviews, testimonials, and UGC to boost your engagement for guaranteed results.

Shawn Munoz, Pure Relief

Create a Reel for Your Business

Instagram’s demographics are mostly teenagers who like videos on the go. With reels now available for minute-long videos, you should use short videos to your benefit, depending on your community. Each community has its own popular tracks.

Use these tracks to create a reel specific for your business and see the results. Additionally, you can use a reel template that an influencer created to tag that influencer and showcase your creation with their template, maybe challenge others to try the template as well.

Noura Yousef, Casita

Share Your Posts as Stories

When you share an Instagram post as a story, it pulls in more viewers that might not scroll all the way through their timeline. By doing so, you also give your followers an easy way to find the post. As an absolute best practice, you can even cover an important piece of the post’s image with a sticker that delivers a call-to-action like “read now” or “view more”.

Kelly Skelton, Fat Kid Deals

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