How Do You Use QR Codes for Businesses?


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How Do You Use QR Codes for Businesses?

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How Do You Use QR Codes for Businesses?

From having easier access to social media to an increase in post-market sales and contact list expansion, here are eight answers to the question, “How has your business used QR codes?”

  • Connect With Customers on Social Media
  • Use for Promotional Materials
  • Access Additional Information
  • Are the New Business Cards
  • Have Unique Codes for Different Campaigns
  • Spread Awareness Using Codes for Winter Cat Shelters
  • Track Data With Ease
  • Printed on Flyers for a Market Stand Giveaway

Connect With Customers on Social Media

QR codes are a valuable tool for our business and we use them to connect with customers on social media. They are quick and easy to scan and customers directly to business profiles.

By including QR codes in marketing materials, our business can increase its online presence and outreach. For instance, if a customer enjoys our product or service, they may want to stay updated by following our social media accounts.

Scanning a QR code, they can easily access our social media profiles and potentially even receive discounts or promotions for following our accounts. QR codes also allow us to track the success of a marketing campaign by measuring the number of scans.

Georgi TodorovGeorgi Todorov
Founder, ThriveMyWay

Use for Promotional Materials

We put QR codes on all promotional materials, both digital and hard copies. This is an easy way to reach customers who may not speak the language your promotional materials are in. If they’re attracted to the promotional material, they can scan the QR code. From there, they can access the website and find a translation of the promotion.

Simon BacherSimon Bacher
CEO and Co-Founder, Ling App

Access Additional Information

Businesses can use QR codes to allow customers to access additional information. For example, at Flo Vitamins, we provide a blog to educate our customers. When individuals purchase our products, we might include a QR code that, when scanned, takes them to our blog to learn more about that product or a particular condition.

It’s difficult to include all the information for a product or service at the time of purchase. Using QR codes can allow businesses to provide this additional information without the cost of printing lengthy documents.

Mary Kay BittonMary Kay Bitton
Head of Product Innovation, FLO Vitamins

Are the New Business Cards

While running a photography business, QR codes have become super handy to have for quick access to information. I personally will create one in Canva and add it to the background of my phone before a networking event. While everyone else is fumbling through paper cards, I have mine ready to be scanned and shared from the ease of my lock screen. No more stacks of paper cards are necessary. It’s a win-win!

Stephanie jenkinsStephanie Jenkins
Founder, Stephanie Jenkins Photo

Have Unique Codes for Different Campaigns

When I first started my business, I didn’t realize the potential of QR codes. I thought it was a gimmick—a flashy way of marketing a product, but a little more. As I continued to learn about QR codes and their uses, I saw the potential they had to streamline customer experiences and build relationships.

I implemented QR codes into my business. The first thing I did was add QR codes to my product packaging. This allowed customers to scan the code and find out more information about the product easily. The information can include any special offers and discounts, and more. Not only did this provide a more comprehensive customer experience, but it also gave them a way to connect with me.

Once the QR codes were in place, I began creating unique codes for different campaigns and promotional offers. This enabled me to quickly and easily track customer engagement and measure the success of each campaign.

Ben BasicBen Basic
CMO, Get It Cleaned

Spread Awareness Using Codes for Winter Cat Shelters

This was a not-for-profit venture funded by my business to keep street cats in Bansko, Bulgaria warm during the winter months. On the lid of each cat shelter, we explained (in English and Bulgarian) the purpose of the cat shelter so that someone wouldn’t remove them and then added a QR code that someone could scan.

When they scanned it, they received instructions on how to build their own cat shelter and where to buy the materials.

The idea was to involve the community as much as possible to help our furry friends.

Laurel RobbinsLaurel Robbins
Founder, Monkeys and Mountains

Track Data With Ease

We implemented a strategy for a client where we created very specific URLs and added UTM parameters to the URLs and generated the QR codes to be added to a magazine advertisement.

By using the QR codes, we saw an increase in traffic from that specific campaign, as users found it easier to snap the QR code quickly and it provided us with a lot of additional information because of the UTM parameters being used.

Change the UTM parameters for a QR code at reception, an ad in a newspaper and magazine, and product packaging. That way, you can easily track where your campaign is getting the best response from traditional marketing.

Chris BrooksChris Brooks
Senior SEO Specialist, Vervini

Printed on Flyers for a Market Stand Giveaway

I handed out flyers at a product market stand. On the flyer were the usual product details but also a QR code to enter a giveaway by signing up for our newsletter. People were much more likely to accept a flyer for the giveaway than otherwise, so it was an easy sell and great for post-market sales and list expansion.

Kate GannonKate Gannon
Creative Director and Founder, studio huske

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