How Do I Start a PR Firm?


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How Do I Start a PR Firm?

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How Do I Start a PR Firm?

Ever wondered how successful PR firms came to be? In this article, we’ve gathered insights from three industry leaders, including a CMO and a decorated Publisher in the Travel and Lifestyle industries. They share their unique journeys from founding a reputable PR firm to the early adoption of digital PR strategy.

  • Founding a Reputable PR Firm
  • Bridging the Gap: Tech and PR
  • Early Adoption of Digital PR Strategy

Founding a Reputable PR Firm

Our PR firm was founded with the intention of establishing a reputable and influential presence in the field of public relations. We founded a firm that delivers exceptional results for our clients by combining our passion for communication, strategic thinking, and in-depth industry knowledge.

Since the beginning of our professions, we have been fascinated by the power of effective communication. Our passion for this field was ignited by interactions with influential personalities in the PR industry, industry thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. These interactions strengthened our belief in the influence that well-executed public relations strategies can have on businesses and individuals.

Recognizing the importance of a firm foundation, we committed ourselves to obtaining relevant education and PR industry experience.

Rameez UsmaniRameez Usmani
Digital PR and Chief Marketing Officer, Solar Panel Installation

Bridging the Gap: Tech and PR

The firm’s origins came from a passion to create something unique. Spotting a market niche, it aimed to bridge the gap between innovative tech companies and effective PR strategies.

Drawing from knowledge gained at a previous tech giant, I set out to craft a new PR model, emphasizing tailored approaches, flexibility, and creativity. The origin of the firm reflects a desire to create my own path with a team of like-minded individuals passionate about the field.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich

Early Adoption of Digital PR Strategy

Years ago, in the early 2000s, I started a PR firm—MHN PR. I saw an opportunity to leverage “digital PR” in a way that the “big boys” weren’t yet understanding. I saw a niche where I could work with small companies and connect them directly with reporters, build buzz online (now social media), and integrate that with websites/digital marketing.

IMC was something that was just being batted around by corporate marketing teams but we were doing it on the ground level with doggie daycare companies, pool builders, carpet retailers, and local artisans. It was a fun time and I miss those days of unbridled optimism.

James HillsJames Hills
Publisher – Travel and Men’s Lifestyle,

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