What are some good content marketing niches?


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good content marketing niches

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What are some good content marketing niches?

From social impact to thought leadership content, here are answers to the question, “What’s one niche in content marketing that is trending? What makes it great?”

  • Mental Health for Content Creators
  • Thought Leadership Content
  • Visual Content
  • Content Diversification
  • Personal Branding & Lead Generation On Linkedin
  • SaaS How-tos and ‘Cheat Codes’
  • Creative Content Drives Revenue
  • Social Impact
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Renewable Green Energy
  • Plastic and Pollution

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Mental Health for Content Creators

Mental health, specifically for content creators, is a trending niche and will continue to be relevant for years to come. Content creation comes with the burden and the pressure to deliver numbers, to always be on and accessible by others, often at the expense of one’s mental health. We will see the continued rise of content surrounding this topic and messaging that addresses having a life-work balance for a career that typically expects you to always be available. Content creators who will have a solid plan and built-in periods of rest (similarly to athletes) will be the ones that will have a sustainable path in the long run. The side benefit of this growing niche is the general awareness that mental health should be at the forefront of healthcare conversations.

Volta Voloshin-Smith, Content Creator + Strategist, Color Snack

Thought Leadership Content

I’ve had great success at Lob, as well as at other start-ups with thought leadership-driven content. Thought leadership focuses on content that establishes you as an expert in your industry. Thought leadership may include opinions, personal anecdotes, future predictions, or research. Our top-performing piece of content in the past year was our State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights report. A research-driven report that we partnered with Comperemedia to survey about 2,500 consumers about their perceptions of direct mail. From the results, we created an insightful, data-backed report that we brought to life in a myriad of ways, including a webinar, a downloadable guide, social posts, and much more. The stats in the report were cited by numerous organizations in our industry, including the USPS. Being cited in this manner is invaluable in establishing ourselves as the industry leader in the direct mail automation space.

Kim Courvoisier, Senior Director of Content Marketing, Lob

Visual Content

One niche in content marketing that is currently trending is visual content, such as videos, infographics, and other types of visual media. This type of content is popular because it is highly effective at engaging and retaining the attention of audiences, especially on social media platforms. Additionally, visual content is often more easily understandable and memorable than text-based content, making it a great way to communicate complex ideas or information. Additionally, visual content is particularly well-suited for sharing on social media platforms, where it can quickly grab the attention of users and drive engagement. By incorporating visual content into their content marketing strategy, businesses can effectively communicate their message and reach a wider audience.

Kushal Desai, Founder, Softwarist

Content Diversification

One of the booming marketing specializations has been content diversification. It involves using a variety of content types—infographics, videos, podcasts, etc.—because not every user consumes content from the same medium—some prefer to read blogs, while others watch videos. Consequently, content diversification accommodates all user choices and puts your content into action for different consumer preferences. The best part is that you don’t have to work much on creating new content for diverse mediums. You only need to repurpose the content, and this is what makes it a great marketing strategy.

Harsheen Kamboj, Content Marketer, Reelo

Personal Branding & Lead Generation On Linkedin

A hot content marketing niche I see trending is how to grow your own personal brand on LinkedIn, write content that goes viral, and generate new leads. These topics gained increased attention due to the rise of solopreneurs starting their own online businesses. It became vital for them to learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and gain attention from their content. Many people are now teaching strategies on how to gain X amount of followers and how to convert them into leads–a true necessity for anyone to master in the online business world.

Barbora Pocuchova , Content Marketing Strategist & Copywriter, barborelle.com

Saas How-tos and ‘Cheat Codes’

The proliferation of SaaS tools post-COVID has resulted in an abundance of ‘how to’ content — but today it’s evolved far beyond the traditional YouTube tutorial videos. Today, content marketers in SaaS are creating how-to content that is hyper-specific and offers their target audience new and interesting use cases, ‘cheat codes’ or hacks for getting more out of the platform, interactive tools and calculators, and templates. Many SaaS companies have also benefitted from a community-led how-to approach to their content. Notion is a great example of this — search ‘How to use Notion for students’ or ‘How to use Notion for productivity’ and the top results are not Notion-created content, but community-created how-tos and templates. As companies prioritize the consolidation of their tech stack ahead of an uncertain year and teams are looking for ways to increase productivity post-layoffs, this educational and actionable content will become increasingly valuable.

Chloe Schneider, Head of Content, Ortto

Creative Content Drives Revenue

The world of B2B has been changing over the years, for the better. And, B2B buyers are changing. Many want to educate themselves and make decisions before talking to salespeople. Content marketing has become crucial for B2B companies that want to stand out from the noise and pre-sell their prospects. But not just any content, creative content that actually resonates. Content that leverages the humans behind the brand. Content that educates and inspires. The best B2B brands know that excellent content is crucial for exceeding revenue goals and building brand authority.

Mandy McEwen, Founder and CEO, Mod Girl Marketing

Social Impact

I’m seeing increased investment in social impact content marketing from clients. Consumers want to feel emotionally connected to the brands they buy from, and it’s more important than ever for businesses to communicate their values. But it needs to be done authentically to be effective. Social impact content marketing through storytelling leverages a company’s corporate social responsibility investment, inspiring brand loyalty. It’s a great way to “show not tell,” what a brand stands for.

Alison Meyer, Chief Content Marketing Writer, Indigo Communication

Artificial Intelligence

For those content marketers who are looking for an exciting industry to specialize in right now, take a closer look at the Artificial Intelligence industry, a.k.a AI. As a content marketer, there are plenty of exciting opportunities in AI. The most obvious one is to help AI companies to develop powerful content marketing strategies and create great content that resonates with the customers and helps them stand out from the competition. Startups and less established AI businesses will need content marketers to help them launch their products on the market, through launch campaigns on social media or emails. And if you’re a copywriter, AI businesses need your support to develop better text AI technology by providing the creative insight and human touch that machines lack. Copywriters can also add subtle emotional language, such as humor and storytelling, to the copy to make it more engaging, authentic, and conversion-friendly.

Chadvee Appanah, Copywriter & Marketing Consultant, Chadvee Copywriting

Renewable Green Energy

Renewable energy is highly topical and trending, with there being a concerted drive to a sustainable future for all and a focus on green energy that is kinder to our planet. Brands are putting considerable into making sure they are (and are seen to be) positively contributing to this future. Due to this focus, and the current energy crisis, we are seeing more and more renewable energy businesses launch every day as people move away from polluters and big grid energy – whether that’s solar, wind or anything else. With such a wide and receptive audience, and a diverse and engaging range of topics and green products to call upon, content marketers have a great opportunity to tap into something highly emotive and visual, that both helps people and the planet, creates positive PR, and makes business sense all in one sector, and bottom-line, for a good cause.

Alexander MacDonald, Copywriter & Content Writer, A.J. MacDonald | Writer

Plastic and Pollution

Currently, around 79% of all plastic waste is either landfilled or ends in the ocean. Environmentalists are quite concerned about this and many of them have come up with brilliant solutions. Switzerland alone had over 50,000 companies registered in 2021, with a major chunk of them involved in fighting plastic. The majority of such organizations need content marketers to spread the word, so it’s a win-win. Earn some serious buck and help save the planet in one shot!

Fauzia Tabassum, CEO and Founder, Enviropreneur

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