Emerging Disruptors: Who’s Making Waves?


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Emerging Disruptors: Who's Making Waves?

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Emerging Disruptors: Who’s Making Waves?

To uncover the emerging disruptors in various industries, we’ve gathered insights from ten industry leaders, including CEOs and CFOs. From disrupting the HVAC, electric, and plumbing industries with secondary services to AI as the Human Resource optimizer, these professionals share their unique perspectives on the game-changers in their respective fields.

  • Disrupting HVAC, Electric, Plumbing with Secondary Services
  • Parsley Health in Holistic Healthcare
  • Quantum Computing as the Tech Disruptor
  • Teledentistry as the Remote Dental Care Innovator
  • AI and Automation in Legal Services
  • Cloudflare for De-bundling Cloud Computing
  • Gen Z as the Digital Marketing Game Changer
  • OpenAI for Personalizing with AI
  • Sleep-Optimization Ecosystems Revolution
  • AI as the Human Resource Optimizer

Disrupting HVAC, Electric, and Plumbing with Secondary Services

It’s actually been my company that’s been disrupting our local industry. It’s pretty standard to find an HVAC, electrical, and plumbing company, but we did things differently with us. We focused heavily on beautiful branding and added the almost odd services of lawn care, home cleaning, and power washing. It really was brilliant, though.

These “secondary” services have lower acquisition costs. They also take on a greater number of customers faster than our primary trades. The margins may be small, but they’re profitable and they quickly build a customer base. They also retain that base with regular customer interactions through recurring services.

Think about that: cheap customer acquisition and natural customer retention through the nature of the service. We then re-market to and keep building that relationship with our existing customers and bridge them over into our primary trades where we really make our money.

It’s a whole new ballgame, revolutionizing acquisition.

Christopher OlsonChristopher Olson
CFO, Surfside Services

Parsley Health in Holistic Healthcare

In recent years, the health industry has seen a rise in emerging disruptors who are challenging the traditional approaches to healthcare. These innovators are using technology, data, and new business models to improve access, affordability, and quality of care for patients.

One such disruptor is Parsley Health, a membership-based medical practice that combines conventional medicine with holistic practices like functional nutrition and mind-body therapies. Their unique approach focuses on prevention rather than just treatment, with an emphasis on identifying and addressing underlying causes of illness rather than just managing symptoms.

This personalized approach has gained popularity among young adults seeking more proactive and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Ryan HetrickRyan Hetrick
CEO, Epiphany Wellness

Quantum Computing as the Tech Disruptor

An emerging disruptor that stands out is a company leveraging quantum computing for data analysis and cryptography. Their unique approach centers on harnessing quantum properties to process vast amounts of data at speeds unattainable by classical computers.

This promises groundbreaking advancements in fields like cybersecurity and complex simulations. Their ability to push the boundaries of computing power is reshaping the landscape and unlocking new frontiers in technology applications.

Eric LamEric Lam
Founder, Exploding Ideas

Teledentistry as the Remote Dental Care Innovator

As a CEO, owner, and dentist, I’ve observed teledentistry as an emerging disruptor in the dental industry. This innovative method utilizes technology to provide dental consultations and care remotely. Without attending a physical dental office, patients can receive expert advice and treatment suggestions.

Teledentistry improves access to dental care, particularly in underserved regions. It is a cost-effective and convenient solution for routine examinations, consultations, and follow-up appointments. The ability for patients to upload images or engage in live video consultations enables dentists to diagnose and prescribe treatment.

This innovation may not replace traditional in-person care for all procedures, but it substantially expands the reach of dental services and accommodates patients’ evolving preferences. Adopting technology while maintaining high-quality care will be crucial for the future success of the dental industry.

Dr. Jennifer SilverDr. Jennifer Silver
CEO, Owner and Dentist, Macleod Trail Dental

AI and Automation in Legal Services

I’ve noticed that legal technology firms are emerging as industry disruptors. Legal processes, such as contract review and legal investigation, are being streamlined by these companies using artificial intelligence and automation.

Their ability to provide cost-effective legal solutions with a high level of precision is a distinguishing characteristic. By automating repetitive duties, they make legal services more accessible to a larger clientele. They also offer online platforms for clients to access legal information, contracts, and legal advice conveniently.

These disruptors are reshaping the delivery of legal services, putting pressure on traditional law firms to adopt a more technology-driven and client-centric business model. To remain competitive and provide efficient, cost-effective legal services to our clients, we must stay apprised of these innovations and incorporate technology into our practice.

John TruongJohn Truong
Managing Director and Attorney, Alliance Compensation & Litigation Lawyers

Cloudflare for De-bundling Cloud Computing

Cloudflare has been incredibly disruptive in the cloud computing world. They have taken a wise road of de-bundling much of the complicated functionality that tends to be available in a package from larger providers like AWS.

That de-bundling allows for the composition of more creative solutions. I have been backed into more than a few corners where Cloudflare had the right micro-implementation to save the day.

Trevor EwenTrevor Ewen
COO, QBench

Gen Z as the Digital Marketing Game Changer

One emerging disruptor in digital marketing is Gen Z. Growing up in the digital age, they have a unique perspective on marketing and advertising, preferring authentic brands and creators over traditional marketing tactics.

Gen Z leverages social media and digital platforms to create content and build communities, giving them significant influence over brands they care about.

Reaching out to Gen Z requires brands to be genuine and create relevant and engaging content. They should also be prompt to respond to customer feedback and maintain an active presence on social media.

Nike has done exceptionally well marketing to Gen Z. The “Just Do It” campaign features Gen Z athletes and influencers. Nike’s powerful presence on social media platforms enables them to connect with Gen Z consumers and share content.

Faizan KhanFaizan Khan
Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

OpenAI for Personalizing with AI

In my industry, I see OpenAI as an emerging disruptor. Their unique approach revolves around incorporating advanced technology and personalized customer experiences. They have introduced innovative solutions that have transformed the way we do business.

One of their standout features is their use of artificial intelligence to analyze customer data and provide tailored recommendations. This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also helps businesses make informed decisions. Additionally, OpenAI has implemented a subscription-based model, allowing customers to access their services at a more affordable cost.

This disruptive approach has challenged traditional business models and garnered significant attention in the industry. Their commitment to continuous innovation and customer-centricity sets them apart and positions them as a leading disruptor in our field.

Lukasz ZeleznyLukasz Zelezny
SEO Consultant, SEO Consultant London

Sleep-Optimization Ecosystems Revolution

A sleep-industry disruptor in the making is a startup whose primary emphasis is sleep-optimization ecosystems. By integrating hardware, including intelligent mattresses and sophisticated sleep-monitoring devices, with AI-powered software, they can offer individualized sleep recommendations. Insights regarding the quality of sleep are provided to users, accompanied by practical measures to improve their sleep patterns.

They are distinguished by their comprehensive approach, which considers not only the duration but also the quality and general health of sleep. Over time, their ecosystem modifies recommendations based on information gleaned from users. This advancement in sleep technology is revolutionary, as it corresponds to the expanding paradigm of proactive health management. This disruptor is advancing the industry significantly by offering individuals practical strategies to enhance their sleep quality.

Martin SeeleyMartin Seeley
CEO, Mattress Next Day

AI as the Human Resource Optimizer

I think we’re already seeing the disruption that AI is making in the HR industry. However, I don’t necessarily feel like it’s a bad thing. Processes like skills-based matching and training can be optimized by AI, without the removal of the ‘human’ component. And I think that’s the main point I’m making here too… You cannot get rid of the human component!

Tracey BeveridgeTracey Beveridge
HR Director, Personnel Checks

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