8 Personal Skills That Enhance Today’s Digital Marketing Efforts


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8 Personal Skills That Enhance Today's Digital Marketing Efforts

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8 Personal Skills That Enhance Today’s Digital Marketing Efforts

In a digital world where marketing is ever-evolving, we’ve gathered insights from eight industry leaders, including CMOs and COOs, to uncover the personal skills that give professionals an edge. From enhancing audience connection with empathy to using the key of adaptability for marketing agility, explore the eight personal skills that these experts believe are crucial for digital marketing success today.

  • Empathy: Enhances Audience Connection
  • Teamwork: A Digital Marketing Force
  • Content Mastery: Creating Video and Meta Ads
  • Curiosity: Fuel for Marketing Success
  • Data Analytics: Drive Strategic Decisions
  • Storytelling: Elevates Digital Marketing
  • Authenticity: Boosts Social Media Sales
  • Adaptability: Key to Marketing Agility

Empathy: Enhances Audience Connection

In the digital world, it is easy to focus heavily on algorithms, data, and metrics, and overlook the human aspect. Genuine empathy is more than understanding others; it also involves connecting with them to reach out to them on a human level.

Empathy can enhance marketing efforts because it allows us to understand the audience’s needs on a deeper level, their pain points, and desires. When developing a marketing strategy for IpopoKIDS, we put ourselves in the shoes of the mothers searching for products for their little ones but barely had time because of their childcare responsibilities.

Our metrics suggested advanced technological approaches. However, after putting ourselves in the shoes of these young mothers, we adjusted our strategy to a simple website redesign to make their shopping experience faster, as they had limited time, and our marketing efforts were a success. Empathy is a skill that needs nurturing but makes all the difference in digital marketing.

Valerie Lavska, CMO, Promodo

Teamwork: A Digital Marketing Force

In the marketing industry, teams have an 80% greater possibility of achieving better results than individuals. Every company is looking to build teams for each project so that the workflow is consistent.

Teamwork and collaboration are the main skills every leader or manager looks for in an employee. The employee should be able to communicate well and work hand-in-hand with the team.

They should indulge and offer ideas instead of sitting back and thinking about what to do on their own. Every company is looking for this skill to ensure they’re going in the right direction. They provide the benefit that, in case one person is not there, the other team members will handle it.

Hence, they won’t have to depend on one person for the entire task. If one doesn’t have teamwork and collaboration skills, it’s very unlikely that a large organization will hire them, no matter the field.

Tom Vota, Marketing Director, Gotomyerp

Content Mastery: Creating Video and Meta Ads

Learning how to be effective at creating content is crucial, especially focusing on video creation for platforms like TikTok. The platform is ‌prime-time programming for consumers, making it a valuable tool for visibility.

Business videos for B2B are effective for reigniting old business relationships and ensuring you remain top of mind within your peer group. When people show interest in the services you offer, your videos are more likely to be promoted to them. Consumer videos for B2C perform even better, as they can be more entertaining and engaging.

Understanding how Meta advertising works is also highly beneficial. While it’s unnecessary to manage all your Meta advertising independently, knowing the platform can enhance the efficiency of your advertising budget. Knowing the basics is helpful when collaborating with an advertising partner.

Meta is crucial because of its advanced marketing algorithm, extensive data history of 10-15 years, and the relative ease of scaling up successful campaigns compared to other platforms.

Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media

Curiosity: Fuel for Marketing Success

I hire a lot of digital marketing talent and one personal skill that has a great correlation with digital marketing success is curiosity.

What makes them tick? What are they trying to solve? Curiosity shows up in many fantastic ways: from curiosity about the customer to curiosity about the tactics and channels themselves.

Tactics and channels evolve so quickly; staying curious not only about how they’re changing but also why, helps ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of what’s working.

Amanda Thomas, Managing Partner and Director of Client Strategy, Konstruct Digital

Data Analytics: Drive Strategic Decisions

The ability to interpret data is an impressive skill for marketers to have up their sleeves. Data analytics is the key to cracking the code of the digital marketing world.

Whether it’s to gain more brand awareness, website traffic, engagement, or discoverability, an excellent strategy comes from having a solid understanding of what the data is telling you through analytics and insights.

Marketers who know how to translate these insights into actionable strategies will stay steps ahead of everyone else.

Carolyn James, Consultant and Trainer, Website Insights

Storytelling: Elevates Digital Marketing

Since I’m also a writer with over 2,000 blogs published online, storytelling naturally forms a core part of my marketing strategies. My extensive writing experience has honed my ability to craft engaging narratives that resonate with audiences for our brands.

This storytelling skill is invaluable in the digital marketing realm, having helped us extensively, allowing me to create content that stands out and connects deeply with readers. It’s more than just selling a product or service; we try to weave a story that captivates and creates a lasting impression on the audience.

Bhavik Sarkhedi, Growth Head and CMO, Content Whale

Authenticity: Boosts Social Media Sales

The impact of being a people-person on your social media efforts is significant. Imagine your reminder and message radiating the warmth of your smile through the phone—that’s the essence of what creators achieve. Authenticity and genuine friendliness connect with your audience and contribute to driving sales.

Nick Eischens, COO, Popl

Adaptability: Key to Marketing Agility

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, adaptability stands out as a crucial personal skill. The ability to swiftly embrace and leverage emerging technologies, platforms, and trends can significantly enhance marketing efforts.

Being adaptable allows marketers to stay ahead of the curve, adjusting strategies to meet evolving consumer preferences and industry landscapes.

Whether it’s mastering new social media algorithms, understanding the intricacies of data analytics, or swiftly incorporating innovative tools, an adaptable marketer navigates the digital terrain with finesse, ensuring campaigns remain relevant and effective in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D., Founder and President, Dynamic Media

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