18 Stress Management Tips for Online Business Owners


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18 Stress Management Tips for Online Business Owners

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18 Stress Management Tips for Online Business Owners

Online business owners often struggle with stress management, so we’ve gathered invaluable advice from a diverse group of leaders, including CEOs and Founders. From creating a virtual commute to setting clear work-life boundaries, here are the top eighteen strategies to help you stay balanced and focused in the digital age.

  • Create a Virtual Commute
  • Set Work and Family Boundaries
  • Identify and Manage Stressors
  • Engage in Distracting Activities
  • Delegate to Reduce Stress
  • Schedule Family and Fun Time
  • Streamline Workflows and Automate
  • Sleep on Problems for Clarity
  • Embrace Failure as a Learning Tool
  • Invest in Personal Well-being
  • Practice Radical Acceptance
  • Implement a Digital Sunset
  • Integrate Mindful Meditation Sessions
  • Cultivate Community Conversations
  • Recharge with a Planned Vacation
  • Prioritize Self-Care
  • Outsource Tasks to Freelancers
  • Set Clear Work-Life Boundaries

Create a Virtual Commute

Getting out can be tricky when you work online, and you tend to miss out on having a routine. Most days when you work from home, you might just get right to work, which cuts out any sort of habit that can really help when it comes to managing your stress levels. Because of this, it can actually help to create a “virtual commute,” which could include a morning routine that helps you transition into work mode, such as a short walk, reading, or listening to music.

Scheduling these moments into your daily routine helps to make the days seem not as long, and you tend to create workable hours and have time for personal activities. These activities are what help to add excitement to your day as well as help you decompress before you even start working. It’s important as an online business owner to have some structure and boundaries around hours worked and to always make time for self-care activities.

Emma SansomEmma Sansom
Managing Director, Flamingo Marketing Strategies

Set Work and Family Boundaries

One tip I can share about managing stress is to have a strict separation between work and family. Delegate where necessary, but make sure to switch off. Whether you work from home or not, you’ll want to spend every minute building your business and trying to grow.

That’s not sustainable, either physically or emotionally. Everyone needs balance, and I strongly recommend finding yours. Family time or downtime provides an essential firebreak and the opportunity to switch off, calm down, and recover after a long day.

That’s how I manage stress. I set strict work hours and strict family hours and try to stick to them as much as possible. Running a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint, and you need to look after yourself to reach the end. By limiting work hours and having balance, I believe you set yourself, and your business, up for success.

Abhijeet KaldateAbhijeet Kaldate
Co-Founder, Astra

Identify and Manage Stressors

The best tip for managing stress is figuring out what’s causing the biggest issue. When you’re running an online business, everything feels like a stressor. But there are definitely two or three daily obstacles that are causing the bulk of your anxiety.

Go through your usual routine and take note of which tasks make you the most stressed and which you feel the most relieved finishing. When you’ve pinpointed them, you can start managing them.

For me, I like to finish my most stressful tasks as soon as possible. If I’m able to finish them the day before they need to be done, I do that too. At first, it’s hard to work through the procrastination, but once you get a feel for it, it becomes easier.

Having the work done ahead of time is a life-changing feeling. It makes being a business owner so much easier and brings the joy back into the experience. It also makes resting after the workday a whole lot more rejuvenating.

Alex TiliciAlex Tilici
Founder, Virtual Staging

Engage in Distracting Activities

Wine! Just kidding (though it helps). There are loads of known ways that online business owners can manage stress, such as not working for more than 90-minute stretches and keeping notifications off so you can keep those nagging distractions at bay.

But I’ve found the ultimate way is by truly getting away from the screen and doing things that distract your mind from your business. Mine involve taking a challenging motorcycle ride or working on music via guitar. The motorcycle concept is simple: if I’m not solely focused on the road ahead while riding aggressively, I can crash and get seriously hurt.

Working on music activates a different part of my brain to help me relax and keep my mind off work for the moment. Many of my business-owning friends are also into the arts and agree that engaging in something artsy, such as listening to music or drafting fiction (away from the screen, of course!), helps ignite a part of the brain that shuts off the business side.

I’m no neuroscientist and have no clue how it works, but try it. Do this daily, and the calming effect compounds, helping you manage stress better and, ultimately, making your business stronger due to renewed focus because of less stress.

Ron LiebackRon Lieback
Founder & CEO, ContentMender

Delegate to Reduce Stress

Outsourcing the tasks you don’t enjoy (or aren’t as good at) is your superpower. Delegation is key to avoiding stress and allowing you to grow your business. You don’t have to (and you can’t) do it all. Find an expert partner who excels in whatever you don’t—bookkeeping, social media, tech, processes, whatever it is—and spend your time doing what you love and on efforts that move the needle.

Lindsay HopeLindsay Hope
Owner and CEO, Lindsay Hope Creative

Schedule Family and Fun Time

One tip to manage stress for online business owners is to have dedicated time for family and fun activities. Being an online business owner often means working from home, where personal and work life can easily become intertwined.

Without a drive from work to home (because you are working from home), it’s harder for your brain to fully leave work mode. Therefore, it’s important to take personal breaks after work to engage in enjoyable activities, whether it’s playing games, taking a nap, or anything that helps you unwind. I personally enjoy having a cup of coffee and reading my favorite book.

Banish AnguralBanish Angural
Owner, Banish Media

Streamline Workflows and Automate

Streamlining my workflow is something I have personally done to simply make any online business much more efficient and reduce stress. It helps to begin by reviewing your current processes to identify redundant tasks or steps that can be eliminated or combined, and then simplify workflows wherever possible to reduce complexity. Invest in automation tools and software solutions to automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, order processing, inventory management, and customer support, as this frees up time for you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

I think it’s also valuable to establish standardized procedures and workflows for common tasks and processes within your business. Document these procedures in a central repository or knowledge base to ensure consistency and facilitate training for new employees.

By eliminating unnecessary steps and automating repetitive tasks, you can save time and focus on high-value activities that drive growth and revenue, and it also allows you to deliver products or services more efficiently, leading to faster turnaround times and improved customer satisfaction. You are simply creating a smoother process for yourself, which leads to increased productivity and motivation, and less stress.

Danielle HuDanielle Hu
Founder, The Wanderlover

Sleep on Problems for Clarity

Sleep on it. It’s amazing how stepping away from a problem or situation can help you manage your feelings and emotions towards it. Often, entrepreneurs are too emotionally invested in a particular issue or outcome.

When you sleep on it and revisit it the next day, you may come back with a more objective perspective on how to proceed, and you’ll also realize that you didn’t have to stress about it as much either.

For the most part, problems are only urgent and critical if you make them that way. Generally, you can take your time solving things, and stress is more self-induced than anything.

Firas KittanehFiras Kittaneh
CEO & Co-Founder, Amerisleep Mattress

Embrace Failure as a Learning Tool

One tip that I’d recommend to business owners about managing stress is that they should consider failure as part of the process. Building a successful business is a bumpy ride. You may come across different obstacles and challenges throughout your journey.

The key to ensuring success while keeping your sanity intact is not letting failure get to you. You should fortify your mind and be comfortable with failing. Think of it as a learning opportunity rather than letting it foster doubts in your head. Each time you fail, you learn something new.

Each time you fall, you get up stronger than before. Failing doesn’t mean that you won’t ever make it. It’s just a sign that there are certain areas you need to improve on. So, identify them and be better than you were before. With this mindset, it’ll be easier for you to manage stress down the road and keep the needle moving even when the odds are not in your favor.

Stephanie WellsStephanie Wells
Co-Founder and CTO, Formidable Forms

Invest in Personal Well-being

One simple yet effective tip I have is to invest in yourself. When you’re running an online business, it’s definitely easy to get caught up in its constant hustle. However, you have to remember that neglecting your own well-being can lead to not just stress but burnout and decreased productivity as well.

To avoid that, make sure to allocate both time and money to activities that nourish your mind and body. Whether it’s for a hobby you enjoy, a quick getaway or pamper day, or investing in personal development courses. Remember, taking care of yourself isn’t just a luxury—it’s essential for the success of your business in the long run.

Joe ChappiusJoe Chappius
Financial Planner, Tax Climate

Practice Radical Acceptance

To truly reduce or manage stress, you have to practice radical acceptance. You have to radically accept that the work will never be done. There will never be a day when your to-do list is completely checked off, nor a Monday morning when your list isn’t longer than when you left it on Friday. When you can fully accept this, the never-ending workload feels less daunting and overwhelming.

Through acceptance, your stress is naturally relieved because you are no longer struggling against a situation or seeing it as a problem, but simply as what is. The act of acceptance gives us renewed energy for dealing with the daily demands of an online business and a sense of ease when things feel overwhelming or out of our control.

Lia MunsonLia Munson
Co-Founder, Resilient Stories

Implement a Digital Sunset

As the founder of Stay Here, an organization deeply involved in mental health awareness and suicide prevention, I’ve learned the importance of managing stress, particularly in the high-stress environment of running an online business. One essential tip I’d share with online business owners is the practice of setting strict boundaries around work and personal time. This has been crucial for me and is something we emphasize through our various resources and guides at Stay Here.

Implementing a “digital sunset” has been particularly effective. This means choosing a specific time in the evening when all work-related digital activities stop. For instance, at 8 PM every night, I turn off my business email and social media notifications. This allows my mind to disengage from work stressors and engage in relaxation or family time, significantly reducing overall stress levels. It’s a simple yet powerful tactic that leverages routine to create mental space away from the pressures of work.

Additionally, incorporating regular mindfulness and gratitude practices can significantly shift your perspective on daily stresses. Every morning, I spend a few minutes meditating and listing things I’m grateful for, focusing my mind on positivity and resilience. This practice roots me in the present and equips me to handle the day’s challenges more calmly. For online business owners, such practices can transform your approach to stress, turning potential stressors into manageable tasks and fostering a healthier, more balanced life amidst the demands of entrepreneurship.

Jacob CoyneJacob Coyne
Founder, Stay Here

Integrate Mindful Meditation Sessions

Prioritize your well-being by integrating short, mindful meditation sessions into your daily routine. These moments of mindfulness can significantly diminish the accumulation of stress and recharge your focus toward productive work.

I make it a point to dedicate at least five minutes twice a day to disconnect completely from all digital interfaces and redirect my attention inward.

This practice has not only improved my concentration but also enhanced my decision-making process, making me more effective in managing my business. It’s a simple yet profoundly impactful habit that fosters a balanced approach to both personal and professional life.

Valentin RaduValentin Radu
CEO & Founder, Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Omniconvert

Cultivate Community Conversations

The digital world never sleeps, and neither, it seems, do the stresses that accompany it. Managing these stresses is paramount, not just for the health of your business, but for your personal well-being too. Here is one insight I’ve gathered along the way: a strategy that is perhaps a bit off the beaten path but has been instrumental in keeping me grounded amidst the chaos.

“Cultivating Community Conversations” is a method that might seem more about external engagement but has profound internal benefits. By creating spaces, either online or offline, where fellow entrepreneurs share their challenges and coping mechanisms, you gain access to a wealth of collective wisdom.

This camaraderie not only offers practical strategies for managing stress but also reminds you that you’re not alone in your struggles. The sense of belonging and mutual support that comes from these interactions can be a powerful antidote to the isolation and stress that often accompany online entrepreneurship.

Alari AhoAlari Aho
CEO and Founder, Toggl Inc

Recharge with a Planned Vacation

One of the most effective stress-busters for online business owners is taking a step back and going on a vacation. Being the owner of a business, you strive 24/7 to explore new growth hacks and find opportunities that can help boost your revenue. This can be daunting and overwhelm you in the long run.

Sometimes, it’s best to take a breather and have a much-needed break. Plan a vacation with your family or loved ones, and focus on replenishing your energy. This is one of the most effective ways to keep your stress levels in check and maintain your productivity without having to compromise your work-life balance.

Jared AtchisonJared Atchison
Co-Founder, WPForms

Prioritize Self-Care

My biggest tip for managing stress as an online business owner is to prioritize self-care. Speaking from experience, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of running a business, but it’s important to take breaks and care for yourself both physically and mentally.

To avoid burnout, one way I implement this self-care in my schedule is by dedicating

Amira IrfanAmira Irfan
Founder and CEO, A Self Guru

Outsource Tasks to Freelancers

One valuable tip I’ve learned over time for managing stress as an online business owner, particularly for someone running a marketing agency and being involved in various businesses, is to delegate tasks by hiring freelancers and contractors.

Outsourcing certain responsibilities can alleviate the burden of managing everything on your own and ensure that essential tasks are still being completed efficiently. There are a ton of competent professionals out there who can expertly handle specific aspects of your business, which will allow you to focus your time and energy on high-priority activities, thereby reducing stress and maintaining productivity.

This approach not only lightens your workload but also fosters a collaborative environment where each team member contributes to the overall success of the business.

William HogsettWilliam Hogsett
CEO, Seota Digital Marketing

Set Clear Work-Life Boundaries

My top tip for managing stress as an online business owner is to set clear boundaries between work and personal life. It’s easy to let work creep into every moment when you’re running an online business from home. But constantly working is a surefire path to burnout.

I’ve learned over the years that I need to be disciplined about stepping away from my desk at a reasonable hour each evening. I make it a rule not to check emails or do any work tasks for a few hours before bedtime. That gives my mind time to unwind.

I also take real weekends where I disconnect from work completely. Initially, it was hard not to think about unfinished tasks. But I realized I’m much more productive after taking time to recharge.

Gauri ManglikGauri Manglik
CEO and Co-Founder, Instrumentl

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