What is Digital PR? 10 Definitions From Marketers


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What is digital PR?

To help you define what digital PR is and fit it into your marketing efforts, we asked small business owners and marketing experts this question for their best insights. From managing content to raising your presence online, there are several viewpoints that may help you work digital PR into your marketing efforts in the future.Here are ten definitions for digital PR and how to fit it into your marketing efforts:

  • Manage Content
  • Grow Your Brand by Hosting Events
  • Reach a Much Broader Audience
  • Optimize Your Digital Brand Footprint 
  • Outreach to Journalists to Build Business
  • Earn Mentions Online
  • Take Innovative Marketing and Promos to Digital Spaces
  • Earn and Display Positive User Reviews
  • Combine Journalist Outreach with Review Management 
  • Raise Your Presence Online 

Manage Content 

Digital PR is the concept of overseeing content and an online presence. Digital PR managers track blog posts, online magazine articles, company announcements through newsletters, etc. Anything that is online is what digital PR managers oversee.

Shaun Price, MitoQ

Grow Your Brand by Hosting Events

Good digital PR is important for helping to promote the image you have created for your brand. When it comes to digital PR, you need to incorporate more online efforts into overall strategy to help grow your reputation online. Hosting events is one way you can increase your PR efforts and become more well-known in your industry. Due to the pandemic, an unexpected trend for events has popped up for large events like conferences. People haven’t been able to gather in large groups, so the popularity of virtual events has skyrocketed.Even though a lot of people are eager to attend in-person events, it’s clear that the ability to attend an important industry conference without the expense or hassle of traveling somewhere will continue to be sought after. Hosting hybrid events, that cater to people who want to attend in-person or virtually, is a trend event planners and marketers need to run with if they want their events to be as successful as possible.

Maegan Griffin, Skin Pharm

Reach a Much Broader Audience

Digital PR is just like traditional PR, but with one major difference – it provides the opportunity to reach a much broader audience compared to offline methods. Digital PR relies on online strategies like SEO, influencer outreach, content marketing and social media. It’s a big part of my marketing efforts. I optimize all my blog posts and website content for Google search results and prioritize engaging with my social media followers. These are some of the best tactics I use to improve my company’s reach and gain more sales.

Ryan Stewart, Webris

Optimize Your Digital Brand Footprint

Digital PR enhances backlinking SEO strategies to optimize your digital brand footprint. By having the right Digital PR approach you can build your domain authority, thereby improving your chances of showing up on the first search engine results page. This positions your SEO content for even more success. Alternatively, without consistent Digital PR efforts, SEO content may not produce the best results.

Rronniba Pemberton, Markitors

Outreach to Journalists to Build Business

Digital PR is a sub-service of Content Marketing which includes responding with comments to requests from journalists, gaining high-quality backlinks for websites and online publications, and gaining publicity online. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) and Terkel are two websites where journalists can seek help from anyone regarding a story they are working on. Qualified respondents can answer these queries. If published, the respondent receives a backlink within the journalist’s article. This boosts brand recognition and SEO as backlinks are an intricate part of Google’s algorithms. Investing in a strong digital PR strategy is always a wise decision for businesses of all sizes.

Jorge Vivar, Mode

Earn Mentions Online

The difference between digital PR and digital advertising is that you don’t pay for the PR directly. You can pay a PR team to work on your behalf, of course, but nothing is guaranteed. Advertisements go exactly where and when you want them, and say what you want them to say. PR is a softer touch approach, but it’s just as essential as paid and owned media. It shows that other gatekeepers in your niche have evaluated your message and found it worthwhile.

Stewart Guss, Stewart J. Guss

Take Innovative Marketing and Promos to Digital Spaces

Digital PR is taking innovative marketing and promotional ideas to the digital space, typically in an effort to reach more people far quicker. In order to stay top of mind for your customers and other consumers, digital PR offers effective solutions. By establishing yourself and your company as an industry expert, you can show your thought leadership on your own blog as well as by being a guest on podcasts and by getting interviewed by reporters. The best marketing trend to jump on for 2022 is still all about remaining visible, and digital PR can offer opportunities that can’t be found through other marketing options or online media outlets.

Carter Reum, M13

Earn and Display Positive User Reviews

Digital PR can come in different forms, but the goal is always the same—to create a favorable brand image of a company in the content that its target market consumes. Not many people realize it, but customer reviews are a big part of this strategy. Getting positive feedback from customers and having it show up in Google is an effective way to earn people’s trust and attract more business. This is the backbone of our local SEO strategy for many of our clients. We use reviews from satisfied customers to add credibility to our clients’ brands and make their businesses more appealing, which helps them stand out from competitors in the same area.

John DiBella, NetLocal Digital Marketing

Combine Journalist Outreach with Review Management

Digital PR is the process by which a brand strengthens its online presence and improves its image to consumers. This can include working with journalists and influencers, maintaining positive user reviews, leveraging guest posting opportunities, and getting cited in business directories. There are plenty of other ways, but they all serve to make a brand as appealing as possible on the internet. 

In my company, which is in a highly competitive field, we use a combination of journalist outreach and review management to maintain positive brand perception and high visibility. This is a continuous process that involves working with major publications in our industry and asking satisfied customers to share their experiences with our brand.

Jon Kelly, 1st on the List

Raise Your Presence Online

Digital PR is a professional marketing strategy used by brands to create, grow and maintain a favorable image online. Unlike traditional media, digital PR uses online trusted third parties to positively influence a brand’s visibility, credibility, and authority with its target audience. Today, most people discover or come into contact with brands in the online landscape. Some of the potential resources include the likes of blogs, social media platforms, podcasts, and forums. 

To help market my services as a publicist, I created a podcast called “The Media List” where I interview editors, journalists, and reporters. I strategically plan my social media content and use Instagram to promote my interviews and expertise which have helped me increase my visibility, credibility, and authority with entertainers and entrepreneurs looking to get publicity for their brands.

SheRise Ford, The SheRise Enterprise

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