What are some digital marketing job titles?


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What are some digital marketing job titles?

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What are some digital marketing job titles?

From Marketing and Outreach Manager to Chief Marketing Officer, here are 7 answers to the question, “If you work in digital marketing, what’s your job title and what do you do?”

  • Marketing and Outreach Manager
  • Marketing Expert and Founder
  • Digital PR Writer
  • Vice President for Marketing
  • Director of National Marketing
  • Marketing Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and Outreach Manager

I lead a team of 11 highly skilled SEO specialists with the goal of increasing the brand’s online visibility. Our strategies include link-building through outreach campaigns and digital PR efforts, which we mainly implement through email campaigns. My job is to develop new, innovative approaches for our campaigns based on our results and competition, market, and trend analyses. I’m also responsible for performance tracking of our efforts, using the insights to inform future decisions and drive successful outcomes.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing and Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

Marketing Expert and Founder

I am a marketing expert and founder with experience in digital marketing. As part of my job, I help businesses understand the power of online promotion and develop strategies to leverage it to reach their target audiences. This involves setting up campaigns, managing budgets, creating engaging content, analyzing data metrics, and more.

With my expertise in digital marketing practices such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing, and even emerging methods like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), I am well-equipped to design solutions that capture audience attention while optimizing budget expenses.

Jim Campbell, Owner, Camp Media

Digital PR Writer

I’m a digital PR writer who creates data-driven content. My job duties involve primarily writing articles on career-oriented topics. Each of the texts is based on the research, which I design first. To obtain reliable data, I conduct surveys using a bespoke polling tool. In my job, I cooperate closely with graphic designers and analysts. The product team prepares infographics for the articles, while analysts provide me with the final results. They also make sure our study participants are real people, not bots.

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer

Vice President for Marketing

As a seasoned marketing communications expert, I have a proven track record of success in multi-location healthcare and retail industries. My skills include integrated marketing and communications, brand management, media buying, data analysis, website and social media management, media relations, and event management.

Meagan Freeman Price, Director of Marketing, American Family Care

Director of National Marketing

As the Director of National Marketing at Quizno’s, I bring over 17 years of marketing experience and expertise to the table. For the past 8 years, I have been responsible for spearheading our brand positioning and national marketing efforts, driving the company towards its overall objectives and growth. My role requires a deep understanding of the market, our target audience, and the competitive landscape, in order to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that effectively communicates our brand message and positions us for success.

As the leader of the national marketing team, I also work closely with department heads, including sales, product development, and operations, to ensure that our marketing initiatives are aligned with the company’s overall strategy and goals. I am committed to delivering exceptional results and elevating the Quizno’s brand to new heights.

Ron McRae, Director of National Marketing, Quiznos Franchise

Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director at Save A Lot, I bring a wealth of marketing experience and expertise to the role, with over 10 years in the industry. My extensive knowledge of the market, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape has enabled me to develop and execute impactful marketing campaigns that drive business results and support company objectives.

In my role as Marketing Director, I am responsible for stewarding the marketing strategy, ensuring its alignment with the organization’s overall goals and objectives. This includes the management of the marketing budget, the creation and distribution of promotional materials, market research, and the continuous monitoring of market trends to ensure the relevance and efficacy of our marketing initiatives.

Matt Jamison, Marketing Director, Save A Lot

Chief Marketing Officer

I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Shipley Do-Nuts and bring over 27 years of experience and expertise to the role. As a Chief Marketing Officer, I am responsible for leading and executing the overall marketing strategy for the organization. I have a consistent track record of success in driving innovation, brand planning, and execution, which has resulted in a sustained record of increased sales and profitability. My ability to amplify the brand, create innovative products, and implement effective promotional strategies has been instrumental in propelling our company forward.

Donna Josephson, Chief Marketing Officer, Shipley donuts franchise

I strategize the marketing for the company and lead team members in all execution of our marketing efforts. In addition, I create content for our blog, help craft social media posts, manage our advertising budget, and create email marketing campaigns.

Joe Karasin, Chief Marketing Officer, DigitalWill

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