How Do I Manage Multiple Locations on Google My Business?


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How Do I Manage Multiple Locations on Google My Business?

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How Do I Manage Multiple Locations on Google My Business?

From avoiding multiple listings to posting content consistently for each listing, here are five answers to the question, “What are tips for managing multiple locations on Google My Business?”

  • Have an Official Headquarters
  • Keep It Organized With the “Location Group” Feature
  • Track Reviews, Updates, and Photos
  • Optimize Data for Each Listing
  • Schedule GMB Posts With Special Tools

Have an Official Headquarters

Google My Business allows you to manage multiple locations in one place, but you should avoid that if possible. The more listings you have for your business, the more diluted your reviews become and the harder it is for users to find you online.

First, delete duplicate listings. If you have multiple addresses for your business, merge them into one. You can merge multiple addresses by clicking the three dots on a Google My Business listing and selecting “Merge.” You can’t change them back, so be sure you want to do it.

Next, focus on your primary location. If you have a handful of locations, you should have an official headquarters where your website, email, and all of your marketing efforts are based. This is the place where you should focus your efforts on Google My Business.

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Keep It Organized With the “Location Group” Feature

Don’t waste your time and effort managing your locations one by one. Instead, use the “location group” feature. The “location group” lets you group your locations based on region, franchisee, or business type.

Then, you can manage the information for all the locations within the group at once. You can also view analytics for each location or the entire location group using the Insights section of Google My Business. The ability to update or analyze information for the entire group is a time-saver.

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Track Reviews, Updates, and Photos

Set up a system for keeping track of reviews, updates, and photos across all locations. Setting up a streamlined process for managing reviews and updates on GMB is key to helping customers easily access your business information and stay organized.

You can automate the process by setting up notifications when new customer reviews come in or by regularly auditing each location page to make sure the information is up-to-date. Consider automating the process of regularly posting photos across all locations to keep your GMB content fresh and engaging.

For larger businesses with multiple locations, consider investing in a platform that can help you manage your GMB listings from one place.

This will save you time and ensure that all of your GMB pages are up-to-date and active. With the right tools, you can automate tasks like responding to reviews, managing photos, and creating posts for multiple locations at once.

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Optimize Data for Each Listing

Ensure that each GMB listing has the correct data set while following a uniform format across all locations. You can use a software called Yext to manage and standardize all the information being distributed.

Optimizing data for listings helps potential first-time customers understand your services and brand. In the eyes of the customer, they want to look for professionalism and credibility in your GMB listing before committing. Make sure you don’t ruin their first interaction by maintaining high-quality graphics and frequently updating business information.

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Schedule GMB Posts With Special Tools

Scheduling posts for Google My Business (GMB) with multiple locations is a must because it allows businesses to ensure that they publish their posts at the most effective times for each location, helping to ensure that each location is posting content consistently. This is important for maintaining a strong online presence and engaging with customers regularly.

Plus, doing so can save time for businesses in multiple locations. Rather than manually posting content to each location’s GMB account, businesses can schedule posts for all locations at once, streamlining the process and reducing the time needed to manage the GMB account.

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