How do I get featured in a magazine?


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What is one tip for getting featured in a magazine?

To help you get published in a magazine, we asked PR professionals and small business owners this question for their best strategies. From drawing on your own experiences to giving journalists credible data and insights, there are several tips that may help you get published in a magazine in the future.Here are eight strategies for getting published in a magazine:

  • Draw On Your Own Experiences
  • Make Sure You Meet Their Requirements
  • Provide New Knowledge of Value
  • Start Small
  • Be Entertaining
  • Create a Target List
  • Make a Convincing Pitch to An Editor
  • Give Journalists Credible Data and Insights

Draw On Your Own Experiences

Journalists, editors and publishers alike aren’t looking for regurgitated stories to include in their magazines. Reflect on your personal journey from where you started to where you are now. Find something unique that sets you apart from everyone else and communicate your experience with the magazine. People connect with emotive story-telling so use this to fuel your activity when looking to get published in a magazine. Finally, when identifying potential magazines to get featured in, ensure their readership and focus for content align with your industry and offering.

Maxine Bremner, Hive19

Make Sure You Meet Their Requirements

There are ways to boost your chances of getting published in a magazine. First, read the magazine to determine the type of articles the publication approves. For instance, you might look at word count, images, and outbound links. Also, note the magazine writing genre. For instance, if they only publish local news, and you don’t write about local news, you might opt to find another advanced publishing platform. Next, read the editorial guidelines to ensure you follow them. When you believe you qualify to have your article accepted, find the link for submission.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

Provide New Knowledge of Value

Everyone may think they’re a writer these days, especially with independent book deals flooding the market. However, to be published in a magazine of worth, you’ll need to provide the reader with a nugget of knowledge that either hasn’t been introduced at all, or has been explained in a new way that promotes more value. Present your content in a skimmable, easy-to-read manner, and start off with the most important information. This will “hook” the reader so that they’ll want to stick around for the supporting presentation, and maybe even learn a little bit about the writer in the process.

Lindsay McCormick, Bite

Start Small

Find magazines with small or niche circulations before you start pitching the larger publications. It’s important to demonstrate your expertise by showing you’ve been quoted before. There are thousands of small publications out there that will be happy to take your contribution, if what you have to say is worthwhile. Keep a log of where you’ve been quoted and show those clippings to other journalists in the future. You’ll stand a better chance of being interviewed if you have been before.

Stewart Guss, Stewart J. Guss

Be Entertaining

While it seems like simple advice, be entertaining. Creating content that is exciting, unique, personal, and educational will help you be more likely to get published in a magazine. People are looking for exciting, intriguing, unique stories told by potent individuals. Don’t simply write a bland blog post, create a genuine human story.

Tony Chan, CloudForecast

Create a Target List

Make a list of 10 to 20 top magazines and their writers or editors. This information may be found in practically every sector, whether it’s an established journal, a trade industry website, a blog, or even a specific company newspaper. You can easily identify 10 or 20 periodicals to which you want to contribute, especially if you include websites. If you don’t have that list, you’ll be flying by the seat of your pants, which won’t help you delve deeper into the process. Make a list of everything.

Josh Pelletier, BarBend

Make a Convincing Pitch to An Editor

Before your story ever makes it into a magazine, it has to get pitched to an editor first. First off, you should be aware of what kinds of stories they run and what kinds they don’t. Once you’ve established that your idea would be a great fit, make your pitch brief and as clear and concise as possible. If necessary, state the method by which you plan to research the story. This shows that you have a plan of action, and that your finished draft will be backed with sources and substance. Show editors samples of your work and convince them to hear about a story they’d like to read and why you’re the right person to write it.

Jordan Duran, 6 ICE

Give Journalists Credible Data and Insights

Building relationships with journalists is the best way to get published in magazines. One way to do this is by conducting extensive research on the subject your target journalist normally writes on. Look for relevant stats that the journalist can use to boost the credibility and authority of their current and future articles. The purpose of doing this is to be genuinely helpful to the journalist, and to nurture a relationship with them. Moreover, offering stats to the journalist is an excellent way of starting the conversation with said reporter. Once the conversation starts, it’s easier to pitch to the journalist and get your article or thoughts published in the publications they work for.

Jylian Russell, Botpress

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