What are the best PR hacks to build visibility online?


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pr hacks build visibility online

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What is your best PR hack to build visibility online?

To help you build visibility for your business online, we asked PR experts and successful business owners this question for their best tips. From taking advantage of social media to making connections with journalists, there are several strategies that may help you build your online visibility and grow your business.

Here are thirteen PR hacks to build visibility online:

  • Take Advantage of Social Media
  • Offer Discounts
  • Always Accept Interview Requests 
  • Be An Active LinkedIn User
  • Allow Guest Posts
  • Produce Multimodal Content
  • Pay Attention to Written Content
  • Tap into a Podcast
  • Find the Perfect Influencer for Your Brand
  • Prioritize Customer Interaction 
  • Learn SEO Tools 
  • Capitalize On Every Holiday and Special Occasion
  • Make Connections With Journalists 

Take Advantage of Social Media

Leverage the power of social media. Effective PR practices don’t have to be complicated and aren’t hard once you know what to focus on. Social media is an easy tool to use for PR and is effective to get as much visibility online as possible. A targeted social media campaign will amplify your voice and put your brand on the map. Social media is perhaps the simplest, but the ultimate PR hack, for its ease of use and diverse set of platforms to choose from.

Omid Semino, Diamond Mansion

Offer Discounts

People love saving money, so a great way to build visibility for your company online is to offer discounts! A discount can come in the form of a reward for loyal customers, an incentive for new customers, a holiday sale, or even just a day of clearance. If your company’s discount is being posted on social media and talked about between potential customers, you’re going to gain visibility for your website and social channels. It helps create a conversation and enhance overall visibility, at a cost/risk that’s usually worth the reward.

Saneem Ahearn, Colorescience

Always Accept Interview Requests

To build visibility online, make it a habit never to turn down an interview. Even if the subject matter may be a little outside the box, you never know who may be reading or listening. Plus, it’s an excellent way to begin diversifying your target audience. Before long, you may even see your demographics beginning to change – in a good way.

Lauren Kleinman, The Quality Edit

Be An Active LinkedIn User

LinkedIn is a networking platform where you can connect with influential people in your field. As in any online environment, you can gain popularity and credibility by sharing engaging content and leaving thoughtful comments on others’ posts. The more you share and comment, the more visible you become. As a result, your credibility influences your brand image.

Tomek Mlodzki, PhotoAiD

Allow Guest Posts

Having guest posts and guest blogs helps a lot in building visibility. Every guest post is a new business opportunity to gain leads and generate new business. It is a great PR hack that is fairly easy to manage and handle while also building backlinks and SEO. It is a two-for-one hack overall.

Michael Jankie, Natural Patch

Produce Multimodal Content

Multimodal content combines two or more modes of communication, such as text, audio, and visual. It’s designed to enhance engagement and give users a number of ways to digest information. In practice, you could incorporate pictures, videos, and audio sources into blog posts or other social media content. Not only does this improve comprehension, but it also gives users more ways to link back to your content.For example, users could embed your image on their website, share a link to your video, or publish a text-based snippet of your blog post on social media. This improves your visibility in search engine results pages and helps you capture users who have a preference for certain modes. As a result, users will be more likely to run into your content when they conduct a text, image, or video search. This is a great way to build online visibility without a hefty investment in PR.

Mike Grossman, GoodHire

Pay Attention to Written Content

You can have great visual content, but if your captions and hashtags are not every bit as eye-catching, it can leave your post flat, so carefully crafting both is the hack needed to build online visibility. Research has shown that using creative captions and combining it with a minimum of 10 to 12 hashtags can dramatically improve interaction.Using a good quality source for researching popular caption words, finding relevant hashtags, as well as incorporating @mentions to give appropriate credit, and acknowledging any relevant brand or item collaborators, can take a moderate post and drive its popularity to unexpected levels. By taking the time to focus on your written content as much as your visuals, you will be more likely to find the hack that will boost your online presence.

Woody Sears, Hearhere

Tap into a Podcast

If you can get your product onto a popular podcast, you will build your visibility online ten-fold. Streaming services reign supreme today, and a growing number of people are getting their information from places like popular podcasts. Dedicated listeners will be more apt to believe in your product if associated with a popular podcast. Some podcasts have millions of listeners, so your reach is almost limitless. Landing an ad spot of a shout-out on a podcast could make you an overnight success!

Sumeer Kaur, Lashkaraa

Find the Perfect Influencer for Your Brand

The goal is to add value to your brand, and in the social media universe, you don’t only have to go after the big fish to make an impact. There are literally thousands of smaller accounts with followers that number in the millions. These influencers’ opinions are very important to their followers and they can influence their decisions in many ways.When you connect with these influencers you have the opportunity to make your campaign incredibly successful, and you don’t have to pay a Hollywood Star’s salary to do it. You can reach millions of people who never pick up a newspaper or a magazine, but they will be loyal to your brand if their favorite influencer tells them so.Start by reaching out to those micro-influencers on Instagram and see what kind of collaboration you can come up with. They will help you spread your brand message farther than you ever thought possible.

Mark Daoust, Quiet Light

Prioritize Customer Interaction

The best way to build visibility is through customer reviews and interaction. Encourage your customers to leave feedback through public channels, such as Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and Yelp. If you can, respond to positive and negative feedback, displaying open communication with your customers.Provide support through social media or FAQ resources. These posts will be publicly accessed and increase trust with potential customers due to your transparency.Remember, receiving public feedback increases your exposure and visibility online. Even big corporations openly prioritize their customers, engaging in public and open communication with them, acknowledging feedback, and informing customers of any changes that result from that feedback.

Bryan Philips, In Motion Marketing

Learn SEO Tools

For more visibility and coverage, a one “behind the scenes” tool businesses should consider using is search engine optimization. Finding the right keywords and focusing on unique content can truly be a game-changer. With good content, it is important to make your content available to the right audience. This is where SEO tools come into the picture. It helps you channel your website’s resources in the best places.

Meera Watts, Siddhi Yoga International Pte. Ltd.

Capitalize On Every Holiday and Special Occasion

Holidays and special days or occasions provide great opportunities to run impactful PR campaigns. Think of something creative that goes well with the holiday or event to set your campaign apart. Add to it even more interesting twists in the form of contests and competitions, and you can provide your campaigns with even more mileage. A festive mood and a break from the mundane sets people’s minds at ease and makes them more receptive, thus making the holidays a great time to run PR campaigns.

Larissa Pickens, Everfumed

Make Connections With Journalists

My biggest PR hack is talking to people and making meaningful connections. I don’t just “pitch journalists” or “send out press releases”. I try to talk to journalists, understand what excites them; what *they* want. Then, if something comes up, we connect and I add value to what they’re doing. For example, we recently got featured in GQ with some very flattering words about my brand. This came about from a failed pitch I once sent – and me continuing to stay in touch with the journalist. When the journalist had to write a pitch about underwear, he immediately thought of me and now we have a really nice feature!

Richard Clews, Pants and Socks

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