How do I protect my business name and logo?


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how do I protect my business name and logo

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How do I protect my business name and logo?

From getting help from an IP lawyer to using LegalZoom’s trademark monitoring tool, here are answers to the question, “What is one way to protect my business name and logo?”

  • First Use In Commerce
  • Trademark Your Logo
  • Use LegalZoom’s Trademark Monitoring Tool
  • Protect Your Business With a Unique Brand Story
  • Register Your Business Name
  • One Way to Protect My Business Name and Logo
  • Get Help from An IP Lawyer

First Use In Commerce

A business can develop certain rights in a name and logo simply by using them in commerce; however, that protection is limited in breadth and scope without securing federal registration of the name mark and logo mark.

While this may not be necessary for every business, federal registration provides nationwide protection and allows for a better enforcement mechanism. The registration process takes time, but an application can be filed before or after the name and logo are used by the business in commerce. An attorney can help you evaluate whether the name and logo are suitable for federal registration and walk you through the application process.

Derek ColvinDerek Colvin
Attorney, Waldrop & Colvin

Trademark Your Logo

I would recommend that you trademark your business name and logo as one way to protect them. A trademark registration grants the holder exclusive rights to use the trademark in connection with certain goods or services, and can serve as a powerful tool in preventing others from using your business name or logo without your permission.

By registering your trademark, you have the right to bring legal action against any person or entity that uses a mark that is likely to cause confusion with your trademark. It’s also advisable to conduct a trademark search before selecting a business name and logo, in order to ensure that they are not already in use by another company.

sindy gonzales quiznosSindy Gonzalez
Corporate Legal Counsel, Quizno’s

Use LegalZoom’s Trademark Monitoring Tool

Protecting your business name and logo is critical for the success of any undertaking. Fortunately, it is possible to register them as a trademark, which will help to distinguish your product from those of competitors in the market.

Use LegalZoom’s trademark monitoring tool to protect your brand name and logo. Among other features, it will alert you if someone is attempting to use your business name and logo, so that you can take appropriate steps to prevent any infringement.

Additionally, LegalZoom can also advise on how to best protect your intellectual property rights both within the United States and abroad. Using their trademark monitoring tool may end up being one of the smartest investments you can make in safeguarding your valuable company assets going forward.

Jim CampbellJim Campbell
Owner, Camp Media

Protect Your Business With a Unique Brand Story

A fantastic method to protect your company name and logo is by creating a unique brand narrative. A brand story is a narrative that sums up your business’s core beliefs, purpose, and goals. What sets your brand apart from your competitors is the way you convey its individuality.

Your company can stand out from the competition and become more memorable in your customers’ eyes by creating a unique and captivating brand narrative. Focusing on your company’s founding, including the reasons for and circumstances surrounding it, is one way to create a unique brand narrative. This could include the founders’ core principles and ideals.

To make your brand story more unique and memorable, for example, consider creating a brand book, a visual identity that reflects the brand story, brand guidelines that specify how the brand story is communicated, and developing an authentic and consistent voice across all of your communication channels.

Paul SmithPaul Smith
CEO, BeastCopy

Register Your Business Name

If your business is operating in the US, one way to protect your business name and logo is to register them as trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services from those of others.

By registering your business name and logo as trademarks with the USPTO, you will have legal rights to use them exclusively and prevent others from using them without your permission. This can help you to avoid confusion among customers and prevent others from unfairly profiting from the reputation and goodwill of your business.

When applying for a trademark, it’s important to conduct a search to make sure that your name and logo are not already in use by another business. This can be done through the USPTO’s website, and also by hiring a trademark attorney to conduct a comprehensive search.

Jacques CraigJacques Craig
General Counsel, Christian Brothers Automotive

Get Help from An IP Lawyer

One way to protect your business name and logo is to register them with the USPTO. This will give you exclusive rights to use and market products under your registered trademark.

It also prevents others from using an identical mark, which can be costly if they are found infringing on your mark. If someone does infringe on your trademarks, obtaining a federal registration gives you grounds for filing suit in court and seeking statutory damages.

Additionally, registering the marks makes it easier for you to police the marketplace and prevent companies from profiting off of confusion created by the infringement of your marks. Registering trademarks can be done relatively quickly through an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law.

An experienced IP lawyer can ensure that all aspects of registration, as well as review applications to make sure they meet all the requirements set forth by the USPTO.

Marcus FernandezMarcus Fernandez
Attorney, KFB Law

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