How can I get a legal question answered for free?


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get a legal question answered for free

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How can I get a legal question answered for free?

From asking Open AI’s chat GPT consulting your local Citizens Advice Bureau, here are the 13 answers to the question, “How can I get a legal question answered for free?”

  • Try Asking Open AI’s Chat GPT
  • Walk into Your Neighborhood Law Firm
  • Law Libraries Or Public Libraries
  • Look on Avvo
  • State’s Government Website
  • Post On Twitter
  • Check Out a Law Firm’s Blog
  • Quora/Reddit Forums
  • Use Personal Connections
  • Legal Clinics
  • Consult Your Local Citizens Advice Bureau

Try Asking Open AI’s Chat GPT

This is a new idea, but try asking your question on Open AI’s chat GPT. The interface is very conversational and although it will not be replacing professional counsel any time soon, it might just be the fastest option to point you in the right direction. Open AI’s chat responses are eerily good and are something you’ll have to try for yourself to understand the recent hype and massive implications this kind of technology will have on our world going forward.

Michael Fischer , Founder, Elite HRT

Walk into Your Neighborhood Law Firm

Although the general impression is that the legal community charges even for the smallest interactions, I can assure you, as a managing attorney, that this is seldom the case.

We often have people walk into our law firm asking for guidance on their next steps when they find themselves in a legal dilemma. In such a scenario, my team’s concern is to first answer their questions as people with a greater awareness of all things law. We draw up a plan involving legal fees only when they require our in-depth services. So if it’s an important legal question you need to find the answer to, do not hesitate to walk into a law firm in your neighborhood.

You’d be pleasantly surprised by the free advice and suggestions that come your way!

Riley Beam , Managing Attorney, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.

Law Libraries Or Public Libraries

Many law libraries or public libraries offer free legal advice from volunteer lawyers, paralegals, or other legal professionals. Before seeking advice from a volunteer lawyer, it is important to determine if they have the appropriate qualifications and experience to provide a legal opinion on your issue. Additionally, many law schools offer clinics that provide free legal advice to their local communities, so you may want to check into programs at nearby universities as well.

Aviad Faruz , CEO, FARUZO

Finding free and reliable legal advice can be a tricky task. But with some research and direction, you can find all the answers to your legal queries in one place – on the internet. Websites such as offer free resources, articles, community forums, and even contact information for local attorneys who are willing to provide free advice.

Additionally, take advantage of opportunities provided by local law schools offering legal clinics which provide free or reduced-fee services from students under faculty supervision.

All in all, you don’t have to search too hard for resources – getting a legal question answered for free is just a few clicks away!

Travis Lindemoen , Managing Director, nexus IT group

Look on Avvo

Avvo is like Quora for questions or like a Reddit forum. However, you get access to a licensed legal pool of experts on pro-bono.

Avvo helps you as ask a lawyer without revealing your identity or saying “I have this friend”… It’s a great way that lawyers can build up their BBB like street credit to show their skills without charging you for the answer.

Plus, if you like what they have to say it’s a great way to find a lawyer to work with that has a legit scorecard review.

Brian Hawkins , Marketing Manager,

State’s Government Website

There are many resources that can help you get a legal question answered for free, but one of the best places to start is by looking at your state’s government website. Every state has a website where you can go to find information about their laws, and often there will be links to help you find answers to questions about specific laws.For example, in Texas, there’s a “Texas State Law Library” (, which can help you find answers to legal questions and provide links to other resources.You can use “Ask A Librarian” option for help finding the right resource for your problem. They will point you in the direction of websites that can answer your question and give you more information about how to proceed.In addition, many states have free legal aid programs that offer free legal advice for people who qualify based on income level or other factors.

Tiffany Homan , COO, Texas Divorce Laws

Post On Twitter

The greatest part about Twitter is that any polite, courteous stranger can easily initiate a dialogue with a renowned person. Therefore, you can expect to get some legal advice for free on that platform.

Try tweeting someone you recognize who might know the solution to your legal query. You should also remember that asking a legal inquiry on Twitter isn’t going to get you very far if you don’t follow any lawyers. However, I’ve discovered that when contacted directly, lawyers on Twitter are fairly attentive.

Kurt Uhlir , Chief Marketing Officer, kurtuhlir

Check Out a Law Firm’s Blog

Many law firms’ websites provide comprehensive blogs that offer up-to-date insight on the latest laws and trends in the legal industry, as well as evergreen content on a wide variety of topics.

These blogs typically are an extension of the expertise and years of experience from their staff of seasoned lawyers and other legal professionals. Law firms’ blogs are full to the brim with professional, detailed, and well-structured information, and this is one great way to get a legal question answered for free.

Nick Oberheiden , Founder & Attorney, Oberheiden

Quora/Reddit Forums

As much as it would seem untrustworthy, some subreddits and quora forums can prove to be extremely helpful regarding specific-to-case questions. People love to share their opinions and knowledge and deliver it with a bit of pizzazz. That’s why the forums I mentioned above are perfect for any question you might need an answer to, and legal concerns are no exception. Your question can be answered by hundreds of people, evaluated by thousands more, and discussed at great lengths, giving you the most valuable and thorough knowledge of the issue possible. Us humans have the natural need to gossip and exchange information, so what better way to use the most human urge for your own advantage?

Derek Sall , Founder, Life and My Finances

Use Personal Connections

I had a friend who wanted to partner up with someone to write a book. They had some general legal questions regarding intellectual property.

An attorney who is an expert in that space is a good friend of mine, so I invited the two prospective writers out to lunch to meet with me and my attorney friend. They got a lot of their questions answered over lunch. They may have even scrapped the idea for a book because the legal roadblocks in front of them were too difficult to overcome.

Make the most out of the personal and professional connections at your disposal. You can get a lot of guidance and insight that way.

John Sarson , CEO, American Crypto Academy

Legal Clinics

There are several ways to get a legal question answered for free. One of the options is using the help of legal clinics.

Many law schools have clinics where law students provide legal advice and assistance to individuals who cannot afford to hire an attorney. In every case, a licensed attorney supervises the student’s activities.

Legal clinics can assist with various legal issues, including landlord-tenant disputes, consumer protection, and family law. They also help prepare the legal documents and send them to the relevant institutions. Sometimes, when jurisdictions allow, students also conduct oral arguments before the Court. In other cases, professors show up.Legal clinic assistance does not always equal assistance from a hired licensed lawyer. However, depending on the problem, such help may be sufficient. You can search online for legal clinics in your area.

Nina Paczka , Community Manager, Live Career

The American Bar Association has a website where you can get answers to legal questions if you’re in need. Just travel to or do a quick google search for free legal question answers and you won’t have any difficulty finding them. You can expect advice and information from vetted legal experts and lawyers on this website.

All you’ll need to do is answer a few questions on your side to see if you qualify for free legal advice. If you do you’ll be able to ask your question to the volunteer attorneys on their website. You’ll get your response by email. Keep in mind that this may not be the most detailed or specific information, based on how you pose your question and how much time your volunteer can afford.

These sorts of services are best left for simplistic questions. Still, it is a free resource for legal advice, don’t be afraid to make use of it if it fits your needs.

Neel Shah , Founder, EZ Newswire

Consult Your Local Citizens Advice Bureau

There are a few ways to get free legal advice. One simple option, if you’re based in the UK, is to go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. It should be easy enough to find your nearest one by searching for it online. They will be able to help you navigate the legal system and find the right resources for free, or at a vastly reduced cost. Whilst you can’t beat the advice given from a qualified lawyer or solicitor, this is a good alternative free option.

Julian Taylor , Employment Lawyer, Julian Taylor HR

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