How Do I Promote a Small Business With Content Marketing?


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How Do I Promote a Small Business With Content Marketing?

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How Do I Promote a Small Business With Content Marketing?

From providing enthusiastic updates about your business to connecting with the target audience, here are 12 answers to the question, “What are ways to promote a small business with content marketing?”

  • Show Pride in What You Do
  • Focus on Quality and Value
  • Create a Strong SEO Strategy for Small Businesses
  • Develop Evergreen Content
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Collaborate With an Influencer
  • Upload Short Videos
  • Position Your Business as a Thought Leader
  • Tell Your Story
  • Set a Goal for Lead Generation Through Content Downloads
  • Reach Out to Customers by Sending Emails
  • Unlock the Power of Content Communities

Show Pride in What You Do

Small businesses don’t need huge content marketing budgets, nor do they need a dedicated content creator. One of the most straightforward and economical ways to start with content is to show pride in your business.

Write a quick update or post photos of the projects you do, tell interesting client stories, talk about a problem you solved, and share before and after photos—whatever makes sense to your business.

The day-to-day details and happenings of your business might seem common or dry to you. But to an outsider looking in, these photos, stories, and updates show them a side of your business they don’t otherwise get to see. Take pride in your work; others will care when they see what you do.

Alli Hill, Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

Focus on Quality and Value

Content marketing is an effective way to promote your small business. Creating and sharing content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, can help you reach more potential customers and increase brand awareness.

Creating blog posts that are optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo can also bring more traffic to your website and help you establish yourself as an industry expert. By frequently creating and sending out content, you can connect with your desired audience, forge connections with them, and make your business well-known in the industry.

However, it’s important to remember that content marketing is a long-term strategy and requires consistency, creativity, and dedication. If done correctly, content marketing can be a powerful tool for growing your small business.

Brian Lim, CEO, iHeartRaves

Create a Strong SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

Creating an SEO strategy is one effective method to help promote a small business. This is useful in ranking one’s content higher than the competition. Optimization within search engines helps increase traffic to one’s business because potential customers can find the content more easily, building a foundation for brand authority for a small business.

Lyudmyla Dobrynina, Head of Marketing, Optimeal

Develop Evergreen Content

One way to promote a small business with content marketing is to create evergreen content. This content offers long-term value and is usable for years after publishing. Creating, maintaining, and updating evergreen content helps establish your brand as an authority in its field and establishes trust between you and your customers.

This type of content can generate organic traffic to your website, increase visibility for potential customers, and help keep them engaged. Some types of evergreen content include blog posts, tutorials, video guides, and infographics. Creating valuable and informative evergreen content can drive more attention to your small business and promote it effectively.

Kate Wojewoda-Celinska, Marketing Manager, Spacelift

Start a YouTube Channel

Maximize the impact of your small business through an engaging YouTube channel as part of your content marketing strategy. Use videos to show your products or services, host informative webinars, launch interactive contests, and share valuable information with your audience.

To create impactful videos, consider using AI tools to transform your existing blog posts into video format or introduce your business and offer expert advice through self-recorded videos. Partner with influencers in your industry for additional exposure and collaboration opportunities.

With a well-executed YouTube channel, you can take your small business’s content marketing to the next level and drive more traffic and leads. Ensure to distribute your videos across multiple social media platforms and relevant websites to reach a wider audience. You can also invest in paid advertising to target specific users and increase visibility.

Burak Özdemir, Founder, Online Alarm Kur

Collaborate With an Influencer

Depending on your niche, find an influencer you know can effectively promote your service/product to your target market. Influencers create daily content for their viewers and are virtually on all social media platforms. They’re a great tool to reach more audiences with the same interest.

Luckily for small businesses, there are influencer tiers. This metric shows how much an influencer would cost depending on their subscriber count. The more prominent an influencer is, the higher their talent fee will be for product collaborations. For low-income businesses, it’s best to establish a budget first, then find a suitable influencer. It’s an investment worth getting into because of everyone’s connection with social media.

Preston Powell, CEO, Webserv

Upload Short Videos

Short videos—about 90 seconds long—can help promote your small business. It could be a product demo or simply shots of your unique items. Make them visually enticing, backed with upbeat audio, so you can catch the audience’s attention.

Upload short videos on Facebook and Instagram Reels 2 to 3 times per week. By doing so, your followers and non-followers alike can view them.

Note that Reels in the Explore feed expose your content to users with similar interests, making them more aware that your small business exists.

Fred Kuffer, Director of Insurance, BrokerLink

Position Your Business as a Thought Leader

Small businesses can benefit from content marketing through the creation and distribution of blog articles that tackle a controversial or highly opinionated subject from a different angle. This approach allows them to position their business as a thought leader in their industry and build trust with their customers. Rather than regurgitating what everyone else is saying, they’re adding something to the conversation which will make them stand out—to both readers and search engines.

I recommend focusing on a specific challenge or issue faced by their target audience. Then, they should think about how they can solve their audience’s issue with their product or service or how they would approach a solution differently than other similar businesses.

By producing well-researched, well-written, and search-engine-optimized articles that offer unique insights and solutions, they can show their expertise and provide value to their audience.

Karli Jaenike, Owner and Content Marketing Consultant, Wild Idea

Tell Your Story

The product doesn’t matter, at least not as much as you think. That’s why individuals can rise to fame overnight by posting a single video and then selling out their merchandise.

People buy from people they like; they want to support those they trust. Customers prioritize the story behind the brand they’re purchasing from, and that’s an advantage for small businesses. Because telling your story doesn’t require a big budget; it only requires you to identify your key message and distribute it strategically across different platforms.

I just saw a case study at a new restaurant in Shanghai. They served amazing Char Siu (Chinese BBQ pork) but weren’t attracting customers. After emphasizing the chef’s story through different online and offline activations, business started coming in almost immediately. That’s the power of content marketing.

Joyce Tsang, Content Marketer and Founder, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing

Set a Goal for Lead Generation Through Content Downloads

You could create a free ebook or whitepaper that provides in-depth information on a topic related to your business, and set a goal to generate a certain number of leads through downloads of that content.

You can then track and measure the success of your content marketing efforts by monitoring the number of downloads and the conversion rate of those leads into customers. This can help you refine your content strategy and optimize your efforts to generate more leads and grow your business.

Donna Josephson, Chief Marketing Officer, Shipley Do-Nuts

Reach Out to Customers by Sending Emails

A Statista 2022 study showed that there are 4.3 billion email users, and they expect these numbers to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025.

This means that you can amplify your content marketing efforts by using email marketing. With an average of 333.2 billion emails sent every day, small business owners can take advantage of getting their content in front of their customers.

Make the most out of email marketing by sending well-thought-out messages. Come up with a strong headline that will capture your audience’s interest. And last, personalize your emails so you can generate a higher open rate.

Promote a small business through email marketing and you will see an impressive return on investment when done right.

Becky Moore, Founder, Global Grasshopper

Unlock the Power of Content Communities

One way to promote a small business with content marketing is to use content communities. Content communities offer an engaged audience you may not have access to otherwise. You can join existing content communities or create your own. Online communities like Mashable, HubPages, Medium, and GrowthHackers offer great opportunities to connect with the right target audience.

To get the most out of content communities, focus on building relationships rather than simply pushing your products or services. Take part in conversations, provide helpful advice, and share interesting content to build trust with your audience. This can help you build a solid reputation and increase the visibility of your brand.

Ahmet Durmusoglu, Co-Founder, ContentGo

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