What is one city worth visiting in Spain?


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cities to visit in spain

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What are some cities to visit in Spain?

From traditional Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid to more off the grid cities like Gijón and Toledo, here are ten cities to consider visiting in Spain:

  • Granada
  • Barcelona as My Favorite City in Spain + World!
  • Salamanca
  • Ibizia is by Far the Most Unforgettable Destination
  • Tengo Algún Importante Información Para Ti!
  • Toledo
  • Gijón, Asturias
  • The Valencia City
  • La Coruña
  • Seville is a City Worth Visiting in Spain


I recently traveled to Andalusia with my wife and parents and had an unforgettable time. I’ve been dancing Flamenco for 10 years, and it felt like a pilgrimage to get back to not only the source of this beautiful dance but also to my ancestral home. The most magical city we visited was without doubt Granada. More so than any other city I’ve visited in Spain, it retains it’s medieval antiquity and the feel of a small, but culturally powerful city. Of course, no trip is complete without the several mile hike to and through the Alhambra, the great Islamic fortress and palace inescapable to the eye from anywhere in the city. I’m not one to wax poetic, nor am I easily enchanted, but that palace gave me an ancient romantic thrill with a nostalgia so deep that it felt almost genetic, like I had been there in a past life. If you’re lucky, near sunset, you may find, on any number of city streets, a lone guitarist playing Tárrega’s Recuerdos de la Alhambra, and that will make your trip complete.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely


Barcelona as My Favorite City in Spain + World!

Barcelona is my favorite city in the world and is a must-visit if you are spending any time in Western Europe. Having visited three times, I find myself falling for the ambiance of the beach-side atmosphere every time I arrive there. The food, outdoor plazas, and Mediterranean lifestyle all contribute to making Barcelona a welcoming environment. I always seem to meet so many interesting people when I’m there, because it is such a culturally diverse city. I feel like I have truly enriched my life by choosing to spend them there on holiday.

Jonathan Zacharias, Founder, GR0



If you want to learn about Spain – its history, culture and language – what better place is there to visit than one of its most famous university cities? Salamanca pumps out a lot of students who go on to teach the Spanish language around the world. Because of that, it draws students from around the world — and that makes for an enriching experience for all who visit. People want to be in a foreign land alongside others who are eager to learn about it. That enthusiasm gets spread among all visitors because everyone is on a mission to learn. Salamanca has so much visual beauty too. It truly is one of the hidden gems of Western Europe.

Trevor Ford, Head of Growth, Yotta

Ibizia is by Far the Most Unforgettable Destination

Many people forget that Ibizia is actually just on Island right off the coast of Spain but is in fact a part of spain. It is the pinnacle destination in the world for dance music, has beautiful beaches with a rich island culture, and in my opinion should be a bucket list destination for everyone at least once in their lives.

Michael Burghoffer, CEO, PicoSolutions

Tengo Algún Importante Información Para Ti!

Madrid is my first choice for its culture, food, architecture, history, art, and people. There’s something about Madrid that makes me feel at home. A Spanish city full of history. Madrid was founded in 913 A.D. and has been inhabited since then. It’s the oldest capital city in Spain and the second largest after Barcelona. It’s home to many historical monuments and buildings, including the Royal Palace, the Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor, and the Puerta del Sol. I recommend that anyone traveling the world stop in Madrid for a marvelous and unforgettable experience.

Benjamin Earley, CEO, HOLT


Toledo, the former capital of Spain, remains a pure medieval marvel!Central Spain’s historic city of Toledo is perched on a hilltop above the Castilla-La Mancha plains. The walled ancient city of this region’s capital is famous for its medieval Arab, Jewish, and Christian monuments. Every nook discusses historical topics. It’s a diverse city of three religions, where all of them collaborated to produce outstanding artistic masterpieces of art, poetry, and architecture that are etched in history forever.

Guy Sharp, Relocation Advisor, Andorra Guides

Gijón, Asturias

Most cities in Spain are centuries old. A thousand-year-old cathedral has become a standard feature there. One such place with a highly rich heritage and culture is Gijón, high up in Asturias. The nightlife here is worth experiencing once. People take to the streets, enjoying soft music and a very famous hard cider called Sidra. The place is beautiful like the rest of Spain. Citizens are very welcoming of tourists and accommodation and food are cheap. It’s a must.

Sally Johnson, CEO & Founder, Greenlightbooking

The Valencia City

Spain not only has a renowned for its beautiful lifestyle, but it also has a rich history. If you visit Spain and do not go to Valencia City, your journey will be incomplete. This lovely city is a fascinating combination of modernism and architectural history. If you adore sports, like me, this city is great for for you because it has dozens of places dedicated to sports that are surrounded by trees and plants, with a beach as the cherry on top.

Graham Byers, Founder, Bestchoiceforseniors

La Coruña

La Coruña is a port city in the Galicia region of northwest Spain. Rugged coastline and green headlands, diverse architecture, cultural sights, and fascinating museums are just some of the many things this amazing city has to offer. Either during the day or at night, there is always life in La Coruña.Thanks to its beautiful beaches, La Coruña is a perfect getaway for a few days under the sun. There are also beautiful romantic gardens, where you can relax and enjoy yourself. The city has many kilometers of the promenade. It’s great for mindful walking in the evening or a vigorous jog in the morning.One of the most unforgettable experiences for visitors to La Coruña is watching the sunset from the Tower of Hercules lighthouse, the world’s only Roman lighthouse still in operation. Sun gradually sinking into the Atlantic is a dreamlike landscape.Last but not least. You can’t miss the delicious seafood, tapas, and regional beer Estrella Galicia. La Coruña is definitely worth visiting!

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer

Seville is a City Worth Visiting in Spain

Spain is a country with a rich history and culture, and there are many cities worth visiting. However, one city that stands out is Seville. Seville is the capital of Andalusia and was once the largest city in Spain. It is known for its architecture, food, and Flamenco dancing. The Alcazar Palace, Giralda Tower, and Cathedral of Seville are some of the most popular attractions. Visitors can also enjoy tapas and wine in one of the many restaurants or bars. Seville is a lively city with something for everyone, making it an ideal destination for a vacation.

Benjamin okyere, Founder and CTO, Stress Reliever

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