8 Best Small Towns In America To Visit During Summer


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8 Best Small Towns In America To Visit During Summer

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What is your favorite small town in America to visit during the summer and why?

To help you decide on what small towns you should visit this summer, we asked travel experts and business leaders this question for their thoughts. From taking a trip to the coast to keeping it simple with a beach bbq, there are several small towns you can visit and small-town festivities you can take part in this summer!

Here are eight small towns to visit in America during the summer: 

  • View the Sights Along the Coast
  • Cool Off Among the Pines
  • Experience the Beauty and Community
  • Get Charmed in New England
  • Slow Down in Pennsylvania
  • Enjoy a Thrilling Boardwalk and Tours
  • Kick Back With BBQ at the Beach
  • Go Fishing in Homer, Alaska

View the Sights Along the Coast 

Although it is technically in the middle of two towns, Big Sur in California is one of my favorite spots to visit in the summer. As many know, California summers are unmatched and so is the beauty of Big Sur! Nestled right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Lucia Mountains, it is truly home to some of the most gorgeous views on the West Coast.

Sara Brown, Cruise America

Cool Off Among the Pines

I currently live in the Phoenix, Arizona area which is notorious for its blistering summers with temperatures well into the hundreds. Escaping the heat is a must during the long, hot summer in Arizona. Driving just a couple of hours north of Phoenix will land you in the Pinetop area, a beautiful small town full of campsites with pine trees and lakes as far as the eye can see. While Pinetop is still located in the state of Arizona, the nights are cool and the days are a perfect warm temperature in the summer. It is the ideal small town to escape to in the summer! 

Kayla Centeno, Modern Luxury

Enjoy the Beauty and Community 

After visiting every country, visiting every state is a new challenge. I have experienced many great cities in America, but I had to think about which small town I loved. I really enjoyed visiting the beautiful town of Vail out of season. It was very friendly, one of the friendliest communities I have experienced in America. It was very quiet as well. I look back at that visit as a great memory and a place that would be nice to re-visit.

Henrik Jeppeson, Every Country in the World

Get Charmed in New England 

In the summer, I love to visit towns throughout the East Coast, specifically within New England. Connecticut has so many great towns along the coast that are quiet but beautiful. Additionally, if you go to Massachusetts, you can visit small towns in Cape Cod such as Chatam, Falmouth, and more. These towns get slightly more crowded in the summer but are great locations to relax and spend some time at the beach. If you make your way to the Boston area, visit small towns like Beverly or Duxbury for a charming beach scene.

Katie Fellenz, Trust & Will

Slow Down in Pennsylvania

Some people think that all small towns in America are the same, but this is not true. If you want to experience what it feels like to be back on your grandparents’ farm where life moves slowly and everyone knows each other’s name, then go visit Johnstown, Pennsylvania during summertime. It’ll give you an appreciation for how much work goes into running such a tight-knit community!

Altay Gursel, Metriculum

Experience an Exciting Boardwalk and Tours

During the summer, there are several must-see small towns in America, one of which is Ocean City. Ocean City is a resort town located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wight Bay in Maryland. There are miles of beach as well as a wooden boardwalk with restaurants, stores, and hotels. Trimper’s Rides, located on the boardwalk’s southern end, has been hosting theme park attractions for decades. Kayaks and tour boats abound in the local seas, some of which travel to nearby Assateague Island.

Sylvia Kang, Mira

Relax with BBQ and the Beach

Every summer, my husband and I like to explore different beaches around the U.S. Out of all the beaches we’ve been to so far, we have to say Port Aransas in Texas has been our favorite. There’s nothing greater than having a beach that never gets too crowded and local shops with a good, cool breeze. To top it off, we enjoy the Texas BBQ nearby. 

Natalie Sullivan, Cooler Air Today

Go Fishing

Nothing beats visiting Homer, Alaska during the summer. Long, 22-hour days of sunlight combined with some epic fishing trips for halibut and king salmon make Homer a true gem. It’s a four-hour drive from Anchorage, and it’s the type of place where bald eagles are as common as seagulls on the California coast. Stop off at the Salty Dawg Saloon on the Homer Spit, put up a dollar bill on the wall, and experience all there is in Alaska. 

Brett Farmiloe, Terkel

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