What’s a great Christmas gift for a luxury traveler?


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christmas gift for luxury traveler

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Christmas gift guide for Luxury Travelers

From high-end sneakers to a Nimble Champ portable charger here are twenty-eight answers to the question, “What is one great Christmas gift for a luxury traveler?”

  • Portable Garment Steamer
  • Get Them An Apple Watch Ultra
  • A Subscription to Travel Magazines
  • Leather Passport Case
  • New Suitcase is by Far the Best Christmas Gift
  • Prepaid Travel Card With Money Loaded Onto It
  • High-end Sneakers
  • Designer Passport Wallet
  • Rimowa Luggage
  • Few Ideas for Luxury Traveller Gift
  • Priority Pass for Airport Lounge Access
  • Modular Neck Pillow
  • Aesop Soaps Luxury Travel Grooming & Toiletries Kit
  • A Camera is a Great Option
  • Miir Traveler Tumbler
  • Where the Locals Go
  • Garmin Marq Adventurer
  • Luxury Travel Sleep Mask
  • Leather Tie Case
  • Lluxury Traveler Gifts
  • Silk Travel Items Are the Epitome of Luxury
  • Every Luxury Travel Needs Noise Canceling Headphones
  • A First-class Airplane Ticket
  • Nimble Champ Portable Charger
  • Travel Pillow
  • Carry On Cocktail Kits
  • A High-quality Replenishing Moisturizer
  • A Subscription to An Exclusive Travel Club.

Portable Garment Steamer

If you know someone who loves to travel in style, then the Tefal DT827 garment steamer is the perfect Christmas gift. This top-of-the-range steamer uses powerful steam to remove creases from clothes in seconds, making it ideal for keeping travel outfits looking sharp. It also comes with a handy travel case, so your friend can take it with them on their next luxury getaway. With its professional quality and handy features, the Tefal DT827 garment steamer will complete any luxury traveller’s Christmas.

Michael Sena, Founder & CEO, SENACEA

Get Them An Apple Watch Ultra

I never used to be one to recommend smart watches but the new Apple Watch Ultra has officially changed my mind with it’s much longer battery life and rugged features perfect for all types of endurance athletes. If I want to, I can go through huge chunks of my day without my phone and be perfectly connected to my life and business through my watch alone. Especially for those who travel and want to keep track of their health, fitness, and sleep data, the Apple Watch Ultra is the perfect upgrade or introduction to the smart watch space for anyone.

michael Fischer, Founder, Elite HRT

A Subscription to Travel Magazines

If the traveler you know loves to travel the world, consider gifting them a subscription to one of the many excellent travel magazines. A subscription to National Geographic, for example, will give them a plethora of fascinating stories and photos from around the world. Plus, it’s a great way to keep them up-to-date on the latest news happening in the travel world.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely

Leather Passport Case

The quality, elegant leather passport case is a great gift idea. It’s not only a classy but also a practical item protecting this important travel document from possible damage. Many passport cases from premium brands contain credit card slots. What else does the luxury traveler need in his pocket for his next airport check-in?

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, US Visa Photo

New Suitcase is by Far the Best Christmas Gift

One great Christmas gift for a luxury traveler is a new suitcase. This will allow them to pack all of their belongings in one place, and avoid having to check any luggage. A new suitcase also makes it easy to keep track of what is packed, and helps to avoid lost items.

Aviad Faruz, CEO, FARUZO

Prepaid Travel Card With Money Loaded Onto It

A great Christmas gift for a luxury traveler could be a prepaid travel card with money loaded onto it. This would give the traveler access to their funds while they are on holiday, without having to worry about carrying around large amounts of cash. Additionally, a premium membership or rewards program associated with the card could also be included, allowing them to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts when they travel.

Amira Irfan, Founder and CEO, A Self Guru

High-end Sneakers

Every frequent flyer needs a pair of luxury sneakers. Traveling requires us to spend ample time in transit – and your shoes need to offer first-class comfort and style, allowing you to go straight from the plane to dinner with company. High-end sneaker brands are a go-to holiday gift for travelers who enjoy the finer things.

Cesar Cruz, Co-Founder, Sebastian Cruz Couture

Designer Passport Wallet

It is quite a practical yet still a very stylish gift. Every person that travels needs a place to keep their documents. The designer wallet is the best option for someone with a luxurious mind. At the same time, it is possible to personalize the gift by adding someone’s initials or simply by the designer’s choice. Perhaps they have their favorite one?

Magdalena M. Sadowska, Community Manager & Content Writer, US Passport Photo

Rimowa Luggage

Rimowa is one of the best premium luggage brands available. It is both stylish and durable, which justifies the higher price point. The brand has stood the test of time and remains to be a top contender in the luxury market. Any luxury traveler will be familiar with the brand and will appreciate it as a gift. There are also many sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.

Michelle Siy, Content Writer, Oliver Wicks

Few Ideas for Luxury Traveller Gift

A first-class ticket to anywhere in the world – Luxury travellers love to travel and see new places. If you can’t afford to buy them a first-class ticket, consider giving them a voucher for a future flight instead. A stay at a 5-star hotel – Another great gift idea for luxury travellers is a voucher for a stay at a luxurious hotel. Many hotels offer exceptional amenities and services that regular hotels don’t have, so your loved one can enjoy a truly unique experience.A nice piece of jewellery – Luxury travellers also tend to appreciate nice jewellery. If you’re unsure what type of jewellery to get, consider something that incorporates your favourite travel destination. A designer handbag – Most luxury travellers also love designer handbags. If you’re unsure which designer to choose, go with one classic and timeless like Chanel or Hermes.

Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Consultant, SEO London

Priority Pass for Airport Lounge Access

Give the gift of more comfortable and relaxed air travel. I know what you’re thinking: isn’t that a myth? No, it’s a pass to airport lounges. This is perfect for a traveler of any age or style. Having access to airport lounges worldwide is a major upgrade from the normal air travel experience, especially post-COVID. This travel gift will outlive many others: a membership is an entire year long, with the option to renew at the end of the year. Travel is all about enjoying the journey, and almost nothing helps you do that more than an airport lounge pass. Available here: https://www.prioritypass.com/en/join-prioritypass

Kayla Ihrig, Founder, Writing From Nowhere

Modular Neck Pillow

The modular neck pillow is a thoughtful Christmas gift for the luxury traveler. A modular neck pillow is very comfortable for people who travel frequently. It can be adjusted as a requirement. The modular construction allows you to customize the height and shape of the pillow to avoid neck strain. If you prefer to sleep sitting up but can never get your neck comfortable enough to sleep for more than five minutes.

Karen Cate Agustin, Business Analyst, Investors Club

Aesop Soaps Luxury Travel Grooming & Toiletries Kit

Get them an Aesop soaps luxury travel grooming & toiletries kit. This convenient and high quality kit comes in its own travel case and comes with everything you need to feel the same level of comfort while traveling you’re used to at home, all inside travel sized bottles.

Michael Burghoffer, CEO, PicoSolutions

A Camera is a Great Option

If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for a luxury traveler, a camera is a great option. Luxury travelers often enjoy capturing memories of their trips, and a camera can help them do just that. Whether they’re interested in photography or simply want to document their travels, a camera is a perfect gift. Choose one with features that match their needs and interests, such as a waterproof camera for those who love to explore underwater or a camera with built-in editing features for those who like to capture and share their photos and videos on social media. Plus, it’s something they can use again and again, making it a truly thoughtful present.

Erik Pham, CEO, Health Canal

Miir Traveler Tumbler

A travel mug is a must in any traveler’s backpack. Your choice of beverage can vary, but this travel accessory is not. Having a reusable and insulated cup, mug, or tumbler in your bag can be useful in many scenarios. Just because you are on the go does not mean you need to sacrifice your daily coffee or tea. A travel tumbler is also an environment-friendly choice, as it helps avoid excess wastage. The MiiR Flip Traveler is one of the best gifts you can give to a traveler. The tumbler is available in a variety of sizes. The design is sleek and adds to a luxury traveler’s baggage. It has double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your drink hot or cold. The flip lid looks cool and manages to keep the drinks from spilling. This product has been praised by many, and rightfully so. It is also dishwasher-safe, and the size is perfect for standard cup holders. It makes an excellent gift for a frequent traveler.

Brandon Perton, Owner, TheOldSchoolGameVault

Where the Locals Go

That’s tricky – are they the jet-setting type of traveler, or the backpacking type?Some people get finicky about their gear, so be wary of too many gadgets.I would suggest a book like Where the Locals Go by National Geographic. It lists places not usually listed in traditional travel guides. Or, if they have a hobby or interest, books about places that feature the things they like (like the Pinball Museum in Chattanooga, TN or the Museum of Typography in Souda, Crete).Gift Product: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Locals-Go-Places-Celebrate/dp/1426211945Other possibilities include items from Day Makers of Santa Barbara, which has numerous items for the security conscious traveler. I like their stuff.

Billy Parker, Managing Director, Gift Delivery

Garmin Marq Adventurer

If Indiana Jones were to appear in a modern-day remake, he’d probably be seen sporting the newest, most expensive outdoor watch from Garmin. This luxury modern tool watch aptly titled Adventurer model is made with high-quality materials to withstand any situation.If its easy-to-read OLED screen and up to 16 days of battery life weren’t enough to convince you that it’s ready for adventure, the 360-degree compass bezel should do the trick. When you combine all of Garmin’s fitness and health tracking capabilities, you get a watch that does it all and still looks the part.

Guy Sharp, Relocation Advisor, Andorra Guides

Luxury Travel Sleep Mask

Luxury sleep mask with its super light block makes you fall asleep faster and is the best gift for travelers. Adjustable straps assist with sleeping in comfort and fits exactly to the head size. It’s washable, comes with a carry pouch and earplugs, and provides superior comfort with interior eye chambers and an eye cavity to ensure no pressure on the eyes. The reducing light will help your body boost melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep occurs naturally in your body. It is a very good product and helps people with sensitive eyes.

Brad Burnie, Founder, Starships

Leather Tie Case

For businessmen or others who need to look professional or “dressed”, a leather tie case will protect your ties and keep them smooth during travel. A case usually fits one to six ties, but the number could differ if packing both bow ties and long ties. The typical size of the case is about 5-6” wide, 16-17” tall, and has a depth of roughly 1.5”, making it easy to pack in your suitcase without taking up much space. The leather makes it durable and resistant to bending or folding, and the inside lining is usually made of a soft material so that it doesn’t catch onto or snag silk ties. A well-made tie can travel the globe for many years.

Nick Oberheiden, Founder & Attorney, Oberheiden

Lluxury Traveler Gifts

Remember when you used to place a pin on a map of the world to indicate your travels? There is now an improvement. The gold foil layer on the Luckies of London Scratch Map Deluxe may be peeled off as you go to keep track of your travels. This is ideal for everyone who has ever imagined touring the world. Over the years, it has been difficult to find the perfect travel adaptor, but now that we have this OREI M8 All-In-One International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter, we adore it. With the flip of a switch, it transforms plugs for every nation in the world, making it a fantastic travel present for those who travel for business or pleasure.

Adam Berry, Founder at AdamBerrySeo, AdamBerrySeo

Silk Travel Items Are the Epitome of Luxury

A luxury traveler would love a gift that makes their travels more comfortable and enjoyable. An excellent gift for a luxury traveler is something that makes their trip more convenient, such as a portable charger or travel pillow. Something that would make their trip more enjoyable, such as a luxury item they can take with them on the go, would also be greatly appreciated. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that the luxury traveler in your life will truly appreciate and enjoy, e.g., a high-quality silk pillowcase or an eye mask. Silk is the epitome of luxury thanks to its elegant look, soft feel, and high cost of production. Roman royalty and Chinese empresses have enjoyed its various benefits for thousands of years.

Natalia Grajcar, Co-Founder, Natu.Care

Every Luxury Travel Needs Noise Canceling Headphones

No luxury traveler would be caught without good noise canceling headphones. Ensuring you arrive at your destination well-rested is high on anyone’s travel list. While sleeping on an airplane is difficult even in the best of times, without something to block the noise around you, it can be impossible. Talking amongst passengers and crews, as well as the noises of flight attendants serving and answering calls, can all make sleep seem but an elusive dream. Noise canceling headphones permit the traveler to block out these sounds and listen to soft music, audiobooks or white noise without being disturbed. Numerous options exist today at various price points to satisfy your budget and the traveler in your life.

Andrew Adamo, VP, Bullion Shark

A First-class Airplane Ticket

There is nothing quite like the feeling of flying first class. The luxury, the comfort, and the VIP service are all unparalleled. If you have a friend or family member who loves to travel in style, what better Christmas gift could you give them than a first-class airplane ticket?Your loved one will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift, and they will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with flying first class. From complimentary champagne to lie-flat seats, they will have a travel experience like never before. And when they land at their destination, they will be refreshed and ready to enjoy all that their trip has to offer.So if you are looking for a truly unique and memorable Christmas gift for a luxury traveler in your life, look no further than a first-class airplane ticket. It is sure to make their holiday season even more special.

Martin Seeley, CEO, Mattress Next Day

Nimble Champ Portable Charger

Traveling of any kind requires a portable charger in my opinion. This is especially true in the present times when we document our travels. A luxurious and stylish option under this would be the Nimble Champ Portable Charger. It’s just like carrying around a deck of cards, that how’s much it weighs. A compact device as well, with a sleek lightweight design that can be added to your overall aesthetic. The best part about this product is its universal compatibility across devices. Plus, an added benefit is its super fast charging feature across two devices at the same time. For 50 dollars, it stands out as a more affordable option compared to the rest. Having tried it out, I would say add it to your next luxury trip and not miss out on catching your top memories.

Sean Harris, Managing Editor, FamilyDestinationsGuide

Travel Pillow

Find the best memory foam travel pillow on the market and gift it to someone who is a luxury traveler. Chances are, they spend countless hours in the sky crossing multiple time zones. Sleeping on a plane is borderline impossible for some people, but a comfortable pillow that conforms to their head and neck will certainly give them a better chance to sneak in a few hours of sleep. At the very least, they’ll be more comfortable during the ride, even when there’s turbulence. It’s a gift they can put to great use. It’s also a gift that not a lot of people think of giving someone else. The traveler in your life will appreciate the thoughtfulness of it.

Emily Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer, eLuxury

Carry On Cocktail Kits

As a mixologist I love the Carry-On Cocktail kits from W&P. They are a carry-on approved kit that has everything you need to make a delicious craft cocktail on a long flight, all you need to add is booze and sometimes water to hydrate the mixes! These are a great gift if you know a jet-setter who enjoys a luxury cocktail on the go. The ingredients are fresher and of higher quality than you’d be able to get on the plane, and each kit has enough accoutrements to make two cocktails. I’m not sponsored or own W&P but I love these kits and feel they are a real luxurious splurge at an affordable price. https://wandp.com/products/margarita?variant=40305901710

Paul Kushner, CEO, My Bartender

A High-quality Replenishing Moisturizer

Skin tends to dry out when you travel frequently. The changes in humidity can dehydrate this organ, so it’s imperative that you pack a high-quality moisturizer. We suggest Furtuna Skin’s Travel Size Replenishing Balm. This reparative balm rejuvenates stressed skin while locking in moisture to leave it soft and nourished. The soothing formula envelops skin in moisture and helps repair surface damage to illuminate dull, drab, fatigued skin.

Kim Walls, CEO and Co-Founder, Furtuna Skin

A Subscription to An Exclusive Travel Club.

For the luxury traveler on your Christmas list, consider a subscription to an exclusive travel club. This could be a club that provides access to private jet charters or that curates custom travel itineraries. If your friend or family member is someone who loves to travel in style, this gift will be sure to impress. A subscription to an exclusive travel club will provide them with access to unique experiences and VIP treatment that they’ll never forget. And what could be more luxurious than that?

Benjamin okyere, Founder and CTO, Stress Reliever

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