How do I get my content to show up in Google search?


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What is one way content marketers can get their company to appear in more places on Google, such as Google Ads, Images, Shopping, and GMB?

To help content marketers appear on Google Spaces, we asked Marketing experts and Google ad experts this question for their best tips and advice. From adding relevant content to using free tools to recreate appealing visuals, here are several tips that help your content appear in Google Spaces.

Below are 11 ways for content marketers to get their companies to appear in Google spaces:

  • Add Relevant Content to Get On Google Images
  • Mix Up Your Keyword Strategies
  • Work With Reporters
  • Use Google Merchant Center Account
  • Use Keyword-rich Google Ads
  • Complete a GMB Profile
  • Optimize Search Engine Listings
  • Match Search Intent
  • Create Shareable Ads
  • Utilize Mobile SEO
  • Use Free Tools to Recreate Appealing Visuals

Add Relevant Content to Get On Google Images

One of the best ways to promote your business in digital marketing is through photographs. However, knowing what to put around them is the most effective way to get them displayed on Google Images. You may have incredible photos showcasing your products and services. However, if there is nothing surrounding them to trigger Google’s algorithms, the likelihood that anyone will see them is greatly diminished.Placing content relating to the photo on the page, optimizing image placement near the relevant text, avoiding placing text inside the image, and creating mobile-friendly websites, will all aid Google’s search engine to recognize the image and its content relevancy, increasing your chances of your photo appearing on Google Images. By making it easier for the search engine to recognize your image, you will be aiding it towards your goal of being placed on Google Images.

Yuvi Alpert, Noémie

Mix Up Your Keyword Strategies

Perhaps the simplest and most direct way to appear on Google more often and in more places is to rank for as many keywords as possible. This means that you really have to step up your SEO game. Do the work when it comes to researching your prospective keywords, and then stick with a certain strategy and follow it to the letter. Look for a nice mix of difficult-to-score keywords, as well as low-hanging fruit. A little variety is the spice of every SEO strategy.

Ryan Rottman, OSDB Sports

Work With Reporters

Keep in mind that reporters are always looking for informational quotes from professionals that can lend credibility to their articles. Build contacts, or look to platforms like Terkel, which can help connect journalists with business experts who are more than willing to share helpful tips. This not only helps create brand recognition, but it can do wonders for your backlinking, which is something Google will take note of, to be sure.

Lauren Kleinman, The Quality Edit

Use Google Merchant Center Account

If you want to show up in images and other Google sections, you can just sign in to your Google Merchant Center account and upload your logo there. It’s also through Google Merchant Center that you can register your business and make sure your products show up in Google Shopping. Organic Google Ads are also paired with popular items on Google Shopping.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

Use Keyword-rich Google Ads

Using Google Ads can help boost your reach by showing your website at the top of search results. Be specific in your strategies, so you get the best return on your ad spend and make sure your ads are optimized. Google Ads can be highly competitive depending on your industry, so you want to make sure your ads are high quality. You can easily craft keyword-rich ads that will have a higher chance of getting featured and drawing in more traffic.

Rachel Roff, Urban Skin Rx

Complete a GMB Profile

Completing your business’s Google My Business profile is the first step in creating a strong online presence. This will let your brand and website appear in different places in the Google ecosystem, enabling helpful marketing features such as customer reviews and map locations.

You can also use your GMB profile to post updates and speak directly to customers, which will further boost your visibility. Best of all, the platform functions as a free SEO tool that can help you learn more about how customers interact with your brand, which you can then use to create more helpful content in the future.

Johannes Larsson,

Optimize Search Engine Listings

One way to make ads appear in more places is to optimize search engine listings. Start by submitting fresh content to the search engine directories you want to be cited. Your content will be indexed in your chosen platform, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the like. Optimizing search engine listings is a simple but effective way to gain website traffic and get your brand out there. Leverage good quality content to increase chances for conversion.

Brogan Renshaw, Modelers Central

Match Search Intent

Marketers can improve their online visibility by matching search intent. “Search intent” is the identification of what users intend to find when they conduct a search. Matching search intent positions your business as an authority in your space and tells your audience that you’re prepared to answer their questions. This improves your domain authority and helps you make more appearances across a variety of different channels.By providing content that helps users satisfy their search goals, you can make an immediate impact on how and where Google places your content. One of the best ways to do so is by producing multi-modal, evergreen content. Your content should use a combination of text, photo, and video to help you leave an impression in as many places at once. For example, a high-quality blog post with a unique image will help you appear on both Google Images and search engine results pages (SERPs), which makes your company more ubiquitous online.

Patrick Casey, Felix

Create Shareable Ads

Create shareable ads and cross-platform opportunities. Many marketing campaigns make the mistake of being application or page-specific. Create campaigns and advertisements that work throughout mediums, and support cross-platform engagement. This increases your marketable consumer base and makes you more shareable.

Tony Chan, CloudForecast

Utilize Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO preparedness can be one of the best ways to improve content spread. In a world where most consumers spend a lot of time on mobile smart devices, preparing your strategy for optimization across mobile platforms may intensely improve your campaign’s success.

Russell Lieberman, Altan Insights

Use Free Tools to Recreate Appealing Visuals

It can be tempting to focus solely on writing text when creating content. That makes sense because, for the most part, it’s where your argument lives, but it’s also got the lowest technical barrier to entry. Many people write well, can construct an argument, and can even use a CMS.Creating great-looking visuals, on the other hand, is seen as a more specialized field, and people can be wary of straying into design territory. But creating new visuals to accompany your texts is so important. Visuals break up text and engage audiences, but they also have the power within search. I know that I often look through Google images when I’m researching a topic, mainly because I know that some of the better content will have broken down complex concepts into easy-to-consume images. If you’re creating a piece of content that mentions common business concepts or processes, look at similar images, create your own with free design tools like Canva or Visme and then add alt text for discoverability.

Scott Hitchins, Interact Software

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