Who Has the Best Public Relations Webinars?


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Who Has the Best Public Relations Webinars?

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Who Has the Best Public Relations Webinars?

To help you find the best public relations webinars, we asked CEOs, founders, and community managers to share their top recommendations. From PRSA’s comprehensive webinar offerings to Tonya McKenzie’s inspiring PR Lunch Hour, discover the top eight webinars worth a listen, as recommended by industry professionals.

  • PRSA: Comprehensive Webinar Offerings
  • PR Week: Dual Benefits for All
  • Institution for PR: Noteworthy Panelists
  • Cision and HARO: Valuable Content
  • Hootsuite: Up-to-Date PR Webinars
  • PRWeb: Insightful and Innovative Webinars
  • Ragan: Comprehensive PR Webinar Series
  • Tonya McKenzie’s Lunch Hour: Inspiring and Helpful

PRSA: Comprehensive Webinar Offerings

PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) hosts some of the best public relations webinars. They offer a variety of topics that will help you stay on top of the latest trends in the industry, while also giving practical advice and tips to help you excel at whatever job you may have.

Their webinars cover everything from media relations to crisis management, so no matter what your specialty is, there is something for everyone.

Ryan HetrickRyan Hetrick
CEO, Epiphany Wellness

PR Week: Dual Benefits for All

PR Week is one of the best. Their webinars are great for both PR professionals and brands. PR professionals get to hear from the best of the industry on topics such as “AI and PR: Authoring the Future,” a much-needed discussion on AI’s potential, possibilities, and pitfalls. This was very helpful in putting AI in perspective regarding using intelligence.

For brands, I highly recommend checking out their webinar “Consumer Insight: Getting More Bang for Your PR Buck,” which provides excellent insight into how brands can best manage their PR budget and apply best practices that will help them get results.

Amore PhilipAmore Philip
Director of Public Relations, Apples & Oranges Public Relations

Institution for PR: Noteworthy Panelists

Among all the organizations that host public relations webinars, one that’s worth a listen is the Institution for Public Relations, a non-profit organization that researches public relations. They conduct free monthly webinars on the latest public relations topics like using AI in PR, VR in communication, etc.


The topics they pick and the panelists they bring for discussion are noteworthy. For example, their latest webinar was about the power of Gen Z and how they are bringing a recent change to workspace culture. They could have easily picked any renowned millennial panelists to discuss the matter. Still, they brought most of the Gen Z entrepreneurs and leaders to be the voice themselves.

Of course, there were some millennial panelists as well to give external perspectives, but with a Gen Z-heavy panel, they could highlight the future generation’s fresh approach to marketing, information flow, communication style, etc.

Ayushi JainAyushi Jain
Brand Partnerships Manager, Qikink

Cision and HARO: Valuable Content

Cision and HARO are the top names for hosting public relations webinars. Cision hosts webinars ranging from the basics of PR to expert insights on the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Meanwhile, HARO’s webinars cover everything from small business PR to marketing utilities and best practices.

These webinars provide the latest industry trends, share innovative ideas, and equip attendees with practical tips and tricks to navigate the ever-developing PR landscape successfully. With valuable takeaways and substantial networking opportunities, these webinars are worth every listen.

Basana SahaBasana Saha
Founder, KidsCareIdeas

Hootsuite: Up-to-Date PR Webinars

Hootsuite provides a wide variety of public relations webinars that can help businesses and organizations learn how to manage their PR campaigns effectively. The webinars usually cover topics such as media monitoring and reputation management, best practices for creating press releases and stories, optimizing content for search engine visibility, and much more.

What makes Hootsuite’s webinars stand out is that they are hosted by experienced PR professionals, usually from the company’s own team, so the content is always up-to-date and comprehensive. Hootsuite has a great user interface for accessing their webinars, which makes them easy to access and use.

Marcos IsaiasMarcos Isaias
Founder and CEO, Misaias

PRWeb: Insightful and Innovative Webinars

With hosting captivating public relations webinars, PRWeb stands out. Their webinars are a must for aspiring professionals and experts. The combination of insightful industry analysis, innovative strategies, and real-life case studies sets them apart.

With top-notch speakers and interactive sessions, PRWeb’s webinars provide a unique opportunity to learn from the best and gain practical knowledge. Whether you want to refine your PR techniques or stay updated on the latest trends, their webinars will inspire you.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich

Ragan: Comprehensive PR Webinar Series

Renowned for exceptional communication and PR knowledge, Ragan goes beyond by providing an array of webinars designed for PR professionals. From crisis communication to media relations, internal communication to social media strategies, and content creation, these webinars deliver invaluable guidance and practical tips.

Be prepared for interactive collaboration and engagement. Questions, discussions, and vibrant exchanges with the presenter and fellow attendees create a dynamic and enlightening atmosphere. But there’s more. Ragan understands the importance of flexibility and convenience. With on-demand access to their webinars, you can revisit the captivating content at your leisure.

What sets these webinars apart is their unwavering focus on staying ahead of the game. Ragan keeps a keen eye on the latest trends and emerging practices in the ever-evolving PR world, covering case studies and real-world examples that breathe life into theoretical strategies and techniques.

Nina PaczkaNina Paczka
Community Manager, Resume Now

Tonya McKenzie’s Lunch Hour: Inspiring and Helpful

I love public relations webinars hosted by Tonya McKenzie. She has over 20 years of experience in media relations and marketing, vast knowledge, and the gift of the gab. As the owner of the PR and leadership consulting firm Sand & Shores, Tonya helps companies grow their brand and increase their positive PR. She believes that image is everything and public perception matters.

McKenzie hosts PR Lunch Hour, a monthly virtual gathering on Twitter Spaces. PR Lunch Hour focuses on various topics, from tips on how to pitch journalists to SEO factors crucial for PR success. She also publishes PR videos on the “Tonya McKenzie of Sand & Shores” YouTube channel. Her webinars are engaging, inspiring, and jam-packed with helpful information and actionable advice.

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

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