Which software is best for video conferencing?


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Which software is best for video conferencing?

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Which software is best for video conferencing?

From Zoom video conferencing to Webex Meetings, here are 8 answers to the question, “Which software is best for video conferencing?”

  • Riverside.fm
  • Google Meet
  • Whereby
  • Webex Meetings
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Skype
  • Anymeeting
  • Microsoft Teams


I love using Riverside.fm for meeting new people for my podcast. I also like using it for podcast show notes using their AI generator so I don’t have to transcribe it manually. I find it more reliable than Zoom and Google Meet because it automatically uploads to the cloud on both people’s sides.

Jimmy Clare, Founder, CrazyFitnessGuy

Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the top options for video conferencing, offering a simple and secure platform for virtual meetings. With its integration into the Google Workspace suite, Meet is easy to use and offers features such as real-time captions, screen sharing, and the ability to join meetings directly from a calendar invite. Additionally, Meet provides high-quality video and audio, ensuring that all participants have a clear and seamless experience. It also offers the ability to host large meetings with up to 250 participants, making it ideal for businesses and organizations of all sizes. With its focus on security and privacy, Google Meet is a reliable and trusted platform for virtual meetings and online events.

Sanket Shah, CEO, InVideo


Whereby is quickly becoming the preferred software for video conferencing. This intuitive and user-friendly program enables people to connect quickly and easily with no need to download any apps or plugins. Whereby offers a range of features, including secure end-to-end encryption, screen-sharing capabilities, breakout rooms, and conference call recording. One of its standout features is the ability to create unique links for each meeting that can be used repeatedly or adapted with an expiration time. Whereby makes it easier than ever before for business owners and teams to collaborate in ways that are both reliable and secure.

Jim Campbell, Owner, Camp Media

Zoom Video Conferencing

The Zoom Video Conferencing software is one of the most popular and widely used solutions for video conferencing today. It offers a suite of features that make it easy to connect with colleagues and customers from anywhere in the world. Zoom is a cloud-based platform that allows for instant video conferencing, file sharing, online meetings, and audio and video recording.

Users can easily access the app from any device, enabling them to join the conference with just a few clicks. The app allows for up to 1,000 participants in a single meeting, making it ideal for large-scale conferences and webinars. The app features HD video and audio quality, allowing for crystal-clear communication between participants.

Zoom also offers features such as screen sharing, break-out rooms, and virtual backgrounds to enhance the user experience. Additionally, Zoom offers various pricing plans that cater to different needs and budget constraints, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Janie Doyle, Marketing Director, Scvehiclehire


Skype being the best software for video conferencing is the need of every organization, regardless of size. All great features that can make video conferencing more interactive are present on Skype. Furthermore, Skype supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc., making it a favorite app for video conferencing in our organization. With it, it is possible to connect with employees and hold meetings from anywhere with internet access.

Salman Rundhawa, Founder, Filing Taxes


Any organization could benefit from Intermedia AnyMeeting, which is a user-friendly, attractive solution with sufficient features. We particularly appreciated its AI-powered Virtual Assistant, which provides reasonably accurate transcripts of video sessions and can even mark action items depending on what is said during the conversation. Moreover, AnyMeeting’s cost is comparable to that of the majority of its rivals despite how extensive it is. AnyMeeting is so easy to use that it consistently receives the Editor’s Choice award. One potential drawback is that it doesn’t have some features that are specifically designed for webinars, including breakout rooms. It’s tough to beat, though, if you feel at ease with its controls and interface.

Anton Radchenko, Founder and CEO, Airadvisor

Microsoft Teams

Hi! In my opinion, Microsoft Teams is the best software you could use for video conferencing. It allows for up to 300 participants in a conference call with all the necessary features such as screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, text chat, and file sharing. Teams also integrates well with other essential Office tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and even popular external project management tools like Trello or Asana. All these features and integration capabilities make Teams the ideal choice for organizations of all sizes.

Ralitsa Dodova, Content Writer, Buzzlogic

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