When Were You Most Satisfied in Your Job?


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When Were You Most Satisfied in Your Job?

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When Were You Most Satisfied in Your Job?

From seeing efforts come together and succeeding to being given the space to thrive, here are 11 answers to the question, “When were you most satisfied in your job?”

  • The Start of Building My SEO Outreach Team
  • Helping People Have Access to Basic Needs
  • Identifying Transformation
  • Seeing My Work Affect Our Company’s Goals
  • Witnessing the Results of My Efforts Come to Life
  • After Getting Let Go
  • Driving Sales and Promoting Health
  • Feeling Satisfaction with Running My Practice
  • Viewing Our Metrics and Traffic Improve
  • Receiving Appreciation Messages from Readers
  • Experiencing Creative Freedom and Acknowledgment

The Start of Building My SEO Outreach Team

One of the most satisfying roles of my professional career was when I started building my own SEO Outreach team almost two years ago.

Coming from a background in SEO, taking ownership of a team with fresh ideas and visions was an incredible experience.

Not only did I become more confident in my skills as I structured the team, but seeing all our efforts come together to create successful results made me proud and incredibly satisfied.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

Helping People Have Access to Basic Needs

Access to clean drinking water is often overlooked. However, thousands of families across the US don’t have access to this basic necessity. The common misconception is that all water filtration systems are expensive. You can purchase a sub-$100 water filtration equipment from your local supermarket or home depot.

I aim to provide everyone with high-quality information on accessing clean drinking water. The best part of my job is when we can help someone, through our personalized advisory test, with their pressing water needs. Whenever people reach out and interact with us, it makes me feel satisfied.

Like I have done my job. Water Filter Guru’s 150,000 loyal monthly readers result from countless hours of research spent by the WFG team just to produce quality content for everyone in need.

Brian CampbellBrian Campbell
Founder, WaterFilterGuru

Identifying Transformation

When I reflect on my happiest, most satisfying times at work, they’ve always been apparent when I’ve been a part of a transformation. That could mean an organization’s transformation, or a person’s.

It doesn’t matter what it is—or how big or small—experiencing and being a part of the transformation is incredibly satisfying. Today, I make sure I find opportunities where I can clearly see how I can be a part of the true impact.

Kelli AndersonKelli Anderson
Career Coach, Resume Seed

Seeing My Work Affect Our Company’s Goals

I have coherent memories of this project. For the company, I had been a sales coordinator for 1.5 years. I recall our manager calling us one day after we finished a job to let us know the following assignment would be on site. We had been only working over calls for the past 1.5 years.

Engaging with the consumers directly and providing them with updates regularly was the icing on the cake. I was never exposed to this style of working and I immediately realized that it would be difficult for me because.

It was challenging when we first started working on the project because we had to update the customer regularly on our progress and defend our actions. Following diligent work, we reached our sales goal. It was incredibly gratifying to see my work used in practice and affect change, and ‌we received recognition for our dedication.

David reidDavid Reid
Sales Director, VEM-Tooling

Witnessing the Results of My Efforts Come to Life

I am most fulfilled in my work as a gardener when I see the results of my efforts come to life as strong plants, thriving harvests, and lovely gardens. Seeing a seed I planted develop into a mature plant that bears mouth-watering fruits or veggies gives me a profound sense of happiness and fulfillment.

It’s also tremendously gratifying to witness the smiles and gratitude on the faces of people who come to my gardens or consume the food I’ve produced.

I take great pride in my job as a gardener, and I work hard to design stunning, environmentally friendly landscapes that enhance not just my community’s quality of life but also the environment.

In addition, gardening offers a sense of calm and tranquility that is difficult to find in other aspects of life and a deep connection to nature. Ultimately, when I can spread my love and expertise of plants and nature to people, and have a beneficial influence on the world around me.

Alex TinsmanAlex Tinsman
Founder and CEO, How To Houseplant

After Getting Let Go

In my life, I had an odd contract. It was only for a year of work, with the possibility of extending it if things went well.

It was like a year-long interview. I didn’t feel like I could be myself because everyone I interacted with was constantly watching me and assessing if they wanted me to stay. It wasn’t in my head; I had several people tell me that was what they were doing.

When I was finally told they wouldn’t renew my contract, it was disappointing but also so freeing. I had nothing to lose, so I could finally be free and do my job the way I wanted to do it all along. Unsurprisingly, not having the stress of the endless interview over my head meant I did a much better job. I’ve tried to hold on to that attitude ever since.

Beverly GearrealdBeverly Gearreald
Product and Operations Lead, Transizion

Driving Sales and Promoting Health

The thing that makes me the happiest is seeing my promoted goods generating sales and connecting with the intended market. This often results from a combination of elements, such as developing effective messaging and visuals that speak to the needs and desires of the audience, using the most effective marketing channels to reach that audience, and consistently testing and refining our campaigns to achieve better results.

I also enjoy promoting culinary items that not only taste good but also help people live healthier lives. It is satisfying to know that the food products we advertise are helping to make people’s lives better. The success of the food goods we are promoting and the knowledge that we are adding value for both our clients and their customers ultimately makes me happy about my career.

Tom LawsonTom Lawson
Head of Marketing, The Kitchens Edge

Feeling the Satisfaction with Running My Practice

Dr. Shara PosnerI’m Dr. Shara Posner
a chiropractor, and founder of the Back to Health Center. In my practice, I aim to help people become the healthiest versions of themselves. I do this through chiropractic and several other treatment modalities. 

When I think about when I was most satisfied with my job, it’s hard to choose a specific moment. I’ve made my passion my day job, and I get to help people every day.

The most satisfied I have ever been in my job was after the first client I saw after I opened my practice. I could finally have full control over all aspects of my business.

This meant that I could make the best decisions about patient care without having to run it by someone else first. I’ll never forget the rush of freedom that opening my practice gave me. I could help people without external limitations.

Dr. Shara Posner, Founder, Back To Health Center

Viewing Our Metrics and Traffic Improve

Recently, I worked to revamp our company’s focus to a different industry, and I made us rank for several keywords. I worked with our team of writers to create a series of high-quality blog posts, infographics, and videos that provided valuable insights and information on the topic.

What was satisfying about this experience was seeing the impact of our work in real time. As we published each piece of content and promoted it through various channels, we could see the engagement metrics improve and the traffic to our website increase. It was incredibly rewarding to see our efforts translate into tangible results for the business.

Overall, the emotions I experienced throughout this experience ranged from excitement and pride to anticipation and satisfaction. It was a reminder of why I am passionate about the field of SEO and content marketing and reinforced my dedication to helping businesses.

Harsh VermaHarsh Verma
SEO Head, Codedesign

Receiving Appreciation Messages from Readers

As the medical advisor of a health website and a medical professional, it is our duty to save people and help them become the healthiest version of themselves.

Hence, I feel most satisfied when a user of our website lets me know we have helped a lot in their health journey. This is because it only means that we are connecting with our audience and we can help them with our articles and pieces of advice. Hence, I really feel satisfied.

Kasparas AleknaviciusKasparas Aleknavicius
MD and Medical Advisor, DoFasting

Experiencing Creative Freedom and Acknowledgment

I’ve been most satisfied in a job where I had creative freedom, the opportunity for growth, acknowledgment, and appreciation. With these three things in place, I would thrive and do my best work. When organizations understand what employees are looking for and offer that to them, it can change everything.

Sampada ChaudhariSampada Chaudhari
Business and Career Transition Coach, Sampada Chaudhari

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