What’s the best eCommerce platform for SEO?


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What's The Best eCommerce Platform for SEO?

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What’s The Best eCommerce Platform for SEO?

From WooCommerce to Adobe Commerce, here are the 9 answers to the question, “What’s the best eCommerce platform for SEO?”

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Wix eCommerce
  • Bright Edge
  • Prestashop
  • Adobe Commerce


WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform making its mark in the online shopping industry, and for good reasons! Its focus on SEO best practices, intuitive checkout process, and a wide variety of customizable templates make it a favorite among website owners looking to maximize their reach and sales. WooCommerce offers plenty of options when optimizing a website for SEO, from better control over permanent link structure to greater control over metadata, allowing for lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate. Another key feature is the easy integration with Google Analytics; this powerful tool can provide insightful analytics to improve SEO insights, allowing for more accurate content and page optimization decision-making. Ultimately, WooCommerce presents small business owners with the ultimate package that helps them achieve excellent visibility in search engines, effective customer engagement, and increased conversions.

Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO, OSDB Sports


BigCommerce is a platform that helps businesses create and manage their online stores. It has numerous features that make it an excellent choice for SEO, like abandoned cart recovery, product recommendations, and a blog.It has an app store with additional features like email marketing and social networking tools, and IDC, Forrester, and Gartner rank it as the most dependable B2B and B2C e-commerce system.The only negative aspect of its plans is that they can occasionally be expensive. But if you’re serious about SEO, BigCommerce is something to consider.

Isaac Robertson, Fitness Trainer & Co-Founder, Total Shape

Isaac Robertson , Total Shape


The best eCommerce platform for SEO is Magento. Magento is a powerful open-source platform that can be scaled to fit any size store, and it includes features that are built to help optimize stores for search engine visibility. Magento also provides users with the ability to customize their store’s URL structure to better suit their SEO needs. Additionally, Magento offers a range of tools and extensions to help improve SEO, such as content optimization tools, structured data markup, and automatic canonical URLs.

Luke Lee, CEO, Ever Wallpaper


When it comes to eCommerce platforms, there are many options to choose from. However, if SEO is a top priority for your online store, then the best choice is likely Shopify. Shopify is known for its powerful SEO capabilities, including customizable URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions. It also allows you to easily create and edit your sitemap, which helps search engines understand and index your website.

Additionally, Shopify has a built-in blog feature, which allows you to regularly publish fresh, SEO-optimized content to your website. Other popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Magento also have strong SEO features, but Shopify tends to be the easiest for non-technical users to navigate and optimize for search engines.

Brian Clark, Founder, United Medical Education


Due to its characteristics that make starting up and managing your online business straightforward, Squarespace is the best for eCommerce. For instance, adding new products, setting up payroll processing, and keeping track of sales data are all simple processes. In addition, if you want to enhance traffic to your store, Squarespace offers options built-in to aid with SEO.

In addition to controlling the way your page appears in the rankings, you can manage sitemap generation and add tags to each page. Whether you’re just getting going with eCommerce or looking to grow your company, you should definitely give this SEO software for eCommerce some thought.

Connie Glover, General Manager – Product & Market Development, Bfx

Connie Glover , Bfx

Wix eCommerce

While some people may think that Wix is all about website building, they also offer a great eCommerce platform. It’s very easy to use, and its SEO features are some of the best in the business. Wix offers great page speed optimization, which is one of the important factors in SEO. Plus, you can use Wix’s content editor and add keywords for your website without any coding knowledge.

Wix also provides website analytics and an SEO wizard (Wix SEO Wiz) to help you monitor your website’s performance. With all these features, Wix is a great choice for anyone looking to build an eCommerce website optimized for SEO.

Burak Özdemir, Founder, Online Alarm Kur

Bright Edge

Bright Edge is a great eCommerce platform for SEO. Brands are able to identify how their site is performing and what keywords are effective. For example, we can search for popular keywords relating to Valentine’s Day for a love campaign. This helps us boost our ranking amongst search engines and drive traffic to our site.

Lindsay Malu Kido, CEO, Empower Pleasure


PrestaShop. The platform was officially launched in 2007 and has been one of the most popular choices for eCommerce store owners ever since. Apart from good administrative features, many design options, and a user-friendly interface, PrestaShop can take pride in its great SEO solutions. The platform offers the possibility to optimize the SEO of your site. It includes writing SEO-friendly titles, canonical tags, SEO product descriptions, URL redirects, and more.If you want your website or products to appear at the top of search results, PrestaShop is definitely the right eCommerce platform choice.

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer

Adobe Commerce

This is one of the options for advanced developers, used by some of the most famous brands in the world. Yes, it is a complicated application and suits those developers who wish to customize it. But, its variety of features is quite attractive. It starts with custom modules, themes, and templates to choose from. It also contains an extensive API that can be integrated with third-party applications.

Built-In tools like payment gateway, and order management system, makes the job of a developer quite easier. It is a clear option for those who wish to build an effective eCommerce solution. Of course, you might require several plugins and add-ons for SEO purposes. However, within the price range of 125,000/year, I would say it’s worth trying out.

Cynthia Hamilton, Marketing Director, Oglf

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