What would you change about your daily routine?


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change about your daily routine

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What is one thing you would change about your daily routine?

From cutting out energy drinks to walking daily, here are the 10 answers to the question, “What is one thing you would change about your daily routine?”

  • Cut Out Energy Drinks
  • Being More Mindful and Present
  • Start My Day at 5:00 Am
  • Implement 30 Minutes of a More Creative Hobby
  • Limit My Phone Consumption
  • Mediation in The Mornings
  • No Screens for First Hour
  • Taking Effective Breaks
  • Less Screen Time, More Reading
  • Walking Daily

Cut Out Energy Drinks

Ever since my baby was born I have started a habit of drinking a couple of energy drinks every day. Having a newborn I was exhausted and needed some caffeine to help me get motivated in the morning. It has escalated to one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

This is something I plan on changing out of my daily routine now that my daughter is older and I am getting better sleep. I know energy drinks can’t be that great for you. I plan on just cutting back to 1 a day at first, then with the plan of no more energy drinks completely.

Evan McCarthy, President CEO, SportingSmiles

Being More Mindful and Present

If I could change one thing about my daily routine, it would undoubtedly be cultivating more mindfulness and being present in each moment. Although I know this sounds incredibly cliche, stopping to appreciate moments as they occur can be life-changing; it shifts the focus from being constantly busy and absorbed in thoughts about tomorrow to being truly present for today.

Even on the days when being present is difficult, taking a few moments to fully immerse myself in my surroundings never fails to make each day just a little brighter.

Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO, OSDB Sports

Start My Day at 5:00 Am

If I had to choose one thing I would change about my daily routine, it would be starting at 5:00 AM instead of 8:00 AM. That might seem crazy, but it’s more doable than you think. By beginning at 5:00 AM, I could get a jump start on the day and start any big projects or events early when I have the most energy. Plus, starting so early means I have time for a cup of coffee and a seven-minute yoga session before everyone else awakens! Switching up my start time offers many benefits that standard 9-5 hours can’t, along with its challenges, but in the long run, it would give me more control over how productive I am.

Jimmy Minhas, Founder & CEO, GerdLi

Implement 30 Minutes of a More Creative Hobby

I’m in a relatively busy stage of my life so I have to make some decisions about what to prioritize. I used to implement 30 minutes of hobbies that can be described as more creative (for example learning Japanese) in my daily routine when I had more free time.Setting aside a time block like this is something I would change in my daily routine if things get less busy again. Besides just being relaxing, creative hobbies also give the satisfaction of progressing in certain skills.

Matt Claes, Head Coach And Founder, Weight Loss Made Practical

Limit My Phone Consumption

Recently, I noticed how dependent I am on my phone. I’m bored, I will be on my phone, I have free time, I will be on my phone. It’s something I have no control over, one thing leads to another and I’ve spent hours on my phone on the internet. So one thing I’m looking forward to changing is the time consumption on my phone.

Shad Elia, CEO, New England Home Buyers

Mediation in The Mornings

One thing I would change about my routine is being too busy to meditate in the morning. As of late, being so focused on work has had me not able to do so in the morning. Carving out a simple 15 minutes can greatly increase your productivity throughout the day. Looking to slow things down top this holiday season so I can implement this routine again in my mornings come the new year.

Lionel Mora, CEO, Neoplants

No Screens for First Hour

One thing I’d like to change about my daily routine, specifically mornings, is to go screen-free for the first hour of the day.

While my usual routine consists of me checking my emails about 15 minutes after waking up, I’m realizing that this is just shocking my nervous system before I even brush my teeth or make breakfast. Instead, I’ve been trying to take a morning walk or listen to music before staring at a screen.

To others with busy schedules, try avoiding screen time immediately after you wake up. I promise all the emails will still be there in an hour.

Bryan Jones, CEO, Truckbase

Taking Effective Breaks

Despite being in a managerial position, it was only recently I learned the effectiveness of breaks.

I was previously used to short breaks for doing anything other than work. Instead, I how doing something that interests me can not only contribute to my work but also to general health. Like I started reading more books, this is a habit I wanted to follow for extended periods. Starting with the non-fictional kind, I moved on to more fictional choices and scientific ones.

Exploring the lifestyle genre gave me many tips to apply to my daily lifestyle. Picking up small habits or even huge thought-out life challenges can actually cause profound changes.

Cynthia Hamilton, Marketing Director, Oglf

Less Screen Time, More Reading

As we grow up, we fall into routines, sometimes without realizing it. While I do not particularly want to change my daily routine, I would love to incorporate one thing – reading.

I used to be able to finish a 300-page novel in a matter of hours. Now, I feel grateful if I can read a few pages before I sleep. I believe with time – I started prioritizing other things and forgoing my habit of reading.

A huge chunk of my day is spent interacting and working through different screens. I am slowly reducing my screen time and choosing to read instead. I am hoping it ends up becoming a habit and a hobby again.

Eva Tian, Growth Strategy Manager, Mynd

Walking Daily

Adding walking to my daily routine has majorly improved my life and has the potential to keep me independent well into my senior years. Since the beginning of COVID-19, many of us have been trying to find ways to elevate our moods, stay safe, boost our immune systems, and prevent the detriments of a sedentary lifestyle.

Walking is an incredible way to accomplish all of the above in a low-injury-risk way that many of us can accomplish across a range of ages and with various levels of modifications and assistive devices.

Sonia David, President & CEO, Sonia M. David

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