What Trends in Public Relations Will Be Important?


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What Trends in Public Relations Will Be Important?

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What Trends in Public Relations Will Be Important?

To provide a glimpse into the future of public relations, we asked 15 industry experts, including Strategy Directors, CEOs, and Marketing Coordinators, to share their insights on the trends they believe will gain momentum in the coming years. From face-to-face interviews making a comeback to the rise of micro-influencers in PR, discover the top trends that will shape the PR landscape in the near future.

  • Returning to Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Embracing Ethical, Purpose-Driven Communication
  • Providing Interactive Experiences
  • Integrating AI in Public Relations
  • Exploring VR/AR for Immersive Marketing
  • Prioritizing Authenticity and Transparency
  • Personalizing with the Human Connection
  • Building Credibility with Thought Leadership
  • Investing in Employee Advocacy Programs
  • Utilizing Integrated Communication Techniques
  • Rising Usage of Digital PR
  • Prevailing Social Media-Centric Strategies
  • Combining Crisis Communication and Reputation Management
  • Popularizing Data-Driven Decisions and Predictive Analytics
  • Increasing Partnerships with Micro-Influencers

Returning to Face-to-Face Interviews

While digital communication channels have dominated in recent years, face-to-face interviews are returning. In-person interactions offer a more personal and authentic connection between PR professionals, clients, and media representatives. In addition, face-to-face interviews allow for deeper conversations, better storytelling, and the opportunity to build trust and rapport, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of PR campaigns.

Amore PhilipAmore Philip
Director of Public Relations, Apples & Oranges Public Relations

Embracing Ethical, Purpose-Driven Communication

One trend in public relations that is likely to gain momentum in the next few years is the increasing importance of ethical and purpose-driven communication. As businesses and organizations face growing expectations for transparency, social responsibility, and ethical behavior, public relations professionals are recognizing the need to align their strategies with these values.

By embracing purpose-driven and ethical practices, public relations professionals can navigate the evolving landscape and effectively communicate their organization’s values and impact to the public.

Aaron WinstonAaron Winston
Strategy Director, Express Legal Funding

Providing Interactive Experiences

As people continue to consume information through digital channels, public relations professionals will need to find new ways to engage their audiences. The trend toward creating interactive experiences is likely to gain momentum in the next few years.

This might involve creating virtual reality experiences, interactive social media campaigns, or other engaging content that encourages people to participate, rather than simply consume. By creating memorable experiences that encourage sharing, public relations professionals can help increase brand awareness and build lasting relationships with audiences.

As technology continues to evolve, it will become increasingly important for public relations professionals to stay on top of trends and leverage new platforms and innovations to reach their audiences in meaningful ways.

Jefferson McCallJefferson McCall
Co-founder and HR Head, TechBullish

Integrating AI in Public Relations

The use of AI will continue to gain momentum within the public relations industry in the coming years. AI technologies offer opportunities for automation, improved data analysis, and enhanced communication strategies.

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide personalized and prompt customer interactions, while AI algorithms can analyze large datasets for valuable insights. Media monitoring, influencer identification, and content optimization can also benefit from AI tools.


As AI continues to advance, its integration into public relations practices is set to empower professionals with increased efficiency, strategic decision-making, and impactful communication strategies, ultimately shaping the future of PR.

Josh AmishavJosh Amishav
Founder and CEO, Breachsense

Exploring VR/AR for Immersive Marketing

In my opinion, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technologies have gained a lot of traction recently and will continue to expand in terms of their potential for creating immersive marketing experiences. Public relations professionals will investigate the creative potential of VR/AR to engage audiences and provide unique stories.

They may provide virtual tours of facilities, product demos, or immersive experiences that transport visitors to various surroundings linked to the brand’s message. PR professionals may engage people and develop a stronger emotional connection with their brand by utilizing VR/AR.

Bruce MohrBruce Mohr
Vice-president, Fair Credit

Prioritizing Authenticity and Transparency

Today’s consumers are more savvy and can see right through any shady marketing tactics or attempts to mislead them. As a result, PR professionals must strive to ensure that their brand remains authentic and genuine. This means focusing on social proof, transparency of values and mission, and consistency of actions.

Storytelling through public relations can help brands connect with their audience by sharing honest, relatable stories about their products, services, and employees. Transparency of values and mission can be achieved by communicating the core beliefs that drive a brand’s decisions and ensuring consistency in communications.

Finally, brands should strive to demonstrate consistency of action by delivering a consistent brand experience and authentically representing their values.

Effie Asafu-AdjayeEffie Asafu-Adjaye
Founder, Beautiful Sparks

Personalizing with the Human Connection

In the age of disinformation, misinformation, and the emergence of artificial intelligence, PR professionals are paying more attention to keeping the human touch in their programs and, even more importantly, in their writing and crafting of messages.

While technology is helpful in getting to know our consumers better, authenticity remains a top priority when approaching the audience. No advancement can replace authenticity in communication, building trust, and strengthening relationships—from pitching to the media to engaging with consumers on social media.

As more technological options are being launched to make work more productive, it has become imperative for PR professionals to be more vigilant at the frontline and ensure that, at all touchpoints, communication still humanizes.

Tristan HarrisTristan Harris
Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

Building Credibility with Thought Leadership

In the next few years, one trend that I believe will gain tremendous momentum in public relations is “thought leadership.” Thought leadership enables brands to establish credibility and authority in their industry by creating and distributing authoritative, original content that offers valuable insights and solutions to industry challenges. It also distinguishes a brand from its competitors, as it demonstrates expertise and innovation and creates a lasting impression in the minds of target audiences.

By establishing thought leadership, brands can build trust and foster relationships with key stakeholders and thought leaders in their industry, increasing brand visibility and loyalty. A robust thought leadership strategy can drive significant business growth, expand a company’s reach and influence, and elevate its brand perception beyond traditional public relations efforts.

Tarun SahaTarun Saha
Co-founder and CEO, StallionZo

Investing in Employee Advocacy Programs

Recognizing the value of employee voices, more firms will invest in employee advocacy programs. Public relations professionals will play an important role in organizing these programs, which encourage employees to share positive workplace stories, experiences, and ideas. Engaged employees can become brand ambassadors, amplifying a company’s messaging and increasing its trustworthiness.

To ensure that staff is prepared to properly represent the brand while maintaining authenticity, public relations experts will need to establish guidelines and training programs. Organizations can build trust, enhance brand visibility, and attract top talent by promoting employee advocacy.

Tom MillerTom Miller
Director of Marketing, Fitness Volt

Utilizing Integrated Communication Techniques

As public relations continues to grow, I believe one important trend that will gain momentum is the utilization of integrated communication techniques. PR specialists will increasingly combine traditional PR methods with digital marketing, social media, content production, and data analysis in a holistic strategy.

Organizations can ensure consistent messaging, a wider reach, and better engagement with their target audiences by employing various channels. Integrated tactics also allow public relations teams to evaluate and measure the impact of their efforts across multiple platforms, enabling them to fine-tune their campaigns and achieve better results.

Cindi KellerCindi Keller
Communications Coordinator, The Criminal Defense Firm

Rising Usage of Digital PR

Digital PR is poised to gain significant momentum in the next few years, emerging as the predominant trend in the field of public relations. As technology continues to advance and reshape the way we communicate and consume information, digital PR harnesses the power of digital platforms and tools to enhance brand visibility, engage audiences, and build meaningful relationships.

The increasing reliance on digital platforms, the availability of data-driven insights, the power of influencers, and the potential for immersive storytelling all contribute to the rise of digital PR as a significant trend in public relations.

Doug DarrochDoug Darroch
Director, Renaissance Digital Marketing

Prevailing Social Media-Centric Strategies

In the next few years, one of the public relations trends that will gain momentum is a social media-centric strategy. Currently, various organizations are following this trend to communicate and engage with their key stakeholders. A social media-centric strategy involves campaigns for influencer engagements, content marketing, targeted advertising, and organic growth strategies that have a positive impact on managing public relations efforts.

It is a friendly suggestion for all those organizations that want to convey their messages to their audience effectively and desire to remain competitive. They must have a comprehensive social media strategy.

Julian FernauJulian Fernau
CEO and Marketing Expert, FluidFreeRide

Combining Crisis Communication and Reputation Management

Today, when the internet and social media are so pervasive, crises can develop immediately and spread rapidly. I believe that crisis communication and reputation management will become more important aspects of PR practitioners’ roles. They will need to create strong crisis communication plans, foresee potential problems, and respond quickly and transparently when crises occur.

Proactive reputation management tactics, such as monitoring online conversations and responding to issues as soon as possible, will also gain traction. Building and sustaining a positive brand image will become a primary responsibility, ensuring that firms can effectively manage crises and defend their reputation in the midst of a constantly scrutinizing public eye.

Tiffany HaflerTiffany Hafler
Marketing Coordinator, Blockchain Lawyer

Popularizing Data-Driven Decisions and Predictive Analytics

One of the influential public relations trends that will play an important role in gaining popularity in the coming years is focusing on data and making data-driven decisions.

Furthermore, using predictive analytics powered by AI and ML algorithms will allow PR professionals to forecast the potential outcomes of previous campaigns further. So, by analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, public relations professionals can better understand audience behavior, sentiment analysis, media coverage, and social media trends, allowing them to sustain and develop a single successful campaign.

Aygul MehdiyevaAygul Mehdiyeva
Digital PR, Planly

Increasing Partnerships with Micro-Influencers

One exciting trend in public relations that we can expect to see gaining momentum in the next few years, specifically in the realm of influencer marketing, is the rise of micro-influencers. These individuals, with a smaller but highly engaged social media following within specific niches or industries, possess a unique ability to establish authentic connections with their audience.

In an era where consumers are increasingly discerning about the content they consume, brands have recognized the value of collaborating with micro-influencers to reach niche audiences and achieve remarkable levels of trust, engagement, and conversion rates.

This trend is expected to continue as more brands seek to establish authentic connections and leverage the influence of niche influencers, enhancing their public relations strategies.

Kevin HallKevin Hall
Marketing Operations, Webserv

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