What Should Be on a Product Landing Page?


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What Should Be on a Product Landing Page?

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What Should Be on a Product Landing Page?

To help you create a high-converting product landing page, we gathered insights from marketing professionals and business leaders. From including customer testimonials to using engaging video content, here are the top 10 elements these experts recommend for an effective product landing page.

  • Include Customer Testimonials
  • Focus On User-Centric Content
  • Incorporate FAQs Section
  • Craft an Interesting Headline
  • Remove Potential Distractions
  • Feature a Winning Hero Image
  • Showcase Company and Staff
  • Create a Strong Call-to-Action
  • Promote Product Capabilities
  • Utilize Engaging Video Content

Include Customer Testimonials

As a marketer, I cannot overstate the importance of customer testimonials on a product landing page. When potential customers are considering purchasing a product, they want to know that others have had a positive experience with it. I have seen firsthand how effective customer testimonials can be in boosting conversions and sales.

When we added customer testimonials to a product landing page, we saw an immediate increase in conversions. Why? Because customer testimonials provide social proof, the product works and delivers on its promises.

But not all customer testimonials are created equal. To be effective, testimonials should be specific, credible, and relevant to the product. Generic testimonials like “Great product!” carry little weight. Instead, look for testimonials that include specific details about the product’s features and benefits, and how it helped the customer.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

Focus On User-Centric Content

Scannable, user-centric content is a must-have for any product landing page. Attention spans are shorter than ever, especially on landing pages, which are by design not meant to be occupied for long. A straightforward headline that provides insight into how the consumer can save is more efficient than a longer, creative title because it directly engages with the user’s exact needs.

Alexandre RobicquetAlexandre Robicquet
Co-founder and CEO, Crossing Minds

Incorporate FAQs Section

Including FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is a crucial component that ought to be present on a product landing page for various reasons. FAQs

Offer valuable data: FAQs provide helpful information concerning the product potential customers may seek. They address customers’ common queries, thus reducing the likelihood of confusion.

Establishes trust and credibility: An extensive list of FAQs shows that a business is open and focused on the customer.

Enhance SEO: Frequently asked questions can boost search engine optimization by integrating relevant keywords that customers might use to search for products. It also contributes to generating additional content on the page, which can improve search result rankings.

Overall, including a FAQ section on a product landing page can furnish valuable data, save time and effort, foster trust and credibility, and enhance SEO.

Peter BrylaPeter Bryla
Community Manager, ResumeLab

Craft an Interesting Headline

A concise and interesting headline should be on a product landing page. The headline should be prominently displayed and clearly state the major benefit or value proposition of the product.

This is the first thing that visitors see when they land on the page and can make or break their decision to continue reading or take action.

A strong headline can catch visitors’ attention and entice them to learn more about the product, while a weak or unclear headline can cause them to leave the page without further engagement.

Brenton ThomasBrenton Thomas
CEO, Twibi Digital Marketing Agency

Remove Potential Distractions

Your landing page should have one primary aim—to close the deal you’ve promised yourself and your customer. So remove from the equation all potential distractions, including options to move away from the page and dig deeper.

Any information you provide should lead the customer further to the purchase or subscription, and in no way should any content encourage them to take a deeper look. All that should be accomplished in the content you provided before bringing them to your landing page.

Now, the only aim should clock a sale. When you restrict navigation, you draw customers further into the sale instead of providing them with distractions, no matter how helpful they may be.

Ariav CohenAriav Cohen
VP of Marketing and Sales, Proprep

Feature a Winning Hero Image

Having your USP, benefits, social proof, and call to action are important, but nowhere near as important as having a winning hero image front and center.

It provides the context for everything else that the reader will read, and a good hero image will help shift that context into the positives from the word go. Not leading with a hero image, or leading with one that is sub-par, is a great way to ensure that your readers don’t even go past the picture.

Dragos BadeaDragos Badea
CEO, Yarooms

Showcase Company and Staff

People like to do business with other people. At the very least, they want to know at least something about who they’re doing business with, so putting in your company history, business philosophy, etc., is a simple decision.

One thing I miss a lot, however, is at least a few photos of your staff—both headshots and shots of them taking part in their work, social activities organized by the office, really just anything to help the viewer figure out what kind of company you are.

Kate KandeferKate Kandefer
CEO, SEOwind

Create a Strong Call-to-Action

A strong call-to-action is essential for any product landing page. It should be clear, concise, and easy to understand so that visitors will be motivated to take the desired action.

The CTA should also include a sense of urgency or other persuasive elements to entice customers to act now. It’s important to provide an easy way for customers to complete their purchases.

Justin CarpenterJustin Carpenter
Owner, Modern Maids

Promote Product Capabilities

Your product landing page should include a quick promotion about your product’s capabilities that resolve the client’s problem and get right down to talking sales. In talking about the solution once more, and little else, you bring the entire campaign to a culmination and ensure that the only thing left to do for the prospective customer is go through with the purchase.

Even the promotion should refrain from using any preliminary information or insights. The content should be inclined towards what’s in store for the customer right after they make the purchase. This way, even this element adds to the final push.

Tony AngeleriTony Angeleri
Vice President, Lone Wolf Paintball

Utilize Engaging Video Content

Video can be useful, entertaining, and able to convey complex ideas. Prospects are more likely to take action when a landing page includes a video than when it merely contains the text. Closed captioning, a title, a description, and other search engine optimization are important.

Relevant relevance to the article’s topic and fit with the page’s message are prerequisites for effective image use. Lifestyle photographs are useful as long as they accurately depict how the product is used, are successfully integrated into the aesthetic, and are not extremely familiar with the potential risk of stock photography.

Alex ConstantinouAlex Constantinou
Managing Director, The Fitness Circle

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